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Top 25 Campania Fountains

An outdoor water fountain can provide a level of peace and luxury that few outdoor other outdoor fixtures can hope to achieve. Adding an outdoor water fountain can make your garden or yard feel like a destination that friends and family members will be clamoring to see.

Here are some of the best outdoor water fountains on the market today.


Parisienne Two Tier Outdoor Water Fountain

Bring the aesthetic of old Italy into your yard with this beautiful, distinguished fountain. Water flows from the top of the fountain down over two tiers into a large stone base. The basin even has a big enough ledge that you can sit on it and enjoy the wonderfully tranquil sound of the water flowing.

With 14 different textures and colors, you can give this fountain the look and color that fits your outdoor design scheme best. Made from reinforced concrete, you know this fountain will stand the test of time and be a focal point on your property for a long time to come.

Caterina Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin

Caterina Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin

It is hard to top the beauty and luxury that this outdoor fountain provides. You can make any portion of your yard look like an exquisite estate when you make this fountain the ultimate outdoor decoration. Best of all, it comes in 14 different designs and textures so that you can fit your outdoor design motif perfectly.

The water flows from the very top of the fountain, down two tiers and ultimately settling into a huge basin at the bottom that even has a ledge big enough to sit on. With the recirculating water pump, you will never have to worry about the flow becoming an issue for this fountain. Luxurious from top to bottom.

Andalusia Wall Outdoor Water Fountain

Andalusia Wall Outdoor Water Fountain

This outdoor fountain is not as big or eye-catching as some of the others on the list, but if you have ever wanted to bring a look of the Renaissance to your garden or yard, this is the fountain for you. It is much smaller in statue than the others but delivers rustic character like no other. 

With a design that looks as if it were chiseled by Michelangelo himself, you can make your yard feel like a small backyard Italian villa no matter where you place this outdoor wall fountain. The water flows from a hole near the top of the fixture, draining into a small tier which then drains into the basin. The recirculating pump keeps the water flowing through and through so you can enjoy the peaceful tranquility that this exquisite fountain has to offer.

San Pietro Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain

San Pietro Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain

One of the lighter options on the list, the San Pietro Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain has an unassuming yet beautiful design. With its simple design featuring a top-level tier and an elevated basin, it is perfect for those with a religious affinity as well as those who appreciate mother nature.

With the wide array of color and texture options – up to 14 different choices, including English moss, copper bronze, aged limestone, verde, travertine, alpine stone, lead antique, among others – you can customize it to fit your outdoor design and have all of your friends and family visiting just to see the fountain.

Best of all, with the built-in recirculating pump, you can rest assured that the water will keep flowing in a tranquil way for a long time to come. Don't forget to make sure to read up on how to give winter care to this fountain so that it can beautify your yard for years to come.

Long Beach Wall Outdoor Fountain

Long Beach Wall Outdoor Fountain

This outdoor wall fountain is sizeable in width, stretching much wider than some of the other options and almost giving off the appearance of a bench. The ledges are certainly wide enough that you and several guests can sit on it comfortably without having to worry about getting wet.  If you are looking at how to create a dog-friendly garden then this may be able to double as a way for your four-legged friend to cool off on a hot summers day.

With 14 different colors and textures, you can be sure to get the right color to fit your outdoor design motif. But that won’t matter because all eyes will be drawn to this gorgeous water fountain anyway. With the three-spout design, you will feel as if you ventured into a public fountain, the water creating a peaceful and tranquil setting at any time, day or night.

MC3 Wall Outdoor Fountain

MC3 Wall Outdoor Fountain

This wall outdoor fountain stands out from the rest for one simple reason: the corten steel piece that provides a pop of rustic color to stand against the darker background and basin. It provides a modern aesthetic, providing the sleekness and smoothness of the black with the rustic color of the corten steel. If you are in the market for modern outdoor art then this fountain is absolutely going to help create that atmosphere

The water continuously flows from the center of the steel piece, draining into the large basin and recirculating throughout. You can enjoy the peaceful tranquility of this beautiful fountain at any time, day or night, and your friends and family will be making up excuses just to come over and sit next to it.

With exquisite beauty and unique tranquility, this outdoor fountain stands out among the rest.

Newport Outdoor Water Fountain

Newport Outdoor Water Fountain

This is one of the biggest options on the list, great as a centerpiece for a larger back yard or driveway. At 78” tall, this towering fountain is majestic to look at despite its relatively simple design. With three tiers that flow into the large basin below, you will get the feeling that you are in a beautiful town square. Visitors will even feel compelled to toss pennies in!

The best aspect is that this fountain is fully customizable. You can choose from up to 14 different textures and colors so that you can get the look that suits your property best. There are few fountains on the market that can match the elegance and beauty that this fountain has to offer.

Segovia Wall Outdoor Fountain

Segovia Wall Outdoor Fountain

The backplate features a shapely design as well as a rimmed basin to give it a bit of rustic charm as the water shoots from the top of the fixture, into the single tier and down into the basin below. This is one of the smallest of the fountains on our list, meant to act as more of a complementary piece than a focal point.

