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Ceramic Planters vs. Cast Stone Planters: Which One is Better?

Adding outdoor decor to your home or business to spruce it up can be as easy as adding some lovely planters to the design. There are so many options for outdoor planters that you might not know which types of planters to choose. Two types of planters to explore include ceramic planters and cast stone planters. 

Both of these planter varieties have attractive features but you might find that one type of planter is better for your needs than the other, add these Modern Planters to Perk up your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces. From ceramic planters with vibrant color tones to cast stone planters of a more subtle nature, you’ll find the perfect planters to make your landscape shine. 


Ceramic Planters

Borneo Planter in Green by Outdoor Art Pros

Borneo Ceramic Planters 

Ceramic pot and planters come in many different styles, colors, and designs. You can purchase this ceramics planter in natural tones or glazed for an extra aesthetically pleasing look. Ceramics planters come in different weights however they can be lighter than some other planter materials, such as cast stone or concrete.

When you purchase ceramic pots and planters, you should know that they are more fragile than some other planters and can be scratched and chipped. With this in mind, you shouldn’t put them in a location that will see a lot of foot traffic or in a high wind area where they could blow over. 


What are the Advantages of using Ceramic Planters?

If you’re considering buying Ceramic Planters for your home, garden, or patio, you’ll find many beneficial aspects when you do so. Here are some of the pros of ceramic planters:

  • Ceramic planters are porous so they allow the plants and flowers to get air and moisture. These elements will even reach the root level.
  • These planters are extremely eye-catching, regardless of whether they are glazed or painted. They can also be tall planters, indoor ceramic planters or even cute planters.
  • Ceramic planters aren’t as heavy as cast stone planters but they do have more weight than other types of planters so they won’t blow away too easily or be knocked over. 
  • The thick planter walls that you’ll find with ceramic planters will protect the plants and flowers from drastic temperature changes. 
  • Glazed ceramic planters are waterproof, so you can rest easy knowing that when you water your flowers and plants, the water will stay in. 


What are the Disadvantages of using Ceramic Planters?

In addition to looking at the positive aspects of ceramic planters, it’s also important to know about the less positive aspects you might find with ceramic planters. Knowing the cons as well as the pros will help you to make the best-informed decision when choosing your ideal planter.

Here are some cons associated with ceramic planters:

  • Ceramic planters often only have one drainage area in the bottom of the pots so they might not drain as well as some other planters. 
  • Ceramic is less sturdy than some other planter materials, so it might break or chip easier than other types of planters. If you’re going to place the ceramic planters in high traffic areas, you should do so with caution.
  • If the ceramic planters will be enduring extreme temperatures, such as cold areas, you might want to choose a different material. When ceramic is exposed to extreme cold, the soil will freeze and expand, causing the ceramic to crack or break. 
  • Ceramic planters can also retain heat more than other planters. When this is the case, the result is that microorganisms are killed and the plants can be burned. 

By reviewing the advantages and disadvantages associated with ceramic planters, you can determine if this planter material is right for you or if you want to try planters made with a different material.


Cast Stone Planters

Heart Garden Planter by Outdoor Art Pros

Heart Garden Planters

Another option for planter materials is cast stone. Cast Stone Planters are heavier garden planters that are built with longevity in mind. A cast stone planter is sturdy and durable, all the while looking great with its natural aesthetics. 

Cast stone planters can be filled with flowers and plants of a wide array. These are ideal planters for your home, office, or patio landscape. When you choose a cast stone planter, these planters are best for situations where you won’t have to move them to different locations as they’re heavy in weight.


What are the Advantages of using Cast Stone Planters?

If you’re interested in cast stone planters and wondering if this type of planter material is right for you and your outdoor garden area, there are some pros you should be aware of. These are things that make cast stone planters perfect for holding your favorite plants and flowers. 

Here are some of the advantages of choosing cast stone planters:

  • When you buy cast stone planters, you can rest assured that these planters are durable and are built to last. If you want a planter that will stand the test of time, cast stone planters are it.
  • Cast stone planters use a material that is less permeable than some other planter materials which means that it keeps the water in which is better for your flowers and plants. 
  • You’ll also find that cast stone planters are excellent weather resistant items. Rain, wind, or shine, you can rest easy knowing that your planters will continue looking great and remain in excellent condition.
  • Cast stone planters are also applauded by garden enthusiasts as they won’t blow over. They are made of an extremely heavy material which helps them to stand up straight at all times. 

