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Homeowners seek out different ways to turn less-than-spectacular backyards into outdoor showpieces. One style people often go with to do so is of the modern and contemporary variety. 

You might have a large budget to work with as you transform your backyard space. Or you might be limited on the money you have to spend to turn your blah landscape into an awe-inspiring focal point. Don’t worry! No matter what your budget is, there are steps you can take to create a modern backyard space for your home. 

As you start brainstorming different ways to spruce up your landscape, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Square footage
  • Permanent yard structures to work around
  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Budget

When you search for ideas on how to create a contemporary backyard design, think about which of the following features you want to add:

  • Fountains
  • Lighting
  • Modern garden planters
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Modern outdoor furniture
  • Statues
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Landscape additions
  • Vertical garden
  • Outdoor shower
  • Vegetable garden
  • Rock garden
  • Patio additions

The best way to brainstorm contemporary ideas for your backyard is to check out what others are doing to modernize their outdoor space.

37 Ideas for a Modern Backyard

Here are 37 modern backyard ideas for inspiration:

1. Rock Wall Fountain


Using a rock wall fountain as a focal point, the homeowner modernized their backyard by creating an outdoor oasis where relaxation reigns supreme. Add in tall greenery amongst white walls and furniture and the finished product is a minimalistic and eye-catching success.

2. Contemporary Fire Pit


Give your backyard a contemporary vibe by adding a modern fire pit to the scenery. Surround the fire pit with ornate garden decor and you have a landscape that is inviting to guests and a conversation piece each and every time.

3. Zen Fountains


Modernize your backyard space with the addition of zen water fountains. You’ll find peace on a daily basis as you stroll through your yard and listen to the soothing sounds of the water flow. Add some potted plants for the optimal peaceful setting.

4. Comfortable Furnishings


As you update your backyard, make sure you include comfortable furnishings. This homeowner has plenty of cozy outdoor seating surrounding their large fire pit which makes it the ideal gathering spot for friends and family.

5. Mediterranean Fountain


The designer of this backyard landscape produces a modern vibe with a Mediterranean twist. The contemporary wall fountain spills into a Mediterranean style tile pool creating an inviting and eye-catching result. With lighting and outdoor garden planters added, the ambience is easy to feel.

6. Poolside Sculptures


This contemporary backyard has a lot of enticing components at play. The uniquely shaped pool features fountains and has creative sculptures along the side. The lush greenery and geometric pool patio add to the modern vibe of this inviting backyard.

7. Custom Deck Creations


This backyard takes modern to a whole new level by including a circular deck and fire pit. The combination of wood and stone give this outdoor space a modern feel without it being too stuffy or uniform in nature. The addition of potted plants and flowers add a natural overtone into the mix.

8. Rustic Pool


A contemporary backyard can also have a rustic chic vibe. This modern landscape features a lovely pool with a large stone wall created in an intricate design. The geometric stepping stones in the pool add to the contemporary feel of the setting.

9. Expansive Pool Layout


Sometimes it only takes one big thing to turn an outdated yard into a spectacular showpiece. This expansive pool layout makes the water feature the main focal point of the yard. The contemporary pool and hot tub design along with the large lounging area give this backyard a modern look

10. Contemporary Fireplace


The contemporary fireplace in this modern backyard is sure to impress all who see it. Not only does the fireplace provide warmth for houseguests but it also adds an outward ambience to brighten up the backyard and modernize the environment. With this large outdoor fire pit in your backyard, there is little else you need to do to add a contemporary vibe to the property.

11. Infinity Pool


Nothing says modern quite like a large infinity pool in your backyard! This impressive water feature will brighten up your home’s exterior and add a fun aspect for family members and guests to enjoy. Adding an infinity pool is also a great way to fill up a lot of empty space in large square footage lots.

12. Geometric Design and Lights


If you have a multi-level backyard, this modern design may be a perfect inspiration. Plentiful lit stairs transcend the backyard with a seating area filled with outdoor furniture and a fire pit in the middle. The clean lines and geometric vibe of the design give this space a contemporary feel.

13. Fountain Pool


If you’re seeking out a modern minimalistic approach, check out this contemporary backyard. The pool with eye-catching fountains surrounded by clean lines and open space is perfect for people who want their yard to look contemporary yet not filled with clutter.

14. Large Infinity Pool and Lounge Area


If you have the space and the money, this infinity pool and large lounge area design is sure to please. The water views appear to go on forever as the pool patio area is filled with plentiful seating for family and friends.

16. Minimal Space Solution


If you have minimal space but want to add a pool along with a seating area, push the pool to one side. Modern backyard designs don’t have to be centered and when you add the pool to the property in this manner, you can take advantage of every inch of space you have. Add some boxwood shrubs to your small garden space for privacy and a natural setting.

17. Palms and Stones


Give your backyard a contemporary feel by adding some palm trees and stone gardens. This property has a minimalistic vibe with a small pool, a few lounge chairs, and an atmosphere of sheer relaxation.