It is reinforced in cast stone concrete so that it will stand up to the test of time. It also features no need for plumbing since the recirculating pump will keep the water flowing throughout the fountain all day and night long, creating that peaceful and tranquil setting that you have always wanted.

Girona Outdoor Fountain

6' Girona Outdoor Fountain

While this is undoubtedly one of the most visually simplistic designs on the list, it certainly makes up for it with its luxurious feel. The large basin can be designed in one of 14 different colors or textures and features a large center where the water continuously flows from.

Just because it provides a simple aesthetic does not mean that this is a boring fixture. It is beautifully rustic and can make for an excellent center point to any piece of property. Sitting near it will bring you a level of peace and comfort that you could not be able to achieve otherwise.

Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain

Lion Wall Outdoor Water Fountain

If you are looking for a majestic aesthetic out of your outdoor water fountain, this is the one for you. The backplate is a beautifully carved semi-circle connected to a modest semi-circle basin. But the ornately carved lion’s head is what really draws the eye. Water flows from its roaring mouth into the basin below, giving it the feel of something out of your favorite medieval story.

You can make your backyard feel like a scene out of an Italian classic when you place this near a mossy wall. If you set up a table and chairs nearby, you can enjoy the company of friends or family while enjoying the peaceful tranquility that the recirculating water provides. Your loved ones will be finding any excuse necessary to come over and sit in your yard again.

Large Ribbed Cylinder Garden Fountain

Large Ribbed Cylinder Garden Fountain

This fountain is certainly one of the most unique on the list. The large stone cylinder – which is customizable in up to 14 different colors and textures so that you can make it the perfect outdoor complementary piece – stands at the top of a basin that is only slightly larger at the base.

The water flows peacefully from the top, dripping down over the sides and cascading down into the basin below. The flow of the water over the stone will leave you feeling so relaxed, it could possibly become your favorite napping spot. A unique look with the peacefulness that a water fountain brings is a great combination to have.

Del Ray Cast Stone Fountain

Del Rey Cast Stone Fountain

This is one of the cooler-looking fountains on the list. The large, round basin is standard among the outdoor fountain, but it is the single tier that stands out. It has four separate copper spillers to add both a splash of color to the fountain while providing four different streams of water to provide that peaceful and calming experience.

With over 13 different colors and textures to use for customization, it is easy to see why this outdoor water fountain would be so popular. It is simplistic yet exquisite, soothing yet luxurious enough to attract the attention of anyone who sees it. This is a great focal point for any yard or patio area.

Aurelia Garden Fountain

Aurelia Garden Fountain

One of the very smallest on this list at just a shade over 250 pounds, this little fountain makes for a wonderful complimentary piece to any garden or backyard. Standing on a square base with a curved bowl sitting at the very top, the water flows up from the center of the bowl, cascading out to the edges to provide a level of peace and comfort that is difficult to match.

Assembly is easier than ever thanks to step-by-step directions and all the necessary hardware being included and the recirculating pump will keep the water flowing all day and night, regardless of how much time you spend outside. This is the perfect accent piece and will give your yard a luxurious pop.

Brentwood Wall Outdoor Fountain

Brentwood Wall Outdoor Fountain

While most of the outdoor water fountains give you that rustic, ancient feel that takes you back hundreds of years to old Greece or Italy, this is a more modern piece and fits in best with the modern times. The clean, rectangular design provides neat edges that best fit the modern aesthetic.

The water flows smoothing from the center of the backplate down into the basin below and the recirculating pump provides that continuous flow needed to keep your yard feeling peaceful and tranquil for many hours at a time.

Placed against a wall, this outdoor water fountain will give your yard the modern look while providing a rustic quality that only an outdoor fountain can hope to match.

Charleston Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain

Charleston Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain

The Charleston Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain is ornately designed with detailed carvings all around the basin as well as the top tier to make it appear as if it were created by a world-famous sculptor. The beautiful appeal of this brings you to any European garden, feeling as if you have just visited London when you are only in your backyard.

It stands at nearly 84” tall to provide the kind of eye-grabbing look that makes it the focal point of any backyard area. This makes a great piece to place chairs or benches around, your guests enjoying the beautiful peace of the flowing water while taking in the breathtaking design. One of the most exquisite outdoor water fountains on the market.

Cascade Tiered Water Fountain

Cascade Tiered Water Fountain

Though somewhat compact, this water fountain provides a clean, simplistic design that will give off the appeal of old Arabic designs. This is a great piece, especially in more temperate climates because the water flows down from a small curved bowl at the top to a large basin at the bottom, allowing you to run your hands through the cool water to keep yourself from feeling the heat.

There is no plumbing needed for this outdoor water fountain thanks to the recirculating pump that keeps the water flowing throughout the fixture at a continuous rate. It is also constructed of reinforced cast stone so you know that it will stand up to the test of time.

Charleston Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin

Charleston Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin

Much like the aforementioned Charleston Outdoor Water Fountain, this fountain features ornate carvings and designs on both the upper and lower bowls as well as the pillar that holds everything together. The difference here is the huge basin at the bottom with ledges wide enough for a comfortable seat close to the flowing water.

