5 Best Space-Saving Decorative Planters

A common issue with plants is that they can take up a lot of space, which can be troublesome depending on where you live. Bigger cities such as New York City or Chicago do not tend to offer a lot of space when it comes to apartments or even houses in some situations. So, finding the best space-saving options for your space is important.

There are different options for each individual’s space or situation. Whether you want a planter and stand combination, a ceramic plant stand, small pots for succulents, vertical plant stands, or rectangular planting pots.

Space-saving planters can also ensure that your plants are kept in a proper environment that promotes their growth and helps maintain their health.

1. Planter and Stand

This combination is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their plants off the floor. It elevates the pot and allows larger plants to have room to grow without being too close to another plant. Many plant stands are also known to be light and easy to move, making the cleaning process even easier for you. Especially if you tend to overwater your plants or enjoy moving them as needed.

This space-saving option also allows you to keep smaller plants that require less sunlight under the stand. Thus, maximizing your space and allowing you to keep more plants if you choose to without compromising on your personal space. Many plant stands are also designed to be compact and fit tightly around the pot to ensure that it cannot slip. Requiring the design to be precise and simple to accommodate different planters.

2. Ceramic Plant Stand

Similar to a normal plant stand, ceramic plant stands also allow you to elevate your plants while compromising some of the floor space you have available. They also do tend to be sturdier as the ceramic materials are heavier and not as easy to move.

These are more of an all-in-one solution as the planter is built into the stand, meaning less equipment is required for it. While they may not be as easy to move around your space, they can be placed virtually anywhere as they tend to be medium-sized. This allows them to hold your plants without taking up too much space.

3. Small Pots for Succulents

If you find yourself drawn to small succulents such as Sedums, Living Stones, Zebra Plants, or Baby Jade’s to name a few, small pots are essential to saving space. Unlike larger plant types such as Roses, African Orchids, or Areca Palms which require larger pots and more space, succulents tend to do well in smaller areas.

They do not require a lot of space or care. So being able to buy smaller pots for them allows you to place them throughout your living area without consuming too much space. The ideal succulent pot is only half an inch or so larger than the plant. So, if I buy a two-inch succulent a two-and-a-half-inch pot is ideal for it.

If a succulent’s pot is too big for the plant, it can hinder its growth. The roots will grow quicker and spread out before the plant has the time to catch up with them. Thus, limiting its growth potential, which is why smaller pots for succulents are ideal not only for the plant but also for saving space. Keeping your indoor succulents in pots that are right for them is the best way to save space and keep them healthy.

4. Vertical Plant Stands

When it comes to saving space, vertical plant stands can be the real winner. They can usually hold anywhere from three to ten plants at a time depending on the size. While only taking up twelve to eighteen inches of floor space on average. You can also buy a larger version if you need it to hold more plants than a typical one can.

If your apartment or house does not receive a ton of light in general, a vertical plant stand can allow you to keep a good portion of your plants or even all of them (depending upon the person) in a good position. It enables you to place them in an area that will promote healthy growth for the plants that need it, allowing you to save space and take proper care of more plants.

This type of stand also adds a great focal point to any room in your house, allowing it to be a practical and creative solution for anyone.

5. Rectangular Planting Pots

These pots are amazing for any smaller plants that you may have in your space. They can usually hold anywhere from two to six plants (depending on the size you chose) to help minimize the number of individual pots or stands needed. This enables you to keep a number of your plants in a sturdy area without having to worry about a pet knocking them down.

It can also save you time when it comes to caring for your plants as they can get watered together and it’s much harder to forget about them. This modern solution is ideal for anyone who has a patio space, an empty windowsill, or even an empty railing. Some rectangular planters can hang from a railing or be attached to one. This allows them to be exposed to fresh air, rain, and sunlight without compromising on your space inside.

Picking the Right Planter for You

Those are our top five picks for space-saving modern planters. Many of them can allow you to keep as many plants as you want without giving up your personal space. Each option is perfect for saving you space while remaining modern and looking great.

Some options are also perfect for going outdoors, some are easy to move and clean around, and some are just more convenient for you. Each type has its own benefits associated with it you just need to figure out which ones are right for you.  Just remember that if you are putting any planters outside in your backyard, patio, or on your railing that you need to bring them in as the seasons change. Especially if it snows in the area that you are in.