When you consider these advantages, you can see why cast stone planters are adored by many individuals. 


What are the Disadvantages of using Cast Stone Planters?

With every purchase decision, it’s important to not only consider the pros but also the cons of certain planters. There are a few disadvantages associated with cast stone planters that you should be aware of to help you with your buying decision.

Here are some cons of cast stone planters:

  • Since cast stone planters are made of such a heavy material, they are difficult to move too often. So, if you buy a cast stone planter, you will probably be keeping it in one place and one place only.
  • Cast stone planters do come in different color tones but they are all earthy tones. Therefore, if you’re looking for a vibrantly colored planter, cast stone planters may not be your best bet. 

If you want to have a moveable cast stone planter or one that is colorful, this type of planter might not be the right one for you. 


Which Type of Planter Should You Buy?   

When faced with the decision of whether to buy the ceramic planter or cast stone planter, you should answer a few questions first:

  • Will you be moving your planter?
  • Do you want it to be colorful or earthy in color tone?
  • Will it be placed in a high wind area?
  • Will there be drastic temperature changes?
  • How porous do you want the material to be?

By answering these questions and then comparing your answers with the planter descriptions above, you can decide whether a ceramic planter or cast stone planter is right for you.  Whichever type of planter you choose, you can rest assured that the decision will result in the purchase of a lovely, useful planter for your home or garden. 

If you want to learn more about Planters, check our Planters Collection. Or visit Outdoor Art Pros if you are looking for more home improvement decors and feel free contact us if you have any question.



Decorative Large Outdoor Planters You'll Surely Love

Beautifying your property can be accomplished in many ways. From adding lovely outdoor accessories to sprucing it up with colorful flowers and vibrant green plants, there are many methods for making your outdoor landscape look fabulous. Adding large ceramic planters to your yard or large concrete planters along your walkways are easy ways to make your property a stunning visual piece of natural art for all to see and admire. From simple, classic extra large planters to large ceramic planters with a stylish twist, you’ll find the perfect large planter pots with which to decorate your home or business.


Laguna Planter in Playa Blanca - Set of 3 large outdoor planters

Laguna Planter in Playa Blanca Set of 3

The Laguna Planter in Playa Blanca will accommodate your colorful flowers and greenery perfectly. With three different size ovoid-shaped outdoor planters included in the set, you can show off your foliage with ease.

Made of a cement and jute fiber construction, these large outdoor planters are durable, environmentally-friendly, and lovely to look at, all rolled into one outdoor planters set. The Laguna Planter set includes three outdoor planters in the following sizes: 23.25″L x 28.5″H with 13.5″ Base; 16.5″L x 20.5″H with 9.5″ Base; and 10.25″L x 13.75″H with 6.25″ Base.


Bradford Extra Large Planter large outdoor planters

Bradford Extra Large Planter

Dress up your home’s exterior with the Bradford Extra Large Planter. Extra-large planters for outside are eye-catching additions to any property. Fill this lovely planter with vibrant blooms or healthy green foliage for the finished landscape look you’ve been searching for all along.

The Bradford Extra Large Planter is made of natural clay, resin, sand, and fiberglass finish and is scratch-resistant materials. Choose from the following finish for the one that looks perfect in your yard: Ivory Lite, Charcoal Lite, Onyx Black, Riverstone Lite, Rust Lite, and Lead and Stone Grey Lite. 



Danilo Planter Set of 5 in Premium Lite large outdoor planters

Danilo Planter Set of 5 in Premium Lite

The Danilo Planter in Premium Lite includes outdoor planters of five different sizes, ranging from extra large planters to smaller planters. Featuring an eye-catching round shape, you can fill these items with a wide array of flowers and greenery. Made of natural clay, resin, sand, and fiberglass material, these planters are durable and lovely to look at as well.

