tiered fountain in a courtyard

Are you interested in upgrading your yard to create a courtyard that will look amazing and fit your needs?

Then, you may be looking to add a tiered fountain. They not only improve the overall look of your yard, but they also create a focal point for people to look at and admire.

How to Go About the Installation Process

When it comes to tiered fountains, something to remember is that there is little to no need to assemble a ton of parts or create anything. Most of them will come with the parts needed, and those parts will be larger overall, allowing you to assemble them quite quickly.

1. Picking the Right Fountain for Your Yard

Something to note before you begin the whole process is the initial step, which is picking out your tiered fountain. You will want to ensure that the one you pick will look good in your space, be proportional to the area, and, most importantly, fit your needs. It would be a shame for you to receive your outdoor tiered fountain and not like it.

Included in this step is choosing the right type of fountain to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a bubbling rock fountain, which is ideal if you are looking for something to filter the water and create less of a splash. Waterfall gardens can be ideal for ponds with fish as they add movement and oxygen to the space.

However, for more standalone options, rock garden fountains or more minimalistic tiered fountains are recommended.

They take up less space, require less upkeep, and make your yard feel like a courtyard without overwhelming the space.

2. Understanding Each Part

Once you decide on the type of fountain you want, you will need to understand the different parts that come with it. For example, most bases are comprised of three separate parts (one to secure it to the ground, an access door, and the actual base) to ensure that everything is accessible and secure.

Each fountain will also have a hole in the center to allow the water to flow upwards when turned on. This means that they will also need to have an opening for a power cord to run through it as well. Knowing the purpose of each piece will help you assemble it quickly while ensuring that it is done properly.

3. Assembling the Fountain

Next is the fun part of the process, getting to put everything together and see your fountain come to life. You will begin by laying the base down and securing it. Note that you may need to prep the ground below it beforehand, depending on the type of fountain you chose and where it’s going in your yard.

After the base is secured, you want to ensure that it is leveled before placing the next piece on. You may need to add a shim in between pieces if they are not level to help prevent them from wobbling or moving. This is common as many fountain pieces do not fit one another perfectly, so do not worry if you need to use a shim.

After ensuring that the base is level and even, you can add the next piece, which, in many cases, maybe the bowl. This should be able to lay on top of the base easily as they are designed to get secured to one another. Add any additional pieces and ensure that they are secured as you go.

4. Leveling

After everything has been connected and assembled, you must go through and check each item to make sure they are level. The water will not flow properly, and the design will look funny if the pieces are not even throughout.

An easy way to check this is to plug your fountain in and allow it to pump water for a few minutes. This will allow you to see how the water flows and if any errors need to be addressed.

5. Finishing Touches

Once you know that the fountain is level and functions accordingly, you can begin to wrap up this project. Many people enjoy adding a finial to their fountain. Whether it comes with it or they find their own. You can find them in a ton of different designs and shapes, such as a pineapple, sphere, artichoke, and more.

Also, if you had to mess with the ground at all, this is when you will want to go back in and ensure that it’s filled back in and leveled. Just remember where your fountain’s access box is so when it comes to maintaining the filter or pump, you can get to them easily.

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