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Adding a modern outdoor water fountain is one of the best decisions you can make for your garden. Outdoor fountains add beauty to your garden and enhance the all-over look. There are plenty of fountain options out there when it comes to style, size, material, and functionality. It is difficult to choose the right outdoor fountain among so many options.

Don't worry, as this article covers all the top qualities you must look for in an outdoor fountain. We are sure that you will pick the best fountains for your garden after reading this article.

Top Qualities to Look For In an Outdoor Fountain

The following are the top qualities that you should look for in an outdoor fountain when you buy one.

The Right Design

Choosing the right fountain is impossible without the right design. You should consider the all-over landscape and decide what kind of fountain would complement it. For example, you could go for a fancy rock fountain outdoors if you want it as a centerpiece. You can also go for a smaller and simpler one if you need it as an accent. So, it all depends on how you visualize things.

Similarly, if you enjoy entertainment and activity, you should think of the space that you have when you have a gathering. Many people wish to add these fountains to tone down other noises, such as traffic. Thus, the fountain design depends on how you want to take things.

Weight of the Fountain

Another essential aspect to consider is the weight of the fountain. This is something most people overlook while installing an outdoor fountain. You must keep in mind that your patio, garden (or any area you want) should support the weight of the fountain. A cast stone or concrete fountain is the heaviest option that you can go for.

However, you can also choose a fiber fountain if you are looking for something lighter. You can calculate the ideal fountain weight by calculating the per-square-foot weight. Next, divide it by the base of the fountain in inches multiplied by two. Remember, determining your fountain weight before buying it is an essential part of the process.

Overall Size

It is time to consider the size of the fountain you choose once you determine its weight. Choosing the right size of the fountain depends on certain factors. If you want it to be the focal point outdoors, go for a big one. However, if you want it to blend perfectly in the landscape, choose a smaller one. If you do not want to place your fountain in the center of the landscape, you can also go for a wall fountain you can set and hang on walls.

Focal Point

Choosing the right fountain as a focal point is essential. Pot-style fountains are ideal for your garden if you have small space to fill. Similarly, if you are looking for an accent, take a look at terrace-sized fountains that can add a flowing water element to the space while keeping the rest of the things in check. You can add thin layers of cascading water, which can appeal to the ears and eyes, so do consider it.


Fountains will splash water now and then. However, keeping them in check when you buy a fountain is very important. For instance, if you have a fountain that splashes a lot, it might wet the patio area and make it slippery.

 It can look tacky and can be potentially dangerous for nearby walkers. If you want to buy a fountain that doesn't splash much, you should choose a fountain that cascades water to the sides or creates bubbles. These cascades are ideal for an outdoor tiered fountain, which has a higher chance of splashing water.

Also, try adding restrictors to the boundaries of the fountain if you want to minimize the splash amount that the fountain produces. However, keep in mind that the amount of splash will affect the noise that the fountain creates. So, choose according to it.

Sound Check

Another important aspect of an ideal outdoor fountain is the sound it creates. If you want to tone down other noises like traffic, going for a loud fountain is great. But if you want to install a fountain in a moving space or where you could have a lot of guests, then a loud fountain might be a problem.

Thus, you should always get a sound check done before buying a fountain to avoid inconvenience later. Generally, the tiers and the distance a splash has made the noise louder. On the other hand, a fountain cascade might help produce a softer, tickling sound. People install these cascades with a dog water fountain outdoors as well, which makes it less noisy.

Clean With Care

Installing a fountain outdoors is like a long-term investment. Therefore, you must educate yourself about its maintenance when you install it. One of the easiest ways of ensuring this is a dedicated water line. The people who install your fountains will connect the fountain to this dedicated pipeline and make a concrete slab for it too. They can also help you install lights in the fountain if you wish to illuminate it during the night.

Lastly, you should choose the fountain light according to the fountain design. It might take a little more time, but it can make the fountain stand out like never before. These fountain lights are waterproof and have protective layers over them to ensure they do not malfunction due to water, making them a great addition.


In short, keeping all these qualities in mind when you buy an outdoor fountain will ensure you have a good experience with it in the long run. So, now you can buy the best outdoor fountain for your garden. You can reach to us if you have more questions regarding these outdoor fountains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering Features for Garden Enhancement with Water Fountains

When aiming to enhance a garden with a water fountain, we take into account several features:

  • Size and Scale: The fountain should complement the garden's space, not overwhelm it.
  • Style: Design elements must align with the garden's modern, traditional, or naturalistic theme.
  • Water Sound: The sound of water should be relaxing and appropriate for the environment.
  • Lighting: Strategic lighting can highlight the fountain and create ambiance at night.

Longevity of Materials in Weather-Exposed Outdoor Fountains

Materials that ensure durability for outdoor fountains include:

  • Stone: Natural resilience to weather conditions.
  • Fiberglass: Lightweight and can withstand temperature fluctuations.
  • Metal: Copper and stainless steel are robust and develop a protective patina.
  • Concrete: Known for its sturdiness and longevity in various climates.

Key Design Considerations for Outdoor Fountain Selection

Design factors are critical for selecting an outdoor fountain:

  • Visual Appeal: It should serve as a pleasing focal point.
  • Proportion: The fountain's proportions must be balanced with its surroundings.
  • Theme Consistency: The fountain should reflect the garden's style, whether modern or rustic.

Variation in Maintenance Needs Across Outdoor Fountains

Different fountains have varying maintenance requirements:

  • Pond Fountains: Regular cleaning to prevent algae.
  • Wall Fountains: Inspection of the wall support and water supply.
  • Solar-Powered Fountains: Occasional checks on solar panels and batteries.

Importance of Water Flow and Pump Quality in Fountain Performance

Water flow and pump quality are crucial:

  • Consistent Flow: Ensures an uninterrupted water feature.
  • Adequate Power: The pump must be powerful enough to handle the desired water volume.
  • Quality: High-quality pumps are less likely to fail and require less frequent replacement.

Energy Efficiency Options for Outdoor Water Fountains

To optimize energy use in outdoor fountains, we consider:

  • Solar Power: Solar panels are utilized to run the pumps.
  • LED Lighting: Energy-saving and long-lasting illumination.
  • Auto-Timers: Automated schedules to run the fountain only during desired times.
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