Modern Outdoor Fireplace Cleaning and Care

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Cleaning and Care

Are the holidays coming? Let the cleaning games begin! Wait, do you have an outdoor fireplace you have no idea how to clean? We can help you with your fireplace cleaning! 

Outdoor fireplaces though are a great addition to your home they might not be the easiest to clean. All winters you can spend copped up in front of the fireplace, exchange stories, enjoy food, and maybe even watch a movie. All this fun turns sour when it is time for cleaning fireplace. clean fireplace is important if you are hosting a Christmas party or if you want to extend the life of your fireplace.

Fireplace inspection and cleaning is vital in the upkeep of your fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are of different kinds of material which is why it is important that you use fireplace cleaners that match your fireplace among other cleaning tips. Specially formulated to remove soot, ash, and creosote buildup, these cleaners make the daunting task a breeze. With their powerful yet gentle formulas, they effortlessly dissolve stubborn residues, leaving your fireplace looking fresh and pristine.


Let's discuss what kind of care each fireplace needs.

How To Clean The Inside Of A Fireplace

Gas Fireplace

If you have a gas fireplace you might already know how difficult it is to keep up with the maintenance.

Here are some tips that will surely aid your fireplace cleaning:

  1. Do not make the mistake of starting the cleaning procedure without turning off the gas. It can be quite dangerous if you start cleaning without checking the gas.
  2. If your fireplace has an exhaust fan, make sure that it is working properly. If it is not working properly you must get it cleaned.
  3. The ventilation system should also be one of your primary focuses. If you think that it is not working properly, you must get an expert to check it out for you.
  4. Removing the soot gathered at the bottom can be difficult, what you can do is get a soft brush and brush it off.
  5. Clean the burners with a cloth and if you still have the manufacturer's manual lying around, go through it.

Gas Fire Pit 

A gas fire pit looks heavenly under the night sky! But when you think about cleaning it all joy vanishes. Follow these tips:

Inspect the burner pit and remove all the rocks and leaves that could've gathered. But before you get on to this, shut off the gas.

You might have drains at the bottom. Make sure that there is nothing stuck there and the passage is still clean.

Whenever you have to distinguish the fire, avoid using water as that can mess with the temperature of the pit. It can also break the metal or destroy it.

To avoid the collection of dirt it is better if you cover the pit when it is not in use. Do not haste in covering it, first ensure that the fire has died down and the temperature is cooled down.

Wood Burning Fire Pit 

Do you miss campfires? Get the same feeling from a wood-burning fire pit. However, keeping up with the maintenance is key.

Burning wood will produce ashes and it is very important to clean these ashes. Ashes are acidic in nature and that can ruin your fire pit. It is best if you shovel out the ashes after each use.

Residue buildup should also be addressed. You can do that by cleaning it using a solution of muriatic acid and water. One part of water with nine parts of water will be sufficient. Spray that all over and scrub vigorously.

Trying to put out the flames will cause your fire pit harm. Be patient and let the flames die down on their own. If you try to use water you might end up damaging the fire pit. It might even crack.

It is best if you use spilt wood that is dry. Anything else might cause the release of harmful toxins. Not only are they difficult and dangerous to inhale, but they can also hurt your pit.

Wood Burning Fireplace 

Safety and aesthetics can go hand in hand if you take care of your fire pit. Use these tips to learn how:

Ensure that there are no weeds or other plants in the fireplace. They can only become dangerous if they enter the cracks between the stones

You can use a vacuum cleaner and collect all the debris.

To clean the fireplace you can use mild soap and water. It will probably do the trick!


By regularly cleaning out your fireplace, you not only improve its functionality but also reduce the risk of chimney fires and maintain good air quality in your home. So, grab a reliable fireplace cleaner, don your gloves, and let the cleaning process begin, ensuring a cozy and inviting atmosphere for those chilly winter nights.

These tips will help you keep your fireplace in the best shape possible. Do not worry about the cleaning chimney as you probably don't have one.

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