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Everyone wants to cool off when the summer heat gets too much to bear. Birds also need water to survive in the heat. Birds love to drink, play, and bathe in water to cool them off. In this case, bird baths are a bird magnet as you will have flocks of birds visiting your house and enjoying themselves.

Why is A Bird Bath Important?

Birds need shade, water, and protection as surviving in the intense heat becomes a little too much for them sometimes. The bird baths are also a great way to help these birds since they travel from one place to another trying to search for food. You can save these birds all the trouble by simply installing a bird bath in your home. You do not need to go for something extensive like a solar bird bath pump for this.   

Adding something simple, such as concrete bird bath bowls, is mostly enough for it. However, there are other options available if you wish to go out of your way for your little feathered friends. It is alright if you are not sure where to begin with.

1. Garden Bird Bath Ideas

Following are some of the best garden bird bath ideas that you should consider if you are willing to help those little creatures.

2. Table Leg Stand Bird Bath

A table leg stand bird bath is the easiest and simplest solution to attract feathered friends. You can find the table leg stand bird baths in various sizes since you can modify them yourself. You can easily find a bird bath for hummingbirds or other birds. You can place this bird bath on a recycled chair or table and use a nail, screw, or simple glue to stick the bowl onto it.

This way, you have full freedom to design your bird bath and perhaps add a solar-powered bird bath mister to it. The mister will attract more birds with running water.

3. Gas Lampshade Bath

A gas lampshade bath will help you add elegance and function to your home gardens with a simple setup. You can choose to utilize an old-shaped lamp or a decorative bowl to do the trick. Remember to attach the setup to a thin pole so that it stands high. We also suggest searching for how to make a bird bath bubbler as you will get more options with it.

4. Concrete Leaf Bath

A concrete leaf bath is a great option if you wish to see birds in the bird bath. These concrete leaf baths look aesthetically appealing and help add more depth to your home garden. Additionally, they are easy to make, and you can prepare one in a DIY project.

5. Cupped Hand Bath

A hand-shaped bird bath might just be what you need to make your home garden stand out from the rest of the house. These cupped hand baths are easy to install and give you plenty of space to experiment. For instance, you can install a solar-powered bird bath heater in it to keep the water at a comfortable temperature during the winter.

6. Modern Copper Birdbath

The modern copper bird baths are ideal for you if you love contemporary crafting. You can add copper pennies to the bird bath to make it more interesting as the birds bathe freely. These modern copper bird baths are sleek and simple to install as long as you have a welder with you.

7. Simple Mosaic Bath

Mosaic baths are great for anyone who wants to keep things simple. It includes a clay bowl and stands for the structure while lining it with a mosaic. You can choose whatever mosaic colors you think will suit these bird baths the most. You can fill it up with water and see birds swarming over to these classical bird baths.

8. Melted Beads Bird Bath

You will need to be a little more creative with this idea. You can start by melting the multi-colored beads of your choice and suspending the bowl with a couple of ropes on the sides. You can also install the bowl on any kind of pedestal. We suggest you try going for different sizes and colors of beads if you want to give it a more personalized look.

9. Solar Powered Bath

Solar-powered baths are a perfect combination of beauty and technology. You can start by using a multi-level fountain that runs on an eco-friendly source. The water keeps dripping gradually, which the little birdies will surely love.

10. Large Horn Bath

Using a large horn in your bird bath might seem like a weird idea, but it is a great option. All you need is an old horn (maybe from your high school days), and install it in your bird bath. You need to plug up the pipes, and the bird bath is ready to function that easily.

11. Staggered Planter Bath

Planters or pots are an essential part of any home garden. These planters merge perfectly with the landscape, which is why they are a great way to make a bird bath. You can install a bowl on top of a few planters and make it in no time. This way, you get a place to install flowers in these pots along with the bird bath.

12. Stacked Stone Baths

Love stacking stones? Why not make a birdbath out of it? You can stack a few stones of your choice together and place a bowl on top to make your first stone bath. We suggest using concrete or metal bowls for this so that they can bear the weight of the stones.

13. Hemp Rope Bath

The hemp rope bath is a classical idea for anyone who wishes for a unique bird bath. It will bring elegance to your garden with its glass containers and bowls and a rustic look with hemp ropes. If you do not want to invest money in a bird bath dripper and still make it look unique, hemp rope baths are just the thing for you.

14. Stump Top Bath

No one likes cutting trees, but if you have a spare tree stump in your garden that you want to throw away, think again. A stump-top bath is an easy setup that needs a tree stump, a concrete slab, and a bowl to complete it. You can also choose to install a bath pump to it and see water gushing through the bowl.

15. Sink Bath

Recycling is great for nature, but what does one do with an old-fashioned sink? You make a bird bath out of it! These old-fashioned sink baths let users add water to the porcelain sink and serve as a bird bath. You can also elevate its look by adding a few rocks or shells to it.

16. Mosaic Stand Bath

Adding mosaic to the bowls isn’t the only option that you have. Mosaics are great for décor, and you can use them otherwise. For instance, a mosaic stand bath consists of a simple bird bath set up with interesting mosaic patterns in it. You can freely experiment with these tiles and create the design of your choice. You can follow a design that you find online or come up with your own if you want.

17. Hollowed Log Bath

Using tree stumps for a bath is great, but that is not the only option you have. If you have a spare tree log in your garden that you will throw away, consider this idea. You can cut the log hollow and plant your bird bath in it. The hollow log serves as a water-filling space and is a great option if you are looking for a ground bird bath.

We know it might take you a while to cut the log in your desired shape, but we are sure it will be worth the effort in the end. You can also add small plants or flowers around the log to beautify it more. If you fear that the water inside might spill around, you can seal the log shut.

18. Glass Goblet Bath

A glass goblet bath is an ideal pick for you if you have tons of extra glass cupware. You can take different glass cupware and arrange them in the sequence of your choice. However, make sure that there is a bowl on top of the arrangement to hold water. If you do this correctly, you will have your glass goblet bath in no time.


Finding the right birdbath design is not the problem. It all depends on what you want and how much effort you are willing to make for it. We hope you liked these bird bath ideas for your garden, and try them today! We are sure they will look great in your garden and attract your feathered friends.

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