With frost and UV resistant features, you can rest easy when you place these planters outdoors. The set is available in Charcoal Premium Lite and Riverstone Premium Lite colors and each set includes five planters, with one planter in each of the following sizes: 35.50″ x 30.50″ Base: 21.00″; 27.50″ x 23.50″ Base: 16.25″; 21.75″ x 18.50″ Base: 12.75″; 17.50″ x 15.00″ Base: 10.00″; and 13.75″ x 11.75″ Base: 8.25″.



Cole Planter Set of 2 large outdoor planters

Cole Planter Set of 2

The Cole Planter is made of a lovely glazed terra cotta construction and will add style to any outdoor location. If you’re searching for large planters, you’re going to adore this two-piece set which includes a large planter and smaller planter. Available in four must-have colors, including Cola, Metal Grey, White, and Riviera Blue, the only tough decision will be narrowing it down to one color. The set includes planters in the following two sizes: 20.5″ x 31″ Base: 13.25″ and 16.25″ x 24.75″ Base: 11.25″.



Hampshire Lead Lite Large Window Box Planter - Set of 3 large outdoor planters

Hampshire Lead Lite Large Window Box Planter Set of 3

The Hampshire Lead Lite Large Window Box Planter offers the classic look of window boxes in a ground-level design. Accentuate the look of your patio or dress up your driveway border with this multi-sized set. Available in a subtle and appealing Lead Lite color, any spot is a perfect place to set up your Hampshire Lead Lite Large Window Box Planter Set of 3 large outdoor planters. The set includes three planters with one in each of the following sizes: 39.5"L x 17.75"W x 17"H; 31.5"L x 15"W x 14.25"H; and 23.75"L x 10.75"W x 10"H.



Villandry Window Box large outdoor planters

Villandry Window Box

The Villandry Window Box is an excellent option when looking for extra large planters for outside. With French flair and creative design, this large outdoor planter is one to add to your landscape. Made of a fiber cement construction materials and complete with frost and UV resistant features, this standing window box is an ideal addition to your property . The Villandry Window Box planter dimensions are 39.5" x 17.75" x 19" and 40" x 18" x 21.5" once assembled.



Rioja Planter Set of 2 large outdoor planters

Rioja Planter Set of 2

When shopping for large planters products and extra large planters, look no further than the Rioja Planter. Available in two tempting colors, Cola and Indigo Rain, this terra cotta planter set will add style and flair to any home exterior. This frost resistant planter set features the following size planters: 18"D x 35.5"H and 14"D x 27"H. With a planter set so lovely, you’re going to want to order two, one for the front of your home and one for your backyard.



Ta Som Planter Set of 2 large outdoor planters

Ta Som Planter Set of 2

The Ta Som Planter features two rustic-style planters of varying sizes. If you want extra large planters or large planters, this set should be on your list. The glazed terra cotta planters are available in three appealing colors, Angkor Green Mist, Angkor Red, and Angkor, and feature one planter in each of the following sizes: 21"L x 21"W x 34"H and 13.5″L x 13.5"W x 22.75"H. These are perfect for outdoor use and are frost resistant. 


Adding large planters pot or extra-large planters products to your home’s exterior will provide you with an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to dress up your landscape and make your property the talk of the neighborhood.


If you are looking for more planter designs, check our Planter Collection.  Living in an Urban area? Find ways to accentuate your home with these Modern Planters for Your Garden without comprising your living space. At Outdoor Art Pros, we offer a wide range of products that will surely beautify your home, Contact us here if you have any question. 



17 Modern Planters to Perk Up Your Indoor and Outdoor Space

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your home, one easy way to do so is by adding lovely modern planters to it. From simple and tasteful construction to planters of a more ornate fashion, modern outdoor planters, as well as modern indoor planters, will help to take the beautification of your home to all-new levels. 

Cedros Planter - Set of 3

Cedros Planter

The Cedros Planter  is simplistic and tasteful style at its best. With three sizes included, you can display these planters next to one another or place them on different porches around your home. Choose from two eye-catching colors , Playa Noche and Playa Blanca, to select the colors that looks best with your landscape. The three planters are made of an eco-friendly cement and jute fiber material and include the following sizes: 20.5″L x 26.75″H with 11.75″ Base; 16.25″L x 21.25″H with 9″ Base; and 11.5″L x 15.5″H with 6.5″ Base.