This huge piece is sure to catch the eye of anyone in the area and can make a great center piece for either a large backyard or a large driveway. Regardless of where it goes, it will instill an air of luxury to your property that is hard to top. These fountains scream exquisite while providing the relaxing flow of water thanks to the recirculating pump.

Moderne Wall Outdoor Fountain

Moderne Wall Outdoor Fountain

Steering away from ornately carved designs and old-world charm, this piece features cleaning carved lines and a more simplistic, though modern design. The large, geometric backplate spits water out from the top and down into the large square basin below. This water fountain has a timeless appeal to it that is perfect for modern homes as well as those wishing to capture a more old-world feel.

It plugs easily into any 3-prong outlet and the recirculating pump will keep the water flowing peacefully for as long as you could ever want. It makes a great complimentary piece for any wall and will draw the attention of anyone who comes to visit your outdoor space.

Longvue Garden Water Fountain

Longvue Garden Water Fountain

Though somewhat smaller than the other options on this list in stature, it delivers a big punch in terms of luxury. This beautiful water fountain features beautifully carved designs on both the top tier and the basin where the water flows continuously. There is nothing like the peaceful feeling that is brought on by quietly cascading water.

Constructed from reinforced stone concrete, this United States-designed and manufactured fountain is built o stand up to the tests of time, ensuring that you have a beautiful, peaceful complimentary piece for your yard for a long time to come. It is difficult to top the level of exquisite that this fountain can provide.

Estancia Wall Water Fountain

Estancia Wall Water Fountain

Bring old-world Italian to any outdoor setting by implementing this beautifully designed water fountain. The backplate has been carved to feature a graceful arch and features a beautiful tiered look, the water flowing from the top of the backplate down over two tiers and into a semi-circular basin.

A bit smaller in stature, this fountain is meant to stand as a complimentary piece that draws the eye to it. Plus, the consistently flowing water will keep your yard or garden feeling like a tranquil, calming oasis. The right outdoor water fountain does not have to be overwhelming in stature to provide a big impact and this outdoor wall water fountain certainly fits that bill.

Esplanade Two Tier Water Fountain

Esplanade Two Tier Water Fountain

Bring a wonderfully exquisite aesthetic to your garden, backyard or oversized patio area with this beautiful outdoor fountain. Water flows continuously from the top tier, down over the secondary tier, and into the basin below. This is a scaled down version of some of the beautiful European fountains that adorn town squares.

With a number of different customization options available – over 13 different textures and colors are available for the ultimate level of customization – you can get the exact right look that you desire for your yard or garden, giving it the perfect design aesthetic.

Create a wonderfully tranquil setting with this beautiful water fountain and feel as though you have taken a European adventure each time you walk into your backyard.

Navonna Outdoor Water Fountain

Navonna Outdoor Water Fountain

This is one of the most unique designs on the list. The basin is ornately carved to feature the kind of design that your friends and family will not be able to stop talking about. The urn-shaped piece at the top is raised in the center of the basin with water not only coming from the top of the urn as well as from four different holes around the base of the urn.

The water flows continuously thanks to a recirculating pump so that you never have to worry about that peaceful flow being interrupted. This makes for a stunning centerpiece to any property and you will find yourself venturing outside more and more just to see its beauty.

Provence Outdoor Water Fountain

Provence Outdoor Water Fountain

This water fountain features the same ornately carved basin as the Navonna Outdoor Water Fountain but has a zen pillar in the middle of the basin that flows water from four different holes into the basin below.

This creates a relaxing, more welcoming outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility that is provided by this beautiful fountain. It is constructed of cast stone concrete so you know that it will stand up to the test of time and remain a focal point in your yard for years to come. 

Inject a luxurious, rustic feel into your yard with this exquisite outdoor water fountain.

Portofino Wall Outdoor Fountain

Portofino Wall Outdoor Fountain

Though squat in size, this beautiful outdoor wall fountain provides clean designs as well as an ornately-carved lion head that spews water through its roaring mouth. The water flows into the basin below, providing the continuous sense of peace and tranquility.

Customizable in over 13 different styles and colors, you can create the perfect complimentary piece to any outdoor space, drawing the eye to this beautiful outdoor water fountain and making it the focus of guests.

MC1 Wall Outdoor Fountain

MC1 Wall Outdoor Fountain - Corten Steel

Though simplistic and modern in design, thanks to clean cuts and a square basic, the corten steel provides a pop of color and rustic appeal that will draw the eye. The water flows from the center of the corten steel into the basin below, creating a peaceful and tranquil sound.

Customize this beautiful water fountain in a number of different colors and styles to best fit your outdoor design motif and have all of your guests fawning over its beauty, simplicity and tranquility each time that they visit.

