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Outdoor planters are an important part of any garden decor and are the most sought after item when updating an outdoor space. The variety of styles and colors will bring your yard space to life and keep your plants looking great. With endless options available from Outdoor Art Pros, you are sure to find exactly what you need. Match your planters to your existing furniture and decor or add other complimentary items such as a fountain or birdbath to tie the look together. Let us help you create the space of your dreams by contacting us today!

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7 Modern Planters to Perk Up Your Indoor and Outdoor Space

From simple and tasteful construction to planters of a more ornate fashion, modern outdoor planters, as well as modern indoor planters, will help to take the beautification of your home to all-new levels. 

Winter Care, Cast Stone Planters &  Statuary, Winterizing Fountains, Winterizing Statuary, Winterizing Birdbaths

It is very important for you to protect your cast stone planters and statuary from the freeze-thaw cycles during the winter months.

How to Perfectly Pair Planters & Pedestals

Learning how to perfectly pair planters and pedestals can help you to turn your yard décor from average to elegant.

The ultimate Succulent Guidebook by Outdoor Art Pros

This guidebook gives you all the information you need to know to take care of succulent plants, and even what types of planters are recommended.

More Styles

Planters can come in a variety of styles shapes and design that can break any garden stereotype. The massive collection of planters we have to offer alone can fill a garden with the variety you want. In ancient times the planters were meant to match the culture and the evolution of architecture at the time. They were often used in gardens to inspire prominent guest to add to the collection.

Animal Planters

Animal planters are one of the most common types chosen by inspiring enthusiasts. The unit is often common in a variety of sizes and animals to choose from but usually in smaller more enjoyable animals like rabbits and bunnies. The animal look can really simulate an outdoor feel in a garden. When planters are mixed into the garden background as animal décor it goes great. Guest will enjoy seeing animal planter in a natural position to the living counterpart.

When of the many advantages to having animal planters beside the obvious use. The animal planter design can help deter pests. This bonus not only protects your garden but also protects your home. This scarecrow styled planters have proven to be effective against a different style of pests and plague animals. Keep your garden looking great by ensuring any unwanted guest don’t show up to stay. One of the number one threats to gardens is pests.

Faccia Planters

This chic design of faccia planters have been known to turn heads these planters have half a face. The bottom half in specifically and shows how these planters can inspire a unique garden setting. The top half of the planters are all vegetation to show off the plant of choice. It’s common to see people inspired planter in some of the most well-renowned gardens of all time.

People planters are always worth considering when looking to enhance your garden décor. All though many may think that people inspired planters only come in larger sizes that’s not the case. There many style and size to choose from with people planters. They offer a great way to express personal interest and show class compared to standard artworks.

Classic Rolled Rimmed Planters

The classic rolled rimmed design is the oldest of any classical planter out there. These pieces still come in a variety of style due to cultural difference. The classic look is not attributed to any society buts seems to be popular with most. The fact these planters can be found all over the world shows how much personal touch is involved in taking care of plants. Anyone can enjoy a classic rolled rimmed planter and it recommends for the inspiring enthusiast.

Oblique Planters

This style of the planter is quickly becoming a garden favorite due to its simplicity and remarkable elegance. The upside-down triangular look fits well with many different styles of gardens. This allows people to be flexible with their planters if they're looking for uniformity. A great way to break away from the classic round look. This modern style of garden décor is fun and enjoyable for you and the guests.

Window Box Planters

These planters have long been a city favorite for the convivence of hanging the plant form the window to maximize space and sunlight. In the big city apartment or office life it’s hard to be around nature and having nature around can prove difficult. Still, it’s not impossible and the right window box planter can hold a variety of plants that can still be enjoyed by you and guest alike. 

Outdoor Art Pro

Our company has one of the most extensive planter selections available on the market. It important that you look to see what planter fits your décor. If you’re in need of assistance, we have the best staffed professional available to guide you through the process of selecting the right planter for you. Contact us today and find the piece your end to complete your garden and enjoy the scenery of nature.