Boy Following Dog Across Log Brass Baron Outdoor Statue

Outdoor Art Pieces for the Dog Lover

dog statues
Whether you want something for yourself or are trying to find outdoor art pieces for the dog lover in your life, this guide is sure to help you find what you're looking for!
Sussex Wall Outdoor Water Fountain

How to Plant Around Your Outdoor Water Feature

outdoor water features
Wondering how to plant around your outdoor water feature? Here are some tips & tricks for those ready to exaggerate the beauty of an outdoor water feature and embrace the grace of nature!
Williamsburg Grand Pinecone Modern Statue

How to Set Up Your Modern Garden Statues

modern garden statues
Modern garden statues are a versatile and stylish addition to any outdoor space. With careful selection and placement, they can enhance the beauty and character of your garden for years to come.
outdoor garden fountain

A Complete Guide in Choosing the Best Fountain Accessories

fountain accessories
What fountain accessories do you need to keep your fountain clean and running smoothly? Find our best picks to maintain and decorate your outdoor fountain.
Mill Valley Garden Planter

How to Set-up Your Garden Like Ancient Japanese Royalty

ancient japanese royalty garden
Learn the features and design concepts behind ancient Japanese royalty gardens and how to transform your yard space into a Zen masterpiece for meditation or relaxation.
Fairfield Urn Garden Planter

How to Perfectly Pair Planters and Pedestals

pedestal planters
Here's how to perfectly pair planters and pedestals to turn your yard décor from average to elegant! Pedestals paired correctly with the right planters look lush and appealing.
Venus Outdoor Fountain in Grando Pool

Top 5 Cherub Fountains for Your Garden

cherub fountains
Cherub fountains are a unique way to bring charm and whimsy to your outdoor space. Here are our top 5 cherub fountains for your garden -from elegant tiered designs to playful statues!
Oslo Birdbath Fountain

5 Reasons Why Birdbath Fountains Are a Must-Have for Your Garden

bird bath fountains
Bird bath fountains are not just a beautiful addition to your garden, but they also provide numerous benefits for birds and other wildlife. Here are five reasons why you should consider adding a birdbath fountain to your garden.
Green Leafed Outdoor Plant

The Right Way to Bring Your Outdoor Plants Inside for Winter

bring your outdoor plants inside for winter
Learn how to transition your outdoor plants to indoors during the winter, you should never have any problems in the future making sure your favorite plant stays healthy all year round!
garden bird bath

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Space On A Budget

outdoor living space ideas on a budget
Check out these super cool ways to decorate your outdoor space on a budget. Our picks for budget-friendly hammocks, outdoor fireplaces,  water fountains, canvas art, furniture, and more for your outdoor space.
St. Louis Garden Planter

How to Start a Container Garden in Your Backyard

container gardening
Starting a container garden in your backyard is a great way to enjoy fresh produce without having to leave your home. Whether you have limited space or just want to try your hand at gardening, container gardening is a practical and rewarding hobby.
modern garden planters

Tips in Choosing the Best Modern Garden Planters

modern garden planters
We know the importance of choosing the right planter to cater to your outdoor living space. Here are the top tips on choosing the best modern garden planters to spruce up your garden!