Buddha Art for Your Outdoor Living Space

Buddhism is an ancient religion that goes far beyond believing in an all-powerful being and an afterlife. Buddhists strive for morality, mindfulness, awareness, and understanding, and the practice is more a way of life than a belief system. Regardless of which religion you were born into, incorporating certain aspects of Buddhism into your daily life could create a path towards a happier life and what better way to do that than to have symbols of it around your home and yard. Whether you are searching for a state of enlightenment or are simply appreciative of the beauty of Buddha, there is no denying that the addition of art inspired by the ancient symbol would be a lovely touch to your outdoor oasis.

Buddha Outdoor Water Fountain

The sound of trickling water is enough to make anyone feel more peaceful, especially with this gorgeous stone fountain that will have you wanting to stay outside all day looking at and listening to it.  The detailed features of a serene Buddha will instantly relax you and the intricacy of the lotus flowers will have you discovering new elements of beauty every time you see it. The sound of the trickling water is sure to bring a zen atmosphere into your outdoor space It features a flat back which makes it perfect for a wall fountain. The sturdy structure is made of glass fiber reinforced concrete so this beautiful 50” ornament will be a focal point in your garden for years to come, and the flat back makes it perfect to situate anywhere in your yard! Have a specific color scheme in mind whilst redecorating your space? No problem. This outdoor fountain is available in 35 acrylic colors and stains so you can be sure to find the perfect shade to compliment the rest of your décor.

Buddha Head Garden Statue

If you’re looking for a piece to fill an empty corner or sit atop a vacant decorative cinder block then look no further. This timeless 30” piece is made of the finest materials and will be durable enough to last through the decade! Crafted from durable glass fiber reinforced concrete it will survive through cold, heat and stormy weather. Available in and large array of colors, it would be the perfect addition to a fountain, rock garden or deck, and the exquisite detail in this Buddha statue will have your backyard guests fawning over it for parties to come. Allow the presence of the Buddha statue to wash a sense of serenity over you and your guests while you enjoy your backyard paradise.

Extra Large Buddha Head Garden Sculpture

If you love the idea of the previously explained Buddha Head Garden Statue but you’ve got a much larger space to fill in your yard then this may be exactly what you’re looking for. Similar in structure and extensive detail, this Buddha stands at a whopping 72” but is made from a material lighter than concrete called fiber stone resin. It also features a gorgeous finish and the same large variety of colors available for the smaller version. This will truly be a statement piece for your home and will bring the wow-factor when guests come over, leaving them talking about it long after they’ve left. If this doesn’t say that this is a place of tranquility and comfort I don’t know what does!

Buddha Head Water Fountain

On a blistering hot summer day sometimes all you want to do is dump a bucket of cool water over your head. If you’re looking for another effective way to cool off then this stunning Buddha Head Water Fountain would be just the ticket! As the water flows from the top of the head, down the face and drips into the moat of water at the base of the structure you can imagine yourself in a cool lake far away from the stresses of life. This masterfully carved statue will attract everyone’s attention immediately, and the peaceful sound of the cascading water will put to rest any anxiety or worry of responsibilities. Made of extremely durable material, this fountain will outlast tradition case stone fountains and it is designed for outdoor use so it can weather nearly any conditions. At 40” high and 32” wide this piece would fit snugly in even the smallest of outdoor spaces, and with the beautiful details and calming sounds it emits you’ll want to make room! You can easily see why it is one of our top selling fountains.

Buddha Outdoor Water Fountain

One can never have too many outdoor fountains. Not only does the sound of running water create an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation, but it can also work as a kind of bird bath and attract such animals as birds and thirsty chipmunks and squirrels who want to stop by for a bath or a drink! This show-stopping piece would be the perfect addition to your yard, and its long-lasting artistry would keep the birds coming back to sing for years to come. No matter which of the large array of colors you choose, this Buddha fountain will stand out no matter what. At a length of 75” it would make a lovely center-piece in any garden and the flat back can be placed against any wall. Lose yourself in the extraordinary details, and forget about life’s troubles while you listen to the gentle flowing of water.

Whether you are looking for that final finishing detail in the Buddha Head Garden Statue or seeking out that truly stunning stand-out feature like the Buddha Outdoor Water Fountain, any of these pieces would complete your yard décor in a unique and striking way. Statues can be a wonderful talking point for your guests and can really pull together the rest of your design. Fountains are always a favorite as well due to the calming sounds they make, and even just being around a body of water seems to make people more relaxed. In the hustle and bustle of daily life it’s great to have a place to escape to, and any one of these five, beautifully crafted stone pieces would make a fantastic addition to your oasis.

Bring Nature to You with Forest Animal Statues

Building your own garden, like decorating your home is the best way to express your own unique personality. Bringing in colours, artwork, furniture and tapestries that showcase your interests and tastes makes you feel truly comfortable in your home, and this extends to your outdoor space as well. The great thing about your yard is that the design and theme possibilities are endless, and nature already helps you out with all of the gorgeous colours and textures it provides. Rather than painting a room red, you can grow a beautiful rose bush to get that splash of colour you’re looking for, and if you have a love for animals of all shapes and sizes, but some aren’t necessarily suitable as house pets then these animal statues will fit right into your lively garden or backyard retreat.

