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 Gardening isn't just about plants. It's about creating a sanctuary where you can escape, reflect, and find solace. An integral part of this sanctuary is the humble garden bench—a place to sit, relax, and absorb the beauty around you. But where should you place this bench? The right location can elevate the entire garden experience. Let's delve into the best places for your garden bench, ensuring it becomes a focal point of relaxation and aesthetic appeal.

1. The Tranquil Shade

Why it's ideal: Every garden, especially those in warmer climates, benefits from shaded areas. These spots provide relief from the sun's intensity and can be a cool, calm place to unwind.

Tip: Look for mature trees or tall shrubs that cast a sizable shadow. Benches under pergolas or trellises draped with climbers, like roses or wisteria, offer both shade and sensory delight.

2. Overlooking a Water Feature

Why it's ideal: The sound of flowing water—be it from a fountain, pond, or stream—has a soothing quality. A bench near a water feature offers a front-row seat to nature's symphony.

Tip: Enhance the ambiance with aquatic plants or fish. Night-blooming water lilies or koi ponds can make evening sit-downs exceptionally mesmerizing.

3. The Garden's Entry or Exit

Why it's ideal: A bench near the garden's entrance or exit acts as a welcoming gesture or a final resting spot before heading indoors.

Tip: Pair the bench with aromatic plants like lavender or rosemary. As guests sit down, they're greeted by delightful fragrances, setting the tone for the garden journey.

4. Amidst a Flowering Oasis

Why it's ideal: Surrounded by blooms, a bench becomes a hotspot during flowering seasons. It's like sitting within a live painting, with colors, fragrances, and pollinators all around.

Tip: Opt for a mix of perennials and annuals. This ensures that there's always something in bloom, making the bench area vibrant throughout the year.

Westland Garden Stone Bench

5. Overlooking a Garden Vista

Why it's ideal: If your garden slopes or has a vantage point, place the bench there. It offers a panoramic view, making it a perfect spot for morning coffees or sunset musings.

Tip: Frame the vista with arches or pathways lined with plants. This directs the eye and makes the view even more picturesque.

6. Hidden Nooks and Secret Gardens

Why it's ideal: Everyone loves a secret hideaway. Tucked away benches, surrounded by dense foliage or behind privacy screens, can be personal sanctuaries.

Tip: Enhance the secretive feel with winding paths leading to the bench or using climbers to create green walls. It adds an element of surprise and intimacy.

7. Beside Edible Gardens

Why it's ideal: There's a unique joy in sitting amidst a vegetable patch, herb garden, or fruit orchard. It's not just visual delight but also the promise of homegrown produce.

Tip: Incorporate companion plants or flowering herbs. They not only ward off pests but also add to the aesthetic appeal of the edible garden bench spot.

garden bench

8. The Central Gathering Point

Why it's ideal: For larger gardens or those that frequently host guests, a central bench—or a cluster of them—becomes a communal gathering spot.

Tip: Consider benches around fire pits, bird feeders, or open lawns. They encourage conversations, bird-watching, or star-gazing, making the garden a hub of activity.


The beauty of a garden bench lies in its versatility. It's not just a seat; it's a viewpoint, a refuge, a rendezvous spot. The right placement can transform it from a mere piece of furniture to an integral part of the garden narrative.

Remember, gardens evolve. What's a sunny spot now might be shaded in a few years. Hence, it's good to occasionally reassess the bench's position. Whether you're sketching out a new garden layout or reimagining an existing one, consider the bench as not just an afterthought, but a centerpiece around which nature unfolds its story.

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