Sandos Planter in Playa Blanca - Set of 3

Sandos Planter in Playa Blanca

The Sandos Planter in Playa Blanca offers a lovely home decor item for inside of your home or outside on the patio. The round modern planters come in three different sizes and are made of a natural fiber cement material that is frost resistant and UV resistant. Brighten up your home and add colors by placing these eye-catching planters to it and filling them with the flowers or plants of your choice. The Sandos Planter in Playa Blanca - Set of 3 includes the following sizes: 21.75"D x 21.75"H; 16.50"D x 16.50"H; and 11.75"D x 11.75"H.

Tecate Planter in Playa Blanca - Set of 2

Tecate Planter in Playa Blanca

The Tecate Planter in Playa Blanca is a modern planter set that will accommodate your favorite plants and flowers. Set up the two modern planters indoors or outside and enjoy the beautiful sights on a daily basis. The planters are made of an eco-friendly cement and jute fiber construction and have a sloping edge design that’s simple and colors visually appealing all at the same time. One planter is 20.50"D x 19.75"H and the other one is 16.25"D x 15.75"H.

Steel Tall Cube Planter - Set of 2

Steel Tall Cube Planter

The Steel Tall Cube Planter  offers a modern touch for your home. Use these modern planters indoors or outdoors, wherever they fit your property decor the best. With the extra-tall construction and drainage holes, these modern planters will accommodate your taller plants. The 1.2mm-thick steel sheet construction gives these modern planters an industrial vibe that will look great with a wide array of foliage in them, whether you decide to make them modern outdoor planters or modern indoor planters. The planter set includes a 22"L x 22"W x 35"H planter and 17.25"L x 117.25"W x 28.25"H planter.

Faccia Contemporary Small Garden Planter

Faccia Contemporary Small Garden Planter

The Faccia Contemporary Small Garden Planter offers an easy way to add style to your landscape. The 11.5"L x 11.5"W x 7"H modern planter is made of a high-density cast stone mix which provides sturdy construction. In addition, you can choose from a variety of color finishes for a quality pot that fits perfectly on your back deck.

Chenes Brut Garden Box Planter

Chenes Brut Garden Box Planter

The rustic chic Chenes Brut Garden Box Planter fits nicely in a wide array of landscape locations. You can fill this 22.5"L x 22.5"W x 22.5"H large garden planter with leafy green trees or colorful flowers. Place this modern design planter in a corner of your yard or make it the focal point of your lovely backyard garden. You’re sure to appreciate the sturdy high density cast stone construction, too.

Low Zen Medium Planter Bowl

Low Zen Medium Planter Bowl

There is so much you can do to decorate your landscape with the help of the Low Zen Medium Planter Bowl. Fill this stylish 29.25"L x 29.25"W x 8"H bowl planter with colorful blooms or give it a natural greenery touch with non-flowering plants. Plus, it's low to the ground so it won't block visual access to objects around it. This is an excellent option amongst the list of modern planters when you want a subtle pot to hold your flowers and greenery. You can also select the color finish that you like best. 

Medium Geo Planter Set of Four

Urban Mews Planter

With the Medium Geo Planter Set of Four, you can decorate the exterior of your home with a variety of pots and do so with a uniform look in mind. Choose your favorite color finish and receive four planters of the same type and size when you buy this set.

Each geo planter is 11.75"L x 11.75"W x 5.5"H so you can easily fit these planters in a wide array of spaces. The plant and flower holders are made of a fiber cement construction so they are sturdy as well as lovely to look at around your garden or greenery area.

Savoy Garden Planter

Savoy Garden Planter

The elegant Savoy Garden Planter makes dressing up your gardens and patios easy as can be. Choose your favorite color finish and let this 32.5"L x 32.5"W x 20.75"H planter add an inviting vibe to your exterior decor. As far as modern garden planters go, the Savoy Garden Planter is definitely one to add to the top of the consideration list. Made of a tough high density cast stone mix construction, you can rest easy knowing your pot is a sturdy option.

Escada Bowl Shaped Planter Set of 3

Escada Bowl Shaped Planter Set of 3

The Escada Bowl Shaped Planter Set of 3 is an ideal planter collection for gardeners who love uniformity and have plenty of succulents and flowers to display. This set includes three different sized planters of the same color finish.