Noble Fox Cast Stone Garden Statue

This adorable fox will watch over your flowerbeds through rain or shine. The high-quality materials used to create the intricately detailed fox are suitable for year round use! Specially trained artisans take the time and care to ensure every detail of the statue stands out and is true to the look of a real fox, and the 12 different options for finishes and stains are hand applied by the artisans so you know you’re getting a quality product that is perfectly customized to your tastes. At 21” long and 17.75” high, he will sit in your lawn or garden looking playful and protective.

Butterfly Cast Stone Garden Statue

Butterflies never cease to make people smile when they see them fluttering through the air. Their beauty makes you want to get as close as you can to gaze at these tiny creatures but their fragility makes them vulnerable and they never seem to stick around long enough for you to take in all of their stunning features. This butterfly cast stone garden statue has all the beautiful details of a real butterfly but won’t flitter off if you get too close! Sprinkle some of these throughout your garden to enjoy the view of little butterflies through every season! They are available in many different stains and finishes so you can add as much colour to your garden as you’d like, and with their small size of 6”x4.5” you’ll want to place several of them wherever eyes might see.

Autumn Chipmunk Cast Stone Garden Statue

Chipmunks are another tiny woodland creature that scurries about so quickly that it’s difficult to get a good glimpse, and they’re so cute that you would probably have one as a pet if you could! Alas, they belong in nature, but there’s no reason you can’t adoringly gaze at a wonderfully detailed imitation throughout every season. The Autumn Chipmunk sits at less than 6” tall so he can be perfectly placed in any size of outdoor space whether it be a patio, deck or terrace. You can see him perching on a rock stocking up for winter right outside your window, and you can choose from an assortment of colours so he always stands out despite his smaller stature. The artisan applied stains and superior craftsmanship will keep this little guy happily gathering for seasons to come.

All Creatures Great and Small Cast Stone Garden Statue

If you like your animal garden statues to come as unique as you are then this 11” praying frog may be just what you’re looking for. Peacefully seated on his knees with his hands folded in front of him it makes you wonder what this amphibian is praying for; the discovery of a lush wetland to prosper in? A swarm of flies to come his way, making for a tasty meal? Maybe just a friend to keep him company? While he sits there pondering you can enjoy the liveliness he brings to your garden, and have you pondering the things your heart desires most as well. This frog decoration is sure to help accentuate the feeling of nature in your outdoor space.

Lop-Eared Bunny Cast Stone Garden Statue

So furry creatures are more your thing. Well, have no fear, because the Lop-Eared Bunny is here. Expertly trained artisans have ensured that this little guy is detailed down to the very last hair on his cute bunny tail. The Lop-Eared Bunny runs 9.75” long, 5.75” wide and is just 6” high so you can place him among some flowers, under a tree, or snugly between the branches of a bush and he will sit comfortably observing the comings and goings of other little critters. Made in the USA and available in your choice of stain or finish, you will have your very own personalized Peter rabbit to keep your flower beds company in no time, and the high-quality cast stone material will keep him around for a long time. Just make sure to take care of this little guy by reading our winter care on cast stone statuary.

Baby Barn Owl Cast Stone Garden Statue

There is something about baby animals that just melts your heart immediately and the Baby Barn Owl statue is no exception. Expertly detailed and crafted from the finest materials, adding this little 6” statue to your backyard space will definitely signify your love for these majestic birds and the colour selection available will allow you to express your unique tastes and match this tiny owl with your existing outdoor décor. At 5.75” tall and weighing a measly 2 pounds you can move him whenever and wherever depending on your mood and this little guy deserves to be showcased! Perch him on a podium or sit him atop a deck railing for you and your guests’ viewing pleasure, this cute little bird statue is sure to help bring a natural environment.

No matter your style, animals are a wonderful addition to any nature setting and make backyards and gardens come to life. All of these critter options are completely customizable to your specific colour theme and are small enough to fit in even the smallest of backyard spaces! Spruce and liven up your outdoor sanctuary with butterflies, owls, frogs or foxes and feel the relaxation that comes with being surrounded by nature.

Best Garden Planters for Small Spaces

Corner spaces just don’t get the attention it deserves sometimes, and if you’re concerned with optimizing space in a limited environment, growing a garden might seem like an impossible, or at least improbable, task. Whether your small available space is a balcony, porch, or at most a limited backyard, chances are you have a wall area that you can turn into a beautiful, well-designed garden for flowers, herbs, or vegetables that will not only brighten your living area but provide convenient and cheap food when you want something homegrown.


First, let’s take a look at some sturdy, well-designed outdoor compact garden systems, then we’ll dig into what flowers, herbs, and plants would work best in such an arrangement.


Making Space where there is None

The Small Geo Planters comes in four sets, each square pot measures 8 inches length and 5.5" in height, these planters allow you to extend and expand your available planting space seamlessly. They also allow for a modern feel to your garden or house wherever you decide to put them. The planters are made from lightweight fiber cement that mimics the appearance and texture of cast stone without the heft and weight that comes with it. Functionally, they are UV and frost resistant and come with pre-drilled drainage holes so you don’t have to worry about modifying the pieces once you receive them. They also help conserve the environment since these compact and space-saving planters are sourced from eco-friendly fiber cement, these materials makes them very durable and 25% less heavy than the traditional cast stones. 


