When it comes to selecting a bird bath there are a few different things to consider and look at before completing your purchase.

We are going to share some of our favorite tips to think about when beginning your search for the best bird bath for your garden or patio space.

Considering Sizes

While this may seem a bit self-explanatory to some, it is a very important thing to consider. You want to figure out where the bird bath will be placed so that you can understand the size needed. There is nothing worse than buying a large item such as a bird bath and then needing to return it because it did not fit right where you wanted it to.

You also may not want to buy a deep one if you only have smaller birds visiting your yard daily. Knowing the birds in your area and their needs can go a long way to ensuring that the size you buy is appropriate and does a good job at attracting birds.


Similar to the size, you want to try and find a bird bath that is proportional to your garden. If you have a smaller garden or patio, you want it to be a focal point without taking up the entire space.

So, a smaller bowl option may be ideal if you are working with only forty-nine square feet or less space. Or if you have more than that available you may opt for a more traditional or even unique birdbath option with a base or stand.


When adding a new feature to your space, one thing to consider is how it will look. It is important to ensure that it matches your current aesthetic and color palette. This will allow it to look more natural and as if it belongs in your environment.

If you have a more colorful space, perhaps a more neutral bird bath may be the best option for you. Or if your space is more neutral you may opt for a bird bath that stands out a bit more and catches your eye. It’s all about your style and seeing what options or colors may look the best in your space.


Everyone has a different environment and weather conditions to take into consideration depending on where they live. Those that live in a warmer region or climate may choose a larger bird bath as it will hold water longer. You won’t have to worry about it all evaporating in a few hours.

Or if you live in a colder climate and would like to feature a bird bath year-round, a heated bird bath may be the best option for you. This allows local birds to have access to water in the colder months when other outside water sources may be frozen and unavailable.


If you are interested in adding a bird bath to your garden or patio area for the birds but you do not want to spend a ton of time with upkeep, cleanliness is key. Different types of materials can be easier and quicker to clean than others.

If you can find a plastic option such as a bowl or basin, they tend to be easier to clean. As well as concrete options because the dirt and grime are only able to stay on the surface level. Allowing them to require some brief maintenance and upkeep every few weeks or so.

Some options that are known to stay cleaner more naturally as well if you feel as though you may forget to clean it as often as you should. These included copper bird baths or glazed basins.


Bird baths can range anywhere from $25 to $200+ depending on their size and quality. Plastic bowls or basins large enough to be used as a bird bath fall along the $25 to $50 range on average.

Whereas concrete or wood-grained pedestal options can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 on average. Cast iron bird baths tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum with values ranging from $100 to $200+. Depending on the type of cast iron, color, and size the price will vary.


Those are our top six tips to consider when buying a bird bath. We consider these to be important because they can help you feel confident about your purchase and ensure that the bird bath you select is the right one for your space. It can be difficult to style an item if you are unsure of what you are looking for.

So next time you are looking to purchase a bird bath consider these tips to make your decision easier and perfect for your space.