You can choose the color tone that will fit nicely within your landscape and amongst your other outdoor decorative pieces. In addition, the flower and plant holders are made of a lovely, frost-resistant terra cotta material.

Rovigo Round Planter

Rovigo Round Planter

The useful and lovely Rovigo Round Planter is the ideal addition to your garden or patio when you want your flowers or plants to be the focal point of the landscape. The 22.5″D x 26″H with 12.5"D base round shape planter is subtle enough to show off your beautiful floral blooms yet exquisite enough for people to notice its stylish characteristics. The fired terra cotta construction will protect your plant and makes this outdoor decor piece a sturdy addition to your home.

I/O Series Cylinder Planters Set of 3

IO Series Cylinder Planters

The I/O Series Cylinder Planters Set of 3 will spruce up your indoor or outdoor space with ease. You can add beautiful flowers and your favorite plants to this must-have pots combo. Then sit back, relax, and wait for the compliments to come in at a fast speed.

Each of the modern garden planters sets contains a small, medium, and large plant holder. Made of a glazed terra cotta, not concrete, this product is not only lovely but sturdy as well. It's not lightweight so it won't blow away. Choose from a variety of color finishes for the one that suits your decor needs best.

Obsit Square Planter

Obsit Square Planter

The Obsit Square Planter is a set of three lovely planters in a vibrant Riviera Blue color. Each set comes complete with three planters, including a small, medium, and large size. The Obsit Square Planter set makes it easy for you to spruce up your indoor or outdoor space.

The handmade artisan pottery is constructed of a high-fired glazed terra cotta material that not only looks great but is durable as well. You can place these sleek items around your home or in your backyard garden…the choice is yours!

Foxglove Short Planter Set of 3

Foxglove Short Planter

Another option when it comes to choosing the best product from a list of modern planters is the Foxglove Short Planter Set of 3. With this set you’ll receive three generous sized planters in a natural color tone. The unique shape of each planter makes this set a must-have for garden areas as well as inside your home. The glazed terra cotta is frost-resistant so it's easy to maintain and you can place it outdoors without having to store it away during cold weather. And this product ships right to your door so it's a convenient purchase option!

Moderne Tapered Planter

Moderne Tapered Planter

The Moderne Tapered Planter is an eye-catching garden option that’s chic and stylish all rolled into one. With dimensions of 19″L x 19″W x 24″H, this large garden pot gets rave reviews and will look fabulous on your balcony or other location. Choose your favorite finish from the expansive list and find a planter color tone that works best in your chosen setting, such as by your front door. The pot is constructed of a high density cast stone mix so it’s durable and lovely at the same time.

Terrace Cube Planter

Terrace Cube Planter

For a modern garden planter that's versatile and blends in with the scenery, consider the Terrace Cube Planter. This 6″W x 6″H concrete planter comes in a variety of color finishes and will go nicely with many different decor styles. You can put your favorite flowers and plants in this handy cast stone container and brighten up your outdoor space with ease.

Best of all, the manufacturer creates this garden planter to weather naturally outdoors so it looks great and won't show peel damage. Plus, it won't crack like a plastic pot. This garden item is one you should add to your home ASAP!

Directoire Planter

Directoire Planter

The stylish Directoire Planter is a popular trend planter that will brighten up your porch or garden area, no matter where you place it. Plant a wide array of flowers in this must-have planter and make your outdoor space shine. Choose from four different sizes for the planter size that works best with your space. The Directoire Planter is made of a high density cast stone mix and weathers naturally outdoors.

Boost your Indoor and Outdoor space with these amazing planters. These modern pots and planters will definitely add colors and vibrancy to your living space. Living in an Urban area? Don't worry, choose the planters on stands. Planter on a stand will enable you to save on space and put up more plants. Already a plant parent? We offer main garden supplies planters for your plants. Also, check out the amazing flower pots of different colors and planter boxes in our Planter Collection. If you're looking for gardening tips then visit our Blog, and you'll never run out of ideas on how to decorate your home and your plants. Outdoor Art Pros also offers planter with stand, from low to high price we have a variety of designs to choose from.