Small Geo Planter by Outdoor Art Pros

If that’s a bit too small and you’re looking for something a bit more demure (if a solidly built planter set can be considered such), the Large Bois Garden Bench shares the lightweight fiber cement construction quality, placed in a sturdy metal frame that holds one large and two half-size planters for easy access to taller plants that might not fit in these compact systems. As promised, the Bench Set comes with pre-drilled holes for drainage, superior craftsmanship, and an industrial style that doesn’t take away from the beautiful plants you’re planning on growing. The Bench Set as a whole measure about 34"L x 15.75"W x 38.5"H and weighs 111 pounds total.


Deciding Which Greenery to Grow

Step one is going to be choosing your plants. Because different plants require different types of soil, sun exposure, and watering frequency, you’ll want to arrange them appropriately. Now, the capacity of the Garden Anywhere systems will limit you in some manner, depending on which system you choose, but when it comes to plants for a limited space garden, you still have a great deal of freedom.


Beautiful Growies

Flowers will bring a gorgeous burst of color to your balcony or porch, and depending on what you decide on, the scent of newly blooming flowers can make a world of difference to your mental and emotional state. Petunias are an excellent go-to for beginning gardeners. Blooming in a large variety of beautiful species, they tend to climb and hang over their planting space, helping you create a living wall of color. Most species of petunia thrive in full sun, though if it’s getting really toasty out there, the partial shade can ensure their survival in the hottest areas. As annuals, you should expect to replace them every so often, though there are some species that are classified as perennials.

Pure foliage plants are another great option, and many will provide that cascading effect as they grow into their planters. If you’re sitting pretty with full sun and a hot climate, Silver Falls Dichondra is a drought-resistant, hardy plant with beautiful, spidery silver leaves that thrive in well-drained soil. Once established, it can require weekly watering (more in extreme heat), and recovers quickly after a heatwave. If you’re working with more shade than you know what to do with, consider the Boston fern, a beautiful plant with a predilection for cool space, high humidity, and full to partial shade. By a quick daily soil check, make sure the soil is always damp, and if a dry wave hits, mist the plant to make sure it gets the humidity it needs. You’ll easily be able to tell if it’s too dry as the leaves will turn a telling yellow.


Delicious Herbal Goodness

Herbs are one of the top choices for a small, personal-sized garden because it puts some of the most essential cooking supplies right at hand. Many herbs will also smell fantastic, and right next to a window, you can enjoy a refreshing burst whenever the breeze blows just right. One of the top herbs for smaller planters is oregano. Oregano is a bit slower to grow than many others, but it’s a compact spreader, filling and establishing itself firmly in its planter. It grows best in full sun, thrives in poorer soil, and requires good drainage. It’s fairly heat resistant as well.

Lemon balm is an herb that produces a citrusy, minty scent when touched, and grows well in shade. When exposed to a good deal of light, it tends to get “leggy,” but it responds well when cut back, growing in twice as thick. The leaves are excellent for teas, fruits, salads, even fish preparation.


Delectable Vegetables

Would you believe that spinach is actually a strong contender for top dog among vertical vegetable gardening ideas? Preferring full sun and cooler temperatures, spinach grows quickly in fertile soil and should be planted in early spring after the frost, or if you’re in a frost-free region, it can thrive well in the winter. If you’re in a hotter region, consider chili plants! These vegetables grow happily in hot and sun-filled conditions as long as they are well-drained. Chili plants come in a wide variety of species and will tend to drape and spread, giving you the benefit of coverage and food production.


Got a Black Thumb? No Worries!

If you tend to have trouble growing plants, consider succulents. A species like Sempervivum are made to thrive in hostile climes and because it’s such a cute little plant, it will spread and establish itself in a compact space planter quite well. Sedum works hard as well and comes in a large variety of species, so you can get the bits of color you want without a need for excessive care.

As always, investigate and research your planting choices before choosing what you’re going to grow. Your local garden center can help you find exactly what you need to fit your needs and desires. Good luck and happy growing!

Best Eagle Statue and Decors for your Patriotic Home

Independence Day is a holiday meant for fellowship and fun, giving everyone an excuse to spend time with friends and family over the barbecue overflowing with steaks, burgers, and hot dogs. Patriotism and love of country don't stop when the fireworks flicker away into a starry sky. The bald eagle has been featured as a symbol of the United States of America since 1782, a beloved avian symbol of freedom, strength, and survival. Bald eagles can fly as high as 10,000 feet and dive as fast as 99 miles per hour, and were at desperate risk of becoming extinct, starting in the 1950s. Thankfully, the government featured preservation efforts and the banning of certain chemicals in 1972 was able to rejuvenate the population and they are no longer considered in danger.


