Top 20 Outdoor Water Fountains for Your Backyard


Top 20 Outdoor Water Fountains for Your Backyard

There are many ways for you to spruce up your landscape and make it a welcome conversation piece for all who see it. One easy way to do so is to add water fountains to your yard. From classic tiered fountains to modern water displays, you have many options when it comes to outdoor water fountains for your property. These fountains also come in a wide array of price ranges, so you can find the outdoor water fountain that fits within your budget.

Here are the top 20 water fountains for your backyard:

Cavalli fountain

The Cavalli Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond offers a stately water display ideal for large backyard areas and front yard locations. This impressive 86"H x 99½"W fountain features two-tiers of flowing water and a large pond below. Lovely horse sculptures adorn the stem of the basin making this fountain even more beautiful. Choose from 39 different colors and pick the cast stone fountain that works best with your landscape. 

The Provence Outdoor Water Fountain offers a modern fountain display for your yard. This 46"L x 46"W x 53"H water fountain features smooth lines and lovely curves. The fountain is made of a sturdy fiber reinforced cast stone concrete material and you can choose your favorite color tone from a wide selection of options. 

caterina tiered fountain

The Caterina Tiered Water Fountain provides a lovely focal point for your backyard. Set this two-tiered water fountain with pedestal base anywhere on your property for a relaxing water feature. This 35.25"L x 35.25"W x 52.5"H fountain is available in a wide array of colors so you can choose the perfect one for your home’s exterior. 

The Navonna Outdoor Water Fountain will add style to your home’s landscape with ease. The raised urn is set on a pedestal high above a basin which catches the calming water stream that falls into it. This 56.5"L x 56.5"W x 39"H outdoor water fountain will catch the attention of all who pass by it. And you can choose from a large selection of color tones and select the cast stone concrete fountain that suits your tastes perfectly. 

With the Pioggia Cast Stone Tier Outdoor Fountain with 46” Basin, you have an easy way to add style and class to your yard. This 56¾"H x 46"W outdoor water fountain is made of a sturdy cast stone construction and is available in dozens of different eye-catching colors. 

echo park fountain

The Echo Park Garden Fountain will give your yard a modern touch. Choose from a wide array of color choices and add this 28″L x 28"W x 19″H fountain to your yard. The classic round and low fountain will look great wherever you put it! 

fonthill tiered fountain

When you choose the Fonthill Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain for your yard, you can add class and style to any landscape. This impressive 47"L x 47"W x 74.75"H multi-tiered fountain on an eye-catching pedestal will create a relaxing vibe and look good doing so. This fountain is available in a number of beautiful color tones. 

charleston outdoor fountain with basin

With the Charleston Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin, your yard will exude style and excellent taste. This 104"L x 104"W x 86"H multi-tiered fountain features a large basin and is available in many different color choices. The only tough decision will be deciding which color option you like best. 

Palazzo Urn Fountain

If you’re looking for an elegant and classic fountain, look no further than the Palazzo Urn Outdoor Water Fountain. With the relaxing vibe of the water feature on top and four eye-catching flowing water streams in the center, this 45"L x 45"W x 44.5"H outdoor water fountain is a beauty for the eye to behold. Best of all, this fountain is available in a number of different color choices. 

vence wall fountain

The classic Vence Wall Outdoor Fountain is a lovely water feature and sturdy cast stone concrete construction all in one. This convenient 30"L x 23"W x 71"H wall fountain comes in many different colors and will go perfectly against any exterior wall in your yard. 

cascade tiered outdoor fountain

The Cascade Tiered Water Fountain is a round multi-tiered outdoor fountain sure to help you achieve your inner peace and calm. Choose from a wide array of colors and add this 39.5"L x 39.5"W x 26"H fountain to your favorite lounging spot in the yard where you can enjoy it the most. 

Beauvais Outdoor Fountain

The Beauvais Water Fountain is a lovely outdoor water fountain to add to your front yard, side space, or patio area. The eye-catching design and multiple water spouts make this fountain a calming addition to your yard. This 40.25"L x 40.25"W x 31.25"H fountain is available in multiple color finishes so you can decide which color tone suits your landscape perfectly. 

williamsburg pineapple garden fountain

The Williamsburg Pineapple 2 Tier Garden Water Fountain is a popular yard accessory to add to your property. The 30"L x 30"W x 53"H fiber reinforced cast stone concrete fountain is as sturdy as it is lovely. You can choose from an impressive roster of color finishes and select the one that will look fabulous in your yard. 

Parisienne Tier Water Fountain

The elegant and awe-inspiring Parisienne Two Tier Outdoor Water Fountain is sure to add eye-catching appeal to your yard. This 83"L x 83"W X 64"H two-tier fountain includes multiple water spout features and exquisite designs including lions, flowers, and scroll detailing. Choose the color finish that draws you in most and add this must-have outdoor water fountain to your yard. 

oblique with ball water fountain

The Small Oblique with Ball Garden Water Fountain features eye-catching shapes and soothing water sounds. The 42"H x 32"W x 32"D outdoor water fountain is available in a wide array of finishes so you can pick the color tone that looks perfect in your yard. 

For an elegant tall fountain that’s sure to be a welcome conversation piece, look no further than the Large Three-Tier Leonesco Fountain. This 80"H x 48"W cast stone fountain features lion head decorations and elegant detailing. Plus, it’s available in many different colors so you can choose the finish that’s right for your landscape. 

Borghese Water Fountain with Basin

The modern Borghese Water Fountain in Basin is a lovely water fountain to add to any place in your yard. The 41.5"L x 34.5"W x 32"H cast stone fountain offers eye-catching appeal and will dress up any area of your yard. Choose your favorite color finish from a large list of possibilities. 

Three Tier Renaissance Fountain In Valencia Pool

The Three Tier Renaissance Outdoor Fountain in Valencia Pool is sure to make guests stop and stare. This 70"H x 64"W multi-tier water structure is beautiful to look at and the water features provide you and your family with a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors. Select your favorite color finish and add this outdoor water fountain to your yard. 

Medium Two Tier Leonesco Fountain

The impressive Medium Two Tier Leonesco Fountain in Grando Pool is class and exquisite style all rolled into one outdoor water fountain. Place this 61"H x 58.5"W in the perfect location of your yard where it can be admired by all who see it. Available in many different color finishes, you can choose the color tone that you like best and works wonders for your overall landscape. 

Williamsburg Pineapple Garden Fountain

The Williamsburg Pineapple Garden Water Fountain provides an elegant and easy way to add an outdoor water feature to your side gardens or backyard. This 30"L x 30"W x 43"H cast stone concrete fountain is small enough to fit perfectly within many places around your yard yet large enough to draw the attention of houseguests who visit. Select your favorite color finish from the wide array of choices and add this beautiful water fountain to your outdoor space. 

Finding the right outdoor water fountain is easy as can be when you have all these options to choose from in your search. Consider how large of a fountain you would like, where you want to put it in your yard, and the color finish that you’re looking for in a fountain. All these considerations will help you to choose the right water fountain to complement your outdoor space perfectly. 

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