18. Outdoor Kitchen and Grill


This landscape design features a handy outdoor kitchen and grill that’s sure to see a lot of use, both for the family and entertaining guests. The modern backyard has a mixture of concrete pavers for the patio floor and artificial turf and boxwoods. The pool is situated on the side of the yard to make more room in the fenced-in area and to accommodate the outdoor kitchen.

19. Peaceful Modern Backyard


This modern backyard offers a peaceful setting. With the flowing wall fountains and low bowl planters, you can find your zen while relaxing in this space amongst native plants and thick forest landscape. The wooden stairs and walkway go perfectly with the rest of the exterior decor pieces.

20. Chic Details


The clean lines and modern style of this backyard are easy to spot. This space is an entertainer’s dream complete with plentiful seating, fire pit, pool, and welcoming foliage throughout the yard.

21. Mediterranean Stone Patio


This modern Mediterranean style backyard has it all: style, utility, and nature! The stone patio surrounding the fountain pool is modern and useful all in one beautiful design. Plentiful plants are interspersed throughout the pebble gardens and bring class and beauty to this property.

22. Focal Point Fountain


If you love fountains and want to make this water feature a primary focus in your yard, consider this modern design. The fountain takes up a large portion of this smaller backyard area and is ideal for those who love to sit and ponder life’s wonders in the outdoors. The surrounding wall acts as a frame for the fountain. It’s also a nice place to sit and think.

23. Ultra Modern Backyard


For a space that’s sure to be a conversation piece, take a look at this ultra modern backyard. From the awe-inspiring fire features to the poolside open cabana modern furniture, this property is the ideal party location. The dancing water fountains will draw attention from all who swim in or lounge around this pool. The modern tile brings the entire contemporary look together.

24. Colorful Walls


Sometimes it just takes a splash of color to add a modern touch. Consider this space featuring different color walls, an art deco wall hanging, and greenery. The finished product is the result of all these pieces working together perfectly.

25. Large Garden Planters


By adding large garden planters you can introduce a modern touch to your backyard. No matter what the rest of the space looks like, these planters alone will help you achieve the contemporary goal.

26. Modern Retaining Wall Landscape


If you need retaining walls on your property, don’t worry. You can still give your property an up-to-the-minute look by intermingling gravel, large smooth stones, and garden beds. The end result is a modern vibe that helps with retention as well.

27. Pavers and Statues


For a backyard that has multi-levels and walls, keep that stone vibe going with concrete pavers and an eye-catching garden statue. The lovely walls can be topped with greenery while the statue can be placed in the center of it all and be a welcome focal point of your backyard space.

28. Fire Wall Nook


Just because a design is modern doesn’t mean it has to be uninviting. This fire wall nook features a generously sized fire feature with bountiful amounts of seating where it’s easy to entertain friends and family. The lush greenery surrounding the seating area gives the space a natural vibe while keeping it protected from the wind.

29. Rock Oasis


A modern backyard doesn’t have to be spacious and open. It can be a cozy backyard that's inviting, like this hidden rock oasis. Climb the stairs to your private nook and breathe in the fresh air as you enjoy your morning coffee or evening cocktail.

30. Raised Garden Bed


This raised garden bed turns your space into a modern one. Plant your favorite flowers or foliage in the raised bed and add uniform concrete pavers to your patio. The finished result is a natural modern gardens setting that’s easy to navigate.

31. Backyard Bar


If you want to create the ideal entertaining space, add a backyard bar or outdoor dining room to your property. This space features a seated bar along with other niceties, such as an outdoor fireplace and inviting seating area. Whether you like to throw parties or simply invite the neighbors over for a drink once in awhile, this design is a good one to take notes on.

32. Unaligned Stairs


Sometimes a design is modern because it’s not what you might expect to see. This stair design features a set of unaligned stairs which give the space a contemporary feel. Surrounded by wispy foliage, this outdoor space has a modern feel.

33. Pop of Color


This design is a breath of fresh air with a bold pop of color. The yellow decorative garden piece and colorful wall make this backyard shine. You can add other features to this design to fit your needs to keep it just as is.

34. Stone Infinity Pool


The stone infinity pool is the ideal place to relax in style. This design has the pool as its main focal point although some lounge chairs add to the overall relaxation vibe. The stone pool dsign matches the stone exterior on the home which brings the entire look together nicely.

35. Trellis and Florals


This backyard features a large trellis and beautiful blooms that show off natural beauty. The unique outdoor bench provides an ideal spot to sit and gaze across the yard. By adding just a few items such as these, you can turn your ordinary yard into an extraordinary vision.

36. Intermingling Wood Types


This design features many different types of wood which gives it a modern feel. From dark wood walls to light wood stairs, the designer intermingled these different wood structures to produce a contemporary result.

37. Three Dimensional Walls


The modern design of these three-dimensional walls might appeal to you in your quest to spruce up your outdoor space. You can turn the top of these areas into garden beds and fill them with plants and flowers of your choosing. This will help to make your backyard space your own.

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