This majestic eagle doesn’t need to just be a seasonal decoration. What animal embodies the freedom and majesty America represents? Its grace and presence can bring those same elements to your home, whether you’re a bit more space-conscious and prefer a canvas approach or looking for outdoor bronze eagle statues to become a new centerpiece in your backyard. Whichever living style and size you embrace, wow your visitors with a beautifully crafted art piece that brings the beloved symbol home.


Brass Baron Eagle Outdoor Statue

Brass Baron Eagle Outdoor Statue Outdoor Art Pros


Space-sensitive? Turn your garden into your own outdoor art gallery with Brass Baron Eagle depicting our nation’s symbol doing what it does best: hunting with its majestic wingspan widely spread in the air. Place the eagle statue in your Patio, Porch, or Doorstep, this heroic piece of brand will surely give that patriotic vibe. This statuette of an eagle can revamp an old boring fence and shed has had quite an impression on visitors, garnering both compliments and curiosity, so there’s no lack of conversation starters here. 

Henri Studio's statue of eagle or this intricately detailed Brass Baron Eagle Outdoor Statue is crafted using the traditional, lost-wax method and hand cast in a premium solid bronze-brass alloy, making these eagle statues to be suitable for year-round outdoor use, it can stand the warmest summer and coldest winter so you don't have to worry about replacing the eagle statuette after another year-round of use. Bird statues like this one not only bring a feeling of patriotism to your yard, but also a more natural atmosphere.

This brand of an eagle can be featured as a magnificent piece of art, you can shop these eagle statues in the collection. Search for the best eagle statues and we got you covered. All of our items and brand can last for a very long time especially when kept and maintained well. Aside from the affordable price range, these items can really accentuate your indoor and outdoor spaces. Don't worry about putting it outside your home, backyard or garden, this item can definitely stand extreme weather!

If you are attracted to the grand feel of the high-class society, then definitely take a look at the eagle sculpture. Have you ever wondered why lions guard buildings and homes of great importance? The Library Lions, Patience and Fortitude, have stood in front of the Beaux-Arts building in Manhattan since 1911 and are considered to be some of the most iconic statuary in the city.

Take that tradition into your own hands by charging a pair of beautifully crafted, eagles statues to protect your home and flank the entrance, greeting all visitors with their noble bearing. This is the perfect piece of sculpture to sit at the entrance, garden, or left into your home as guardian of the household.



Freedom Eagle Bronze Garden Sculpture

Freedom Eagle Bronze Garden Sculpture Outdoor Art Pros


Stone is attractive and fits a classically designed, high-society aesthetic, but the timeless green patina of bronze evokes a whole different era of historical beauty. Detailed with the utmost in care and hand-antiqued, the Freedom Eagle Bronze Eagle Sculpture is cast using the traditional, lost-wax method.

This means that first, a wax eagle sculpture is made, encased in a mould, after which the original wax design is melted away and the left or remaining void is filled with a solid bronze-brass alloy, ensuring that this outdoor bronze eagle sculpture will last through year-round outdoor use.

The American details of these eagle statues cal really accentuate your indoor and garden space. The statue itself is 36"H x 28"W of painstaking accuracy, down to the most particular details. With wings stretched up to the sky, this top American bald eagle statue can greet visitors whether you’re sharing the Fourth of July or any other time of year, top holidays, or just because!


Eagle on Crested Waters Outdoor Bronze Statue

 Eagle on Crested Waters Outdoor Bronze Statue Outdoor Art Pros

Last but not least, let’s talk more about the sort of traditional lost-wax method of casting metal. This approach to design allows sculptors to add incredible amounts of items and detail to lasting, timeless metal and when it comes to outdoor eagle statues, that level of attention really pops and grabs the attention of all who see it.

A more demure approach than the Freedom Eagle before, the Eagle on Crested Waters Outdoor Bronze Statue stands a mere 10” tall, but demands no fewer attention thanks to its exquisite colour and antiquing. If you’re in search of beauty inaccuracy, but seek a whole new dimension to the traditional sculpture, this is going to be a great gift to yourself. This can be featured in your garden or indoor space, it will still be a great choice for year-round use. These hand-crafted statues are most the search eagle statues because of their premium quality. As featured in this article, this eagle statue will bring the majesty and strength of the bald eagle to your backyard in a way only a few other sculptures could.

The American eagle statues are sort of more than a symbol of freedom, it is an icon of perseverance and survival. Stunning to see in the wild, you can bring that sense of awe and beauty into your own backyard in an elegant manner with a new take on outdoor canvas art or traditional, timeless statuary in both stone and bronze.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to build an eyrie to invite the American eagle statues into your home year-round. Did you know that eyries have been known to weigh up to a ton? Thankfully, you can enjoy their awe-inspiring presence for quite a bit less than that. Celebrate your Independence Day by inaugurating your own newest piece of yard art!


We hope that the eagle statues we featured in this article will help you narrow down your search on the best eagle statues in the market. When you do decide what statue to get, make sure to compliment it with a variety of statues, whether from our Farm section, or check out our page on 25 Dog Statues That You're Bound to Love. If you're in search of the best eagle states then check our affordable price that can definitely fit anyone's budget. If you are still in search for more options just check our collection of Statuary we also offer variety Fountains, StatuaryPlanters and Birdbath. Search for other items in our page, shop today and enjoy free shipping and no sales tax on all Eagle Statuaries!


