Outdoor Garden Fountains

Enhance the tranquility and beauty of your outdoor space with our stunning collection of garden fountains. Our outdoor garden fountains are the perfect addition to your garden, providing a peaceful oasis to escape the stresses of modern life. Our collection includes a wide range of outdoor water fountains that are expertly crafted to blend seamlessly into your garden space while still showcasing visually appealing designs. Whether you're looking for a small accent fountain or a large statement piece, we have the perfect water fountain outdoor for your needs. Choose from our selection of garden fountains and transform your outdoor space into a serene sanctuary.


Outdoor Garden Fountain

Medici Ellipse Garden Water Fountain

A Huge Selection of Garden Outdoor Fountains

Choosing the right fountain is a very personal endeavor. You have to consider your own sense of style and what you have already done with the garden. Even so, you will know when you have found the right one. It will jump off the page and tell you that it is perfect for your garden. Of course, we can help you too. You only need to contact us to get help with finding a fountain that suits you.

Different Fountain Designs

The garden outdoor fountains tag applies to so many different fountain designs. From multi-tiered fountains that offer a constant sound of splashing water through to elegant little fountains that tuck away nicely into a small alcove, there is sure to be something in this selection to pique your interest. Perhaps a Henri Studio Fountain will complement your garden.

Three-Tier River Fountain

Take the Three-Tier River Fountain as an example. Its gorgeous design emulates a babbling brook and will look great as a centerpiece or surrounded by flowers. The same goes for the Three-Tier Rock Tabletop Fountain, which blends into the garden beautifully while still catching the eye thanks to its elegant LED lights.

Traditional Outdoor Garden Fountains

Those who prefer the more traditional look can see that we have many fountains that mirror the work of the great fountain designers of the past. These sophisticated structures will lend a certain gravitas to your garden and are sure to impress any who happen to see them. Nothing goes better with a traditional garden water fountain than a garden bench to match.

Those with a spiritual side will enjoy the Ancient Cross Fountain, which stands as a striking testament to your faith. The more subtle among you may prefer the Angel Wall Fountain, which serves the same purpose.

These are only some of the many fountains in our selection. Whether you are looking for small or large outdoor fountains, please take some time to browse and find the fountain that is the perfect fit for your garden. We're always keen to hear your thoughts and happy to help if you can't find the right fountain for you.