Modern Water Fountains

There is nothing as soothing as the sound of flowing water. Adding a fountain to your garden can transform the entire landscape and make it more interesting to both you and your visitors. Garden water fountains will attract birds and your garden will be filled with sounds. It is a magical experience that will make every morning very enjoyable.

Modern water fountains add an air of sophistication to a garden. They are contemporary and the sleek design will make them the centerpiece of the landscape. Their bold designs will draw attention and your surroundings will look more unique and one of a kind.

Modern landscapes do need beautiful fountains in order to make the entire design feel more complete and polished. The clean fountain design will be perfect for every minimalist garden, but it can bring out the best from every landscape. You can really let your personal style lead the way when it comes to modern water fountains because there are so many amazing designs to choose from.



Materials are quite important when it comes to choosing your modern water fountain. The right fit depends on both design and the construction of the fountain. So let's see some of the most common materials used for making them:

Stone: This is a durable material which is suitable for almost every garden. It includes marble, rock, granite, etc. What makes stone so special is the fact that it will not show any signs of wear for years to come. Stone is often used for modern water fountains because it corresponds well to the idea of an elegant and clean design. Keep in mind that this is a very heavy material so you might need some help with installing the fountain in your garden.

Copper: What makes copper stand out is the patina that appears over time. This is a beautiful detail that will give your garden a lot of character. On the other hand, you have to be really careful with this material because it can get damaged easily. Scratches and dents will be noticeable. Luckily, copper is often combined with stone so your modern water fountain will only have a couple of copper details, or simply be coated with it.

Ceramic: Ceramic can often be seen in modern water fountains. It is a versatile material which comes in various colors. It is super durable and rarely shows any signs of use. Modern water fountains that have ceramic details are sophisticated and classic. It is used for making the fountain sound more soothing and pleasant to the ears.

Resin: Resin is very interesting because it has a capability of mimicking various materials. It is a budget-friendly option so you will be able to get a gorgeous modern water fountain for just a fraction of a price. It is also very durable and will look brand new for years. Plus, it is quite easy to clean and scratches will not be a huge problem because they can be removed quickly.

Modern Outdoor Fountains

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