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Outdoor statues are a relic of the ancient world that will never lose their elegance. Along with Outdoor Fountains, garden statuary is one of the most sold home décor items you'll find today. If you’re looking to increase the quality of your outdoor living space, garden statuary can help you realize the potential of your home décor. Guests will come over and marvel at the elegance of your space and you'll instantly become the talk of the neighborhood! Outdoor Art Pros' selection of garden sculptures for sale is the most extensive of any catalog and our top-selling outdoor items are sure to please. Browse our collections today!

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25 Dog Statues that you are bound to love, Top 25 Dogs Statues, Dog Statues

The only thing better than man’s best friend is having statues to dedicate to them. Dogs hold a special place in our hearts and homes, and what better way to honor them than by adding a garden sculpture of your favorite four-legged friend to add a more dog friendly touch to your garden or home?  

Winter Care - Cast Stone Planters and Statuary, Winterizing planters, winterizing statuary

It is very important for you to protect your cast stone planter and stone garden sculptures from the freeze-thaw cycles during the winter months.

Bring Nature to You with Forest Animal Statues

Building your own garden, like decorating your home is the best way to express your own unique personality. Bringing in colors, artwork, furniture and tapestries that showcase your interests and tastes makes you feel truly comfortable in your home, and this extends to your outdoor space as well.  

The Perfect Garden Statues for Year round Gifting

Choosing the perfect gift is always a fun challenge. You are trying to pick a physical item or service that reflects your care for someone and also a respect for their personal tastes. The perfect gift, in essence, says, “I care about you, and I also know you well enough to know you’re going to like this.”

These timeless patio art pieces will add life to the interior and exterior of the home. In the ancient times, outdoor statues were common both inside and out of the home. During these times, there were more mystical aspects to these garden statues. Today, the religious aspect is still part of the stone statue community but also a more light-hearted side has emerged. Our garden sculptures for sale are mixed with a wide range of styles and designs.

More Styles

Top-selling lawn statues are chosen by the public. This has allowed homeowners from around the globe to judge what the hottest landscape statues of the season are. OutdoorArt Pros gives designs an opportunity to reach the top. We believe in having as many styles of outdoor garden statues as possible and our fountain artisans scour the globe constantly searching for new designs.

Our determination ensures that you never have a problem finding a garden sculpture design that fits your home décor. Let’s examine some types, styles, and designs of stone garden sculptures that our top sellers have produced.


Animals design are popular and have led to many top-selling statues. There many styles to choose from ranging from ancient classics to life like statues. Outdoor animal statues are known for giving the yard a natural look. It’s common to find animals statues in human poses. This is a mix of man and beast and is old as statues themselves. The history of animal’s statues alone makes it a viable candidate for our top selling statues every year.

Another great reason for the success of outdoor animal statues is the fact that it can act as a deterrent. The large variety of animal statues allows you to add common predator of pests. Statues like owls have long been a top-selling statue for their look and usefulness. These outdoor garden statues have tremendous success against garden rodents. Owl statues are also known to chase away from pigeons.The owl statue is the garden version of the scarecrow.


People statues are another timeless classic that have been around long enough to be a consistent top selling statue. The ancient Greeks and Romans culture fine-tuned their art through large garden sculptures. In an outdoor garden, people statues offer an enchanting feeling to your guests.

Top selling statues like Asian statues for garden offer a subtle touch with a lot of design. Also,the mixture of fountains and large garden statues is common. The classic poses of statues are what usually lure in enthusiasts. In modern times, people statues of natural poses are common including that of people fishing or engaging in other popular activities.


Mythical statues have always done well in the market. The world of stone statues is one of mysticism. Folklore has often used garden statues to represent the importance of having these mythical guardians on your property. Like animal statues, mythical statues are often placed in gardens to ward off bad spirits. Garden gnome’s folklore is a great example of mythical statues. Garden gnomes have been one of the best top selling landscaping statues for centuries.


Modern garden outdoor statues have caught up to traditional statues. There many modern designs that are producing top-selling statues. Modern statues are considered riskier because of their edgier styling. Modern styling is catching up with the refinement of classic styles nowadays. If you’re looking to show off your artistic flair, a modern statue design will bring excitement to your décor.

Religious Statuary

Religious statuary is one of the founding forms of statues. Ever since the era of the church. The religious statue industry has always produced top sellers. Catholic tradition has long used religious statues for their churches and homes. Faith-based statues always bring respect to your home. Religious statues are still revered all around the world.

Outdoor Art Pros

Top selling statue styles and patio art are our expertise. Outdoor Art Pros takes pride in putting together the most extensive catalog of lawn statues online. Today, the public has the final say which styles of outdoor statues for sale are the top sellers.However, the classics have survived the test of time. Outdoor Art Pro is the statue company that can meet your demand for top-selling statues. Contact ustoday to find your next garden stone statue with ease.