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The real answer to this ‘how to’ guide is to use your imagination and become inspired by what you consider style. However, that wouldn’t be much help. After all...decorating outside is a whole different world than decorating inside, so what may have been simple for your inside decor ideas might be a bit confusing now. If you have a fireplace with a mantel in your house, you’ve probably realized how fun it is to decorate around it especially with the changing seasons and holiday themes. Outdoor fireplace decorating is just as fun, you just need to keep in mind a few factors such as weather and decor durability. Other than that, it’s just bonus space to make your creativity known! Check out these top 10 ways to make your outdoor fireplace area shine like a new penny.

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1. Classic Tiki Theme

Forever in our hearts is a place for Tiki decor, especially outdoors. Is it the wild tribal feel to it? Maybe. Classic Tiki and the Tiki Man have been used in decor for hundreds of years and it won’t be traveling away from outdoor designs anytime soon. Embrace your inner warrior!

Tiki Column Outdoor Fountain

2. Southwestern Vibes

I might be a bit partial to this design because I grew up in the Southwest. But who doesn’t love it? It’s not over the top or loud, and all you really need is an animal skull, some faux-animal pelt to throw over outdoor furniture, and a cactus of any size to put on the mantel or sides. Southwestern Hughes include turquoise (which would make for a gorgeous wall around the fireplace) and stucco, which you’re entire fireplace can be made out of. Gorgeous and simple.

3. Bold Contrast Wall

Speaking of a contrast, you don’t need to go crazy with decor when you have a bold contrast wall surrounding your fireplace. Contrast walls are completely customizable - do you love pink glitter paint? Do it! Are you more modern and love that sleek matte black against the vibrant colors of the fire? Do it! Also, a contrast wall is not just limited to a paint color, you can have a cozy stone wall or wooden wall and much more. This is a great DIY project that won’t break the bank.

4. A Cozy Hammock

Instead of spending hundreds on outdoor furniture, go with the modern style of floating furniture and hang large cozy hammocks in front of your outdoor fireplace. Hammock chairs are also super hot right now and can easily replace large and bulky ottomans or lawn chairs, and hammock care is a fraction of what it will take to clean that outdoor furniture. You’ll have more floor space, leg space, and you can swing. What more could possibly be desired? The only problem with this design is everyone fighting over who gets to lounge on which hammock.

Pawleys Island Deluxe Original Polyester Rope Hammock

5. Add A Jacuzzi

If you have the extra funds, a fireside Jacuzzi is what dreams are made of. Whether you have a large hot tub installed underground or its an elevated freestanding tub, it’s the perfect additive to an outdoor fireplace scheme. Not really considered decor and more of a ‘luxury,’ a Jacuzzi is still a crowd-pleaser in any situation.


6. An Island And Bar Stools

Easy to DIY, relatively inexpensive, and fun to customize, an island and bar stools are a great way to decorate around your outdoor fireplace and create a hub for gathering family and friends. When I say relatively cheap, I mean it. Bar stools are kind of expensive, but you can find them very cheap online or at a thrift store and you can re-purpose them how you want. There are thousands of ways to DIY islands with simple scrap wood - all you need to do is sand and stain (or paint). It’s a great place to host your grilled taco Tuesdays and shake up those margaritas.

7. Wooden Furniture

Classy wooden furniture - enough said. Really though, the sleek look of wooden chairs, a table, and the surrounding of an outdoor fireplace screams classy and well-put-together. You might be thinking that wood on wood on wood is too much, but outdoors it’s very acceptable to have an ‘all-wooden’ theme. If you aren’t much into DIY this can be a more expensive option. But if you’re an avid DIY person, this is a project that will take a while but look great in the long run.

8. Nature Themed

You’re already outside, there’s already one step down. But how does your backyard look? Some people are lucky enough to have a dense forest or tropical backyard packed with bushes and trees and shrubs. If you don’t have that luxury, a little landscaping goes a long way to decorate around an outdoor fireplace. Plants are inexpensive and gardening flowers around the area is rather cheap too. Also, plants benefit your well-being, helping with concentration, depression, and other mood disorders. Consider adding some planters, we have a huge variety -from the best animal flower pot planters to sleek tall black outdoor planters for your outdoor space, adding one of these will show off your creativity and give your space a more natural feel. They look great as decor around your outdoor fireplace and will make you feel better as well. 

Barn Board Tapered Planter

Barn Board Tapered Planter

9. Side Water Fountains

The trickling water sound mixed with a crackling fire is indulgent to every sense. Adding medium-sized water fountains to either side of your outdoor fireplace is easy decor and completely customizable and you can get creative with fountain accessories. There are water fountains for every personal style, whether you like ancient Greek statues, multi-tier Renaissance or modern geometric shapes stacked together. Whichever design you go with, know that water fountains are a great choice for a low-maintenance decoration that will never go out of style.

Platia Garden Water Fountain

10. Install A Mantel

The great thing about mantels is that they are changeable throughout the seasons and completely customizable. Though you have to spend money on installing a mantel outside with the size you want and spend money on decorations, it’s nothing permanent like other options on this list. That means that the decor surrounding your outdoor fireplace can easily have a new theme twice a year, every month, or every day. The sky's the limit with this decor installation - make it yours and have fun!

Wrapping Up

Designing around a fireplace can be a challenging task, but it can also be highly rewarding. A well-designed fireplace can be a focal point of any room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for family and friends. When considering design options, it's important to consider the style of the fireplace, the materials used, and the overall aesthetic of the space. Whether you choose to go for a traditional or modern look, incorporating a fireplace into your design can add both style and functionality to your home. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a beautiful and functional space that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Design around an outdoor fireplaceDesigning around a fireplace