Outdoor Stone Bird Baths with Beautiful Details

Summertime typically means spending a lot of time outdoors – especially if there’s a pool or water activities involved. Splashing around in water is not only great exercise, but it’s a fun way to keep cool during the warm summer months. Birds also like to keep cool and have a refreshing drink from birdbaths! Not only are these beneficial for birds, but bird baths offer a friendly outdoor garden piece that inspires that playfulness of summer. Attract all the wonderful birds of the season with one of these adorable bird baths and enjoy hours of bird watching! These would be perfect for a garden courtyard or any outdoor garden space for you and your guests to enjoy. These are actually quite versatile additions to the garden as you could easily turn one of these bird baths into a birdseed holder to attract even more feathered friends. Additionally birdbaths are a great way to decorate your space while sticking to a budget because they aren't too expensive and bring such a natural feeling. Whatever you decide to do with it, these bird baths we have listed would complete any outdoor space.


Hummingbird Cast Stone Birdbath

This beautiful Hummingbird Cast Stone Birdbath has to be one of the unique bird baths for the garden you can find. A gorgeous collection of blooms, vines, leaves and hummingbirds are intricately etched into this bold cast stone setting. This birdbath would make the perfect focal point to any garden or outdoor space and comes in a variety of finishes which makes this piece the perfect addition to any type of garden or outdoor space. Easily set this up and watch all your feathered friend stop by for a refreshing drink of water as you watch from the patio. You and your guests can easily have hours of entertainment for those warm summer days watching all the different kinds of birds stop by. This sturdy design would be perfect in a courtyard or open area where birds could be most attracted to it. To read more about this wonderful piece and to see the variety of finishes it comes in, click the link here.


Smithsonian Cottage Garden Cast Stone Birdbath

Elegant and completely aesthetic, the Smithsonian Cottage Garden Cast Stone Birdbath features a wide basin atop a beautifully sculpted pedestal. This natural stone birdbath is simple yet grandiose, making it the perfect focal piece for any garden space. Your guests will love it and so will your feathered friends as they stop by for a quick drink. The wide bowl featured in this birdbath is large enough to accommodate several feathered friends, so this piece definitely emanates “the more, the merrier” message. Enjoy the great outdoors and all its splendor with the addition of this beautifully crafted cast stone birdbath and see how many birds flock to your garden. With several finishes to choose from, it’d be impossible not to find the perfect color for your outdoor living space. Get two and make one a bird feeder for even more feathered friends in your garden. This piece will be great for birdwatching with friends or simply enjoying the birds on your own. To learn more about this gorgeous piece, click here.


Butterflies Are Free Cast Stone Birdbath

Butterflies Are Free Cast Stone Birdbath by Outdoor Art Pros

This unique design features beautiful butterflies adorning the pedestal and swarming butterflies resting inside the bowl. Designed by the unparalleled beauty of nature, this birdbath doubles as a fountain for moving, calming waters that will be inviting to guests and birds alike. This piece would be perfect as a centerpiece to really tie a garden scape together or as a wonderful addition to a courtyard area that needs something extra. Since the water is moving, you get the beautiful design of a gorgeous garden butterflies birdbath that doubles into a glorious fountain. Moving waters will lull guests into a comfortable summertime mood while providing your feathered friends a great place to keep hydrated during the warm months. Available in several different settings, this piece is versatile and would make the perfect addition to any outdoor living space. To learn more about this fantastic piece, click on the link here.


Cirrus Cast Stone Birdbath

This birdbath is one of the most unique outdoor stone birdbaths in the market. Staying true to its name, the Cirrus Cast Stone Birdbath is covered in whimsical, intricate spirals meant to resemble the wisps of cirrus clouds on a warm, summer day. This gorgeous stone masterpiece would be a wonderful addition to your outdoor living space and would offer hours of fun for your feathered friends, as well. Available in several different finishes, the possibilities are endless in choosing the best color for your space. The stone construction feathered in this birdbath is highly durable, so the weather won’t wear this piece down easily. Set this up in a corner garden or even in the center of a lawn to attract all your feathered friends and add a wonderful addition to your outdoor space. Be sure to have lawn chairs or a covered patio area available, since you’ll definitely want to bird watch with this stunning piece. To learn more about this great birdbath, click the link here.


Birdbaths like the ones in the list will add a fun element to any outdoor space. Adults and kids alike will enjoy the hours of bird watching and it’d be fun to try to pick out and identify all the different birds that visit your garden area. These birdbaths are versatile in finish settings so you have a wide variety to choose from to find the perfect piece for your garden. Since these are made from cast stone, you don’t have to worry about the rain or sun depleting their beauty any time soon. These were made to last and you feathered friends will surely appreciate a relaxing place to get a drink of water or do some playful splashing. This is the perfect way to bring nature to you. Make sure you set your bird bath in a focal point of your garden so your friends and guests can enjoy all the colorful birds that summertime brings to your garden!