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Adding outdoor decor to your home or business to spruce it up can be as easy as adding some lovely planters to the design. There are so many options for outdoor planters that you might not know which types of planters to choose. Two types of planters to explore include ceramic planters and cast stone planters. 

Both of these planter varieties have attractive features but you might find that one type of planter is better for your needs than the other, add these Modern Planters to Perk up your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces. From ceramic planters with vibrant color tones to cast stone planters of a more subtle nature, you’ll find the perfect planters to make your landscape shine. 

Ceramic Planters

Borneo Planter in Green by Outdoor Art Pros

Borneo Ceramic Planters 

Ceramic pot and planters come in many different styles, colors, and designs. You can purchase this ceramics planter in natural tones or glazed for an extra aesthetically pleasing look. Ceramics planters come in different weights however they can be lighter than some other planter materials, such as cast stone or concrete.

When you purchase ceramic pots and planters, you should know that they are more fragile than some other planters and can be scratched and chipped. With this in mind, you shouldn’t put them in a location that will see a lot of foot traffic or in a high wind area where they could blow over. 

What are the Advantages of using Ceramic Planters?

If you’re considering buying Ceramic Planters for your home, garden, or patio, you’ll find many beneficial aspects when you do so. Here are some of the pros of ceramic planters:

  • Ceramic planters are porous so they allow the plants and flowers to get air and moisture. These elements will even reach the root level.
  • These planters are extremely eye-catching, regardless of whether they are glazed or painted. They can also be tall planters, indoor ceramic planters or even cute planters.
  • Ceramic planters aren’t as heavy as cast stone planters but they do have more weight than other types of planters so they won’t blow away too easily or be knocked over. 
  • The thick planter walls that you’ll find with ceramic planters will protect the plants and flowers from drastic temperature changes. 
  • Glazed ceramic planters are waterproof, so you can rest easy knowing that when you water your flowers and plants, the water will stay in. 

What are the Disadvantages of using Ceramic Planters?

In addition to looking at the positive aspects of ceramic planters, it’s also important to know about the less positive aspects you might find with ceramic planters. Knowing the cons as well as the pros will help you to make the best-informed decision when choosing your ideal planter.

Here are some cons associated with ceramic planters:

  • Ceramic planters often only have one drainage area in the bottom of the pots so they might not drain as well as some other planters. 
  • Ceramic is less sturdy than some other planter materials, so it might break or chip easier than other types of planters. If you’re going to place the ceramic planters in high traffic areas, you should do so with caution.
  • If the ceramic planters will be enduring extreme temperatures, such as cold areas, you might want to choose a different material. When ceramic is exposed to extreme cold, the soil will freeze and expand, causing the ceramic to crack or break. 
  • Ceramic planters can also retain heat more than other planters. When this is the case, the result is that microorganisms are killed and the plants can be burned. 

By reviewing the advantages and disadvantages associated with ceramic planters, you can determine if this planter material is right for you or if you want to try planters made with a different material.

Cast Stone Planters

Heart Garden Planter by Outdoor Art Pros

Heart Garden Planters

Another option for planter materials is cast stone. Cast Stone Planters are heavier garden planters that are built with longevity in mind. A cast stone planter is sturdy and durable, all the while looking great with its natural aesthetics. 

Cast stone planters can be filled with flowers and plants of a wide array. These are ideal planters for your home, office, or patio landscape. When you choose a cast stone planter, these planters are best for situations where you won’t have to move them to different locations as they’re heavy in weight.

What are the Advantages of using Cast Stone Planters?

If you’re interested in cast stone planters and wondering if this type of planter material is right for you and your outdoor garden area, there are some pros you should be aware of. These are things that make cast stone planters perfect for holding your favorite plants and flowers. 

Here are some of the advantages of choosing cast stone planters:

  • When you buy cast stone planters, you can rest assured that these planters are durable and are built to last. If you want a planter that will stand the test of time, cast stone planters are it.
  • Cast stone planters use a material that is less permeable than some other planter materials which means that it keeps the water in which is better for your flowers and plants. 
  • You’ll also find that cast stone planters are excellent weather resistant items. Rain, wind, or shine, you can rest easy knowing that your planters will continue looking great and remain in excellent condition.
  • Cast stone planters are also applauded by garden enthusiasts as they won’t blow over. They are made of an extremely heavy material which helps them to stand up straight at all times. 

When you consider these advantages, you can see why cast stone planters are adored by many individuals. 

What are the Disadvantages of using Cast Stone Planters?

With every purchase decision, it’s important to not only consider the pros but also the cons of certain planters. There are a few disadvantages associated with cast stone planters that you should be aware of to help you with your buying decision.

Here are some cons of cast stone planters:

  • Since cast stone planters are made of such a heavy material, they are difficult to move too often. So, if you buy a cast stone planter, you will probably be keeping it in one place and one place only.
  • Cast stone planters do come in different color tones but they are all earthy tones. Therefore, if you’re looking for a vibrantly colored planter, cast stone planters may not be your best bet. 

If you want to have a moveable cast stone planter or one that is colorful, this type of planter might not be the right one for you. 

Which Type of Planter Should You Buy?   

When faced with the decision of whether to buy the ceramic planter or cast stone planter, you should answer a few questions first:

  • Will you be moving your planter?
  • Do you want it to be colorful or earthy in color tone?
  • Will it be placed in a high wind area?
  • Will there be drastic temperature changes?
  • How porous do you want the material to be?

By answering these questions and then comparing your answers with the planter descriptions above, you can decide whether a ceramic planter or cast stone planter is right for you.  Whichever type of planter you choose, you can rest assured that the decision will result in the purchase of a lovely, useful planter for your home or garden.

Wrapping Up

Both ceramic planters and cast stone planters offer unique benefits and appeal, catering to different preferences and needs. Ceramic planters exude elegance and are perfect for indoor spaces, adding a touch of sophistication to any setting. On the other hand, cast stone planters showcase durability and are well-suited for outdoor environments, withstanding various weather conditions. Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to your specific requirements, style preferences, and the intended use.

Whether you opt for the delicate charm of ceramics or the robust beauty of cast stone, both types of planters can elevate your gardening experience and contribute to the overall aesthetics of your space.

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