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Add a beautiful water feature to your patio or garden to give it the perfect finishing touch. Our large variety of indoor and outdoor water fountains aren’t just decorative - they cool the air in summer, and add relaxing water sounds to your backyard or indoor space. For smaller patio areas, our cast stone fountains come in both traditional and modern fountain designs. Large outdoor fountains are popular as focal points for courtyards, circular driveways, large estates, hotels, and town centers. We also have beautiful statuary and planters that compliment our water features perfectly! We are confident that we offer the perfect items to make your ordinary space into the space of your dreams!

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Looking for a way to bring class, style, and a sense of both relaxation and luxury to your home’s outdoor areas? An outdoor fountain delivers the means to achieve those goals.  

Winter Care for Cast Stone Fountains and Birdbaths, winterizing your fountain, winterizing your water feature, winterizing your birdbath

It is very important for you to protect your cast stone fountain and birdbath from the freeze-thaw cycles during the winter months.

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Property and homeowners are often thinking about new ways to add value and beauty to their landscapes, whether it be by planting seasonal gardens, investing in trees and shrubs, or even changing the terrain.

With easy assembly and setup, our water fountains are an easy DIY project that will totally transform your backyard. Simply assemble the components, fill with water, plug in the recirculating pump and enjoy! Recirculating fountains save water too, so they’re the perfect way to cool your patio in a hot climate.

We offer high quality, fiber-reinforced concrete and cast stone fountains for lasting durability; hand-applied finishes can be matched to any architectural style. Inspired by Old-World design, you’ll find historic reproductions that include two-tier, three-tier, and large pool fountains. Our modern fountains feature copper accents, square fountains with planters, and mid-century-inspired sculpture.

A fountain is the perfect centerpiece to set the theme for your garden or patio design. If your taste tends towards the modern, the Modern Outdoor Fountain collection includes geometric designs, modern sculpture, and industrial-style wall basins. You’ll find more modern geometry in the Sphere Outdoor Fountain collection, which features both pedestal designs and large, single orbs. The Japanese-inspired designs of our Asian Outdoor Fountains work beautifully in modern gardens as well. Choose one of our classic Buddha sculpture fountains for a modern zen retreat, or to create a focal point in a traditional garden.

Traditional garden designs often feature statuary centered in a pool or basin. For an Old-World look, visit our collection of People Outdoor Fountains, where you’ll find classical sculptures of Athena, Venus, and women carrying water jugs. (There are charming scenes of children in the garden in this collection too.) We have still more classical statuary, with cherubs and Renaissance accents in our collection of Angel Outdoor Fountains. You’ll find ornate lions, plus birds, dolphins, frogs and dragonflies for a creature-friendly garden by visiting our Animal Outdoor Fountains page.

Small gardens and patio areas will need space-saving fountain designs. In the Garden Outdoor Fountain category, we’ve collected styles that fit easily into small backyards. Here you’ll find pedestal and tiered designs, wall fountains and even a few fountain styles with pools. One of our favorite ways to add a water feature to a small space is by using Corner Outdoor Fountains; these designs tuck into a corner for a small footprint, but offer height and tiered basins for a grand effect. Check out our selection of Wall Outdoor Fountains to accent a garden wall, patio, or even an entryway. They take up very little floor space and the collection includes ornate and minimalist designs.

Our extensive selection of Urn Outdoor Fountains are another small-space solution. The simple, vertical designs fit beautifully into a garden nook, and range from neoclassical designs to modern silhouettes. And if your small patio or garden doesn’t have an electrical outlet, a Solar Outdoor Fountain is the perfect solution - these small pedestal-style fountains install easily in any sunny spot.

Of course, if your backyard, courtyard or garden has the room for an impressive water feature, start with our collection of Large Outdoor Fountains. An extensive selection of mostly traditional fountains, this collection also includes some impressive modern designs. Be sure to measure your space carefully - once you know what size fountain your landscape will accommodate, you can narrow your search further. Outdoor Fountains with Pools offer a true European ambiance, with large splash pools collecting the water from overflowing basins and beautiful statuary. You’ll even find some smaller pool designs here that are perfect for courtyards. Finally, if you’re dreaming of a tall fountain, you’ll find dramatic heights in our collection of Tiered Outdoor Fountains. Tiered fountains feature stacked basins, available with or without a pool at the base.

Our carefully-curated selection features Cast Stone Fountains for their durability and extensive variety of designs. Cast stone and reinforced concrete last for many, many years outdoors, and we’re proud to carry products by top manufacturers like Campania International, Al's Garden Art, Henri Studio, Giannini Gardens, and Gist Concrete Products. Resin fountains add a less-expensive (yet durable) option to our catalog, while our Glass Outdoor Fountains are unique works of art.

Whether you have a small patio, courtyard garden, or expansive landscape, we know you’ll find the perfect outdoor fountain for your DIY garden project here, in our extensive selection.