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A cottage garden is a classic and timeless style that many people adore and try to recreate. It is a mixture of natural materials to provide a more rustic look, tons of nature and plants, and scenic landscaping. When you combine this structure with the right types of plants and color palette it can be easily created anywhere.

Especially if you can incorporate landscape water features such as solar water fountains or small pond fountains. These elements open the door for nature and invite birds and creatures into your yard, effortlessly recreating the cottage look.

Solar Water Fountains

While cottage gardens are all about being and looking natural there is nothing wrong with adding a solar water fountain or two to the landscape, especially if you have a pond. One would expect them to look bulky or be covered in solar panels to support their water flow, however, it can be difficult to recognize a solar-powered fountain when you see one. That is how good their designs are and how effective they are at camouflaging the panels.

They also fit the cottage garden look perfectly as they are eco-friendly and are good for the environment. So, you can add a feature fountain to your garden without having to worry about damaging the environment or worrying about plugs or lines running everywhere. It can flow without emitting fumes or gasses.

A popular use for these fountains is to add them to a rock garden, essentially creating your own rock garden fountain. This enables you to really bring in the earthy and natural elements of a cottage garden without doing too much. Rock formations and statues are natural and a large part of history. Hence making them a favorite among many people. It also adds a distinct focal point to your garden without looking out of place.

How Do Fountains Work?

Solar-powered fountains function off of sunlight. The sun is absorbed through the panels, adding a charge that kicks heat into motion. This turns the solar fountain pump on causing it to run water. However, it is important to note that these solar panels will only work properly when they are exposed to direct sunlight.

These fountains remain low maintenance, minus routine cleanings. Cleanings to things such as the solar water fountain pump, which will require a cleaning every few weeks. It’s simple though as you can take the sponge out and spray it down with the hose, using a weak bleach as needed. The rest of the fountain can just be wiped down and gently cleaned as needed to remove any built-up dirt or grime.

Water pump fountains allow the water to flow throughout and helps to add oxygen and movement to any water environment that the fountain may be in. Enabling it to be a great environment for any aquatic animals or feature for birds to enjoy.

Which is one reason why solar-powered pond fountains have become so popular for cottage gardens. Not only are they effective, but they allow you to bring more nature into the environment. The more natural tones and elements, animals, and rustic look that you bring to this area, the better.

Other Water Feature Ideas

Since we are discussing fountains and ponds we might as well mention a few other water feature options that would fit in with the cottage garden look and aesthetic.

One idea that comes to mind is a bird bath as they combine a lot of the elements wanted. Again, it will invite more animals into your space, which we are assuming you are okay with since a cottage garden is based on nature and its inhabitants. It will also allow you to have more peaceful sounds like running water be present in your space.

Or you could update your space by adding an outdoor wall fountain. They can be designed to be as upscale or natural as you would like them to be. Adding a different element to your yard while still fitting in with the intended theme. A simple stone path made from cobblestone pavers or concrete stepping stones leading up to the water piece you choose could add a nice touch to the space as well.

There are so many options available if you are looking to add a solar water fountain or a water feature to your garden to fit the cottage garden theme. The ideas are endless, it just depends on your price range and how far you want to go with the makeover. Just remember that you can never go wrong with running water, plants, and natural elements when trying to accomplish this look.

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