Modern planters are available in so many different styles and colors that you’re bound to find more than one set that will be perfect for your design needs. Whether you want modern stand planter, indoor planters or are on the lookout for modern outdoor planters, you can choose a modern planter set that accommodates your size plants and flowers and looks great on your property. 

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Modern Planters for Your Garden

Steel Tapered Planter  by Outdoor Art Pros

If you have a garden area on your property, you might not want to have a traditional, rustic looking garden. You might not want to have the antique look to the fountains and the planters that are in the garden area. Instead, you might want to embrace the look and feel of a modern outdoor space. Of course, if you are looking to evoke the modern look in your garden, you need to have all of the right features. This includes the planters that you are using. Boring terracotta pots or antique style planters are not going to do it.

You need something more interesting that evokes a modern look for the planters, statues, water features, and any other items that you have out in the garden. When all of the items that you have to evoke a modern style, it helps to bring it all together.


Benefits of a Modern Looking Garden

Why would you want to have a modern garden? It will look different from all of the other gardens out there, for starters. Many people go the simpler route of having rustic and traditional types of planters and features in their garden. While these can look nice, they do tend to blend together somewhat. You are looking for a design that is different, something that is unique and decidedly modern.

When you have a modern garden, it looks less like a backyard and more like an art installation, which certainly adds to the aesthetic appeal of your space. It also makes your garden unique amongst all of the others that are around the neighborhood.


Designing Your Garden

Steel Cube Planter 

It can be tempting to grab some modern planters and then create the rest of your garden a bit at a time. However, you will have a better and more cohesive result when you instead take the time to plan the garden from start to finish. This will help to give you a better mental picture of what the garden will look like, and it will make it easier for you to choose all of the right planters and other materials for your garden.

Make some notes of the look and feel that you want, along with notes on the space that you have available. Consider the types of plants that you will want to grow in the garden, as well. Even the color of the plants that you plan to grow could change the type and color of the planter that you choose.

Put in some time and energy to create your modern garden plan, and then start to look for the planters and the other items that need to go into it. Just try to make sure that you have a malleable plan in place. This way, you can make changes to it as needed, and it can still work well and you can end up with a design that you love.


Tips for Choosing Modern Planters


Faccia Contemporary Garden Planter


You can find some truly impressive and artsy modern planters in our collection, and they are available in a range of sizes and materials. Some are made from steel and others from concrete, for example. There are planters that are short and squat, as well as those that are tall and slender. There are squares, rectangles, bowls, and a massive range of colors and styles. There are also a wide variety of animal planters. With all of the options, it allows you to find the ideal modern planters that help you to create the garden of your dreams.

Whether you want to have modular rectangular or square planters, urn planters, window box planters, or anything in between, you can find some beautiful modern options available. You can find options that will fit in nicely with the rest of your garden.

However, it is not just about the looks when you are choosing your planters. You also have to think about the size of the planters you are considering and make sure that they will fit well with the space that you have available. You may find that having several smaller planters, or a set of different sized planters will work better for certain areas than just having large planters, for example.


Choose Other Items for Your Modern Garden

Modern planters are just the beginning if you want to have a modern-looking garden.You also have to think about all of the other items that will go into the garden. This will include any statuary that you might want to add, the pave stones or walkways, lighting, and water features. The items that you choose should all work with one another to create a solid look for the garden. When you are choosing the planters, you will want to look at other items that will work well with them in the garden. You may also want to look at how to pair these planters with pedestals Since there are so many options, this will not limit you, but it is important that you do it before you start buying. After all, you might not want to have a haphazard collection of items that will take your garden from modern to eclectic.


Take Proper Care of Your Garden

You want your garden to keep looking great, and that means that you need to take proper care of it. You have to water the plants to help keep them in good condition, and you need to clean up around the planters and the other items that you have out there. Fortunately, this will usually only require a bit of sweeping and some raking, along with removing dead leaves and petals from plants and flowers.

One of the most important steps that you do not want to skip when you are designing a modern garden is the planters. If they do not have a modern look, they are going to seem out of place with the rest of the garden. Take your time to find quality modern planters that are the right size and that have the right look to evoke the feeling that you want in your garden. With a little time and research, you will be able to find just what you need.

Gardening by Outdoor Art Pros