Quilted Hammocks

For relaxing times in the sun or gazing at the starry sky at night, quilted hammocks are a perfect choice. They're comfortable to lie in for hours on end while chilling out, reading a good book, or even taking a nap. Because they're intended for outdoor use, the materials they're made of are highly resistant to sun rays and water, thus ensuring that the gorgeous, vibrant colors won't fade after a while. You'll find plenty of different models in our store, all available at very affordable prices.


Hammocks for Two
These quilted hammocks are designed to support the weight of at least two people, which makes them great for couples and families. If you have kids, they'll love these, too. In addition to solid fabrics and woven materials used for the hammock itself, they also have ropes, chains, and metal hooks on each end. Two solid wood spreader bars reinforce the hammock and keep it wide open while you're using it.

Where you'll put them and how you'll use them is up to you. You can tie your hammock between two trees to hide from the sun and create an ideal spot for a summer vacation in your own backyard. If you enjoy sun-tanning, you can tie the ends of the hammock to two sturdy posts and relax while you soak up the sun. When folded, they don't take up much space, so you can pack them in your bag and take them anywhere you go, whether it's a camping trip, a day in the woods, or a weekend of hiking in nature.

Accessories for Your Hammock
Depending on the model you choose, your quilted hammocks will include some neat accessories. For instance, models manufactured by Bliss already come with wide button-tuft complementary pillows that provide extra support, but can also be detached if you don't need them. Hammocks made by Pawleys Island and Hatterasdon't include matching pillows, but you can buy those separately.

If you don't have trees or strong, stable posts in your backyard, but you still want to own a hammock and use it at your home, there's a solution. Our store offers a selection of wooden and metal hammock stands produced by the same renowned hammock manufacturers. Just place them on a flat surface, tie the hammock onto them, and you're good to go. Take a look at the hammocks available in our store, pick the colors and patterns you like the most, and get ready for the best summer ever – in your own yard!