Large Modern Planters That Would Look Great in Your Home

Setting up planters in homes is one of the latest trends that you might see. People add these planters to make their houses look as close to nature as possible. Not to mention, plants make you feel better and boost your mood. The idea behind these modern planters is to ensure the interior and the exterior complement each other and they fit perfectly in the landscape.

List of Large Modern Planters for Your Home

There are tons of options for indoor planters since they are becoming popular by the day. You can easily add these large modern planters as long as you know what to choose. So let us find the best large modern planters for your home.


Halful is the first choice on our list for a tall rectangular planter. These planters consist of a metal frame and designs that have a recycled plastic container in them. These containers can store fertilizers and soil in them easily. Plus, the design of these large ceramic outdoor planters may vary, but most of them have a geometrical structure with empty space.

Marquis Planters

Marquis planters are our next pick – they also have a geometrical shape but are a little different. These planters also have a folding system that creates textures on the planter’s exterior. These marquis planters are ideal for anyone looking for a tall flower pot option to add to their house’s interior. Although you can find these marquis planters in both small and large sizes, we suggest going for the larger ones for your houses.

LITI planters

Terracotta planters are always a popular choice for planter enthusiasts around the world. LITI planters use the same terracotta approach with a twist. You can find LITI planters with a curved wooden exterior with cuts on the lower part of the pot. It also has a built-in light source that illuminates the plants at night.

Pandora Planters

It is another fantastic planter design that allows buyers to get several different configurations. There are seats around the perimeter around these planters, which allows Pandora to act as a free-stand planter.

Concrete Planters

There is nothing like going back to the basics with indoor planters. You can add indoor or house planters to different spots in your home. However, if you want rectangular planters outdoors, concrete planters are just what you need.

These planters are heavy and durable; thus, they can withstand climatic changes. They do not break off easily, which also makes them ideal for long-term use. You can think of concrete planters as an investment because you won’t need to add other decorations once you incorporate concrete planters in any area of your home.

Terrace Planters

You can get innovative with your house planter ideas. For instance, you can add one to your terrace as well. You do not need to go for stone planters outdoor, as there are other options for it. For example, you can go for a wooden planter that is large and has a curved exterior.

They will not only look great on your terrace but will also help you get the privacy that you want. You can add them to your balconies or along the railings and cover your interior quite efficiently. The best part is, unlike stone flowerpots, these terrace planters are lightweight and are easier to carry. Thus, you can experiment with their look without making too much effort.

Tuber Planters

Tuber planters are one of the latest and the most interesting options in large planters. These tuber planters have a metal body covered with a steel lining, which adds contrast to their look. The steel body also makes the planters secure and ideal for long-term use. The manufacturers join the wood and the metal together with bolts so that it stays in place.

It is not as heavy as you might think it is, making it ideal for large, lightweight planters. This way, you get a soft and delicate planter in your house that blends perfectly. The wood of the planter also develops a grey hue over time when you place it outdoors. So, ensure checking it out the next time you want to get a planter for your house.


Large modern planters are great to add to your house if you want to give it a unique look. These planters enhance the look of your house and are functional as well. Most importantly, planters seamlessly blend and complement different themes and settings while enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

Large modern planters