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Pedestals/Pot Feet

Pedestals, like other garden items, has evolved to include some designs and styles that combine to make some fantastic looks. The added touch of pedestals add will allow you to combine pots and planters. The pots and planters’ part of garden features alone has endless amounts of cultural influence and inspiration to inspire the world. Right along the success of garden décor comes the pedestals that have grown witPedestalsh pots and planters.

More Styles

The options of the pedestal are outstanding due to a complete catalog of our company's products. If you’re looking to make a splash in the garden or go along with a theme there more styles to choose from in our selection. To make a garden your own the best thing to do is have a plan and add in your variety of personal touch. Below will look at some of our pedestals we offer that can make a difference in the outdoor living space.

Classic Tall Pedestals

The classic tall pedestal is an interesting piece that comes with an ancient luxurious look to accommodate an impeccable garden. The classical appeal has been around since the dawn of time when the first gardens where fist form. This has carried over and transitioned into modern times smoothly. Most classical gardens impress guest upon the first appearance. A truly never-ending theme to rely on first for the enthusiast.

Classic tall pedestals are known for their size and unique style that’s makes them popular for all stages of gardening. A taller pedestal with a solid pace like the classic design will never falter. Taller pedestals are more commonly seen in advanced gardens, but the right one can make the look more comfortable. The classic tall approach will always allow pots and planters to stick out in the environment.

Coachhouse Pedestal

The coach house pedestal is truly elegant design with rustic appeal that can stand alone in the garden setting. It a great work of art that can lift and planter or pot to prominence. The rustic color is a personal favorite and adds a lively spark to outdoors. The coachhouse pedestal is always available and has the flexibility to match different settings. This rare ability for the pedestal that has such a bold color. Its good choice for the inspiring enthusiast looking to take on a more riskier piece in their garden.

The column looks the pedestal shows is a more classic mix of Greek and Roman. Its standard look of the old pedestal of the ancient gardens. The interesting thing of these planters’ pedestal there been reworks that evolved from the original like the coachhouse that has subtle changes. This piece has awesome simplicity that makes worth a try in any outdoor garden.

Barnett Garden Pedestal

This sturdy but flashy unit is a good option for durability the Barnett garden pedestal is a solid piece of art. A steady blend of is art with strength this unit is slightly smaller than the average pedestal. In the center of the unit, there's an accommodating groove for planters so the pot doesn’t budge. Few pieces are worth making sure you have multiple units like the Barnett garden pedestal.

Beacon Hill Pedestal

This pedestal is a mix of both worlds from the new and old. It’s a pedestal that has some Egyptian elements with English influence from the turn of the 20th century. When the English had influence in Egypt. The Beacon Hill Pedestal is low to the ground and has the art side styles that make it a glamorous piece of art to place only the best pot and planters in the garden on the pedestal.

Classic Short Pedestal

The classic short pedestal is a simple but safe option for those who look to keep a continuity in their garden theme. Its short pedestal that’s low to the ground great for planters and pots that wouldn't be wisely placed at altitude. It’s better to have floor optional when mixing up the variety of size of pedestals for planters and pots. The classic short pedestal is a flexible piece that goes well with another garden décor.

Outdoor Art Pros

This company provides the best options in garden feature and places amazing look with outstanding quality to have the biggest market share of any company in garden features. The competent team of professional available at your disposal will assist any choice in the endless selection of elegant pedestal we offer for pots and planters. Feel free to contact us anytime you’re ready to decide on garden equipment.