How to Protect and Preserve Your Outdoor Metal Wall Art

How to Protect and Preserve Your Outdoor Metal Wall Art

Is your outdoor metal wall hanging art collecting rust again? Outdoor wall decor does look pretty but many people avoid it because it is susceptible to corrosion, fading, and even looking rusted. Managing the upkeep of iron decor has always been a bother as not many people have the time to get them professionally cleaned. In this case, it is best to steer clear of iron decor right? No, what if we tell you that it is easy to protect and preserve your garden art? We have the answers.

Metal will rust, it will chip away and it will fade. Sooner or later, the powder coating of your metal sculpture wall art will surely come off and then the metal will start showing signs of wear and tear. The biggest reason why steel starts looking worn out is water.

Water acts as a catalyst and forces the iron and oxygen to react with each other thus causing it to rust. Outdoor metal art is prone to water when it rains and that is when the process of rusting starts. If not addressed, the rust can consume all of the metal completely ruining your decorative metal wall panels and other decorations. The best way to protect and preserve your outdoor metal wall art is through waterproofing it. It is not as difficult as you may think. To help you with the waterproofing here is a step-by-step process.

How To Water-Proof Your Outdoor Metal Wall Art 

Step 1. 

Clean The Metal

Before you can start the procedure it is important that you clean the surface completely. It is possible that over time your cast iron wall decoration has caught mildew or debris. It is important that you clean it off before you start with the waterproofing procedure. Just scrubbing it might not work which is why you should get yourself a power washer. A power washer will help you get rid of the hardest stains. Once you go over with a power washer you will have to scrub it more. A wire brush is best for scrubbing.

If the stains are too stubborn you can go ahead and mix a little bit of bleach with water to clean the stains.

Step 2. 

Make Repairs 

If you have an extra-large metal wall art outdoors, there are chances that you might have to fix a few things. There can be places where the metal must've completely rusted off or the intricate decorative chain broke off. Either way, you should first make the entire necessary repair before you go on to waterproof the decoration.

Repairs are most common with wrought iron wall hanging as they have intricate curves that are easily damaged by wear and tear. To fix such issues you might have to head to an expert so that they can weld out the flaws.

Step 3. 

Choose The Best Water Proofer

There are several different types of waterproofers available. There are different waterproofing materials for each material. You can either go for waterproofing paint. Waterproofing with paint will help you coat the metal properly and avoid any left behind spaces. To apply the pint you can use a roller if the surface is larger like that of decorative metal wall panels.

Step 4.

Seal It In 

Once you are done with the waterproofer you will have to seal it with a sealant. Do not go for colored sealants but chose a clear waterproof sealer that is comprised of latex. This is the final layer of protection that your outdoor wrought iron decor might need.

Step 5. 

Test It 

For the final step, you must give your waterproofing job a check. You can do that by keeping the spray bottle at a 30-degree angle and spray water. Let the water sit there for a couple of hours and then check if the decorative wrought iron still has any moisture on it or not.

If you cannot go with waterproofing just yet, you can use these tips for rust:

Waterproofing electric patio heaters can be quite difficult which is why it is a great idea to clean them with a lint-free cloth.

You can also use mineral spirits to clean your decorative wrought iron. If the iron design is intricate, you can also use a brush to get to the extreme corners. And then wipe with a cloth of mineral spirits.

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