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Planters have always been a part of the outdoor living space since antiquity. In the ancient gardens of different civilizations, planters evolved. This is one of the main reasons for diversity in garden décor industry. The endless number of planters out in the world shows the extent that one would go to have an exceptional garden. There a personal touch to planters that you can apply to your outdoor décor. Our company has the selection you need to make the right choice for your garden.


Planters are a timeless piece in the garden that can last forever when you take care of them. Plants are known to have a long life in planters and our planters are great for plants. In ancient times, planters were made of simple clay or brick mud. Advancement came soon after by using other material. Our planters come in many types of material all elegant and fit to finish. If you’re looking to add a personal touch, make sure to consider there a planter that can fit your theme.

More Styles

The diversity in planters is endless and that has made for a better selection. More styles mean we have the ability to enhance your garden in more ways. Simply breeze through our catalog and take the best option available for your garden. You are sure to find the right piece to place the garden every time. Below we will share some of the different styles and design we carry in our catalog below.

Davos Square Planter

The Davos square planter is a simple but beautiful piece that can liven any backyard. This planter is low to the ground and has a wider top and thinner at the base. The base is solid and won’t budge. The Davos planter has a deep jet-black color that goes great against any background garden. It’s the best solution to for inspiring enthusiast and can add the grace your garden needs to impress guests.

Planters are one of the most important outdoor garden features. It best to have a set but few pieces are good enough to stand alone like Davos square planter. These simpler unit aren't bold and can go with your garden décor. The other options are riskier and can be taken advantage by a more experienced enthusiast.

Le Notre Rectangle Planter

This beautiful masterpiece is elegant in its design. The smooth and simple style will maximize the potential of your garden décor. The unit is of French origin and is a practical piece with the remarkable wood ascetic look. The size is smaller than most rectangular piece but it good enough to get noticed. It a low to floor unit with good stability. A piece worth considering even in a prestigious environment.

Oblique Planters

A wonderful work of art that can be had in your garden. These units come in an inspiring color a mixture of light creamy colors that look fantastic in the sun. These pieces come in a 2-piece set and can make a statement to any onlooker. The units are of different size and make for a great piece of work. It’s always best to match décor but the flexibility of the planters lets them go with many options.

Classic Rolled Rim

As the name impress, this is classic rim design that’s been around since the ancient days. Many civilizations were known to use this style and its transition into modern times. The classic rim is the favorite of most people because it blends well. This style is great for all way’s gardens whether in the natural look or modern appeal. A regular sized unit stands at a decent size for a floor unit.

Metropolis Cube Planter

Metropolis cube is fascinating planter that can make a splash in the outdoor living space. The garden will look sleek with few of these planters well placed. The cube is solid grey coloring and even on all sized. It can hold a variety of plants because slid design with a strong base. This planter is of mixed durability and style.

Greek Planters

The Greek planter is an Aegean Sea design that been around for more than millennia. These pieces are highly sought after and are some of the most well-kept design if all time. The Greek brand in the world of gardening can always be counted for its appeal. The cylindrical design has unique lipped feel than other pieces.

Outdoor ArtPros

Planters will always be a staple to the garden, and they can help any garden achieve its desire in appearance. On oared to talk your garden to the top it's best you make the right choice implanter by browsing through our catalog. We have a team of staffed professional ready to assist in the process of enhancing your garden.

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