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Learning how to perfectly pair planters and pedestals can help you to turn your yard décor from average to elegant.  Pedestals paired correctly with the right planter look lush and appealing.  Pedestals help you to accent your plants in a manner that naturally blends in with your yard.  It can take a significant investment if you are trying to figure out the best planter - a pedestal combination without any previous experience.  Consider these five items prior to making your final decision.

Traditional vs. Modern Styling

The first thing to consider is what your overall décor direction is going to be.  Traditional pedestals offer a more ornamental and elegant look. Traditionally an urn is paired with a formal pedestal.  You can visualize Victorian Europe with all of its intricacies.  These pedestals can give your yard a Gatsby-style appeal that may be exactly what you are looking for.

Palais Arabesque Urn Garden Planter on a Pedestal

Palais Arabesque Urn Garden Planter on a Pedestal

You should take your time to match your planter and pedestal perfectly.  You may want to see if there is a planter that complements your pedestal's styling.  For example, if you have a modern style pedestal, you would want an over the top planter. Instead, you should consider a modern planter that displays crisp clean lines.  This will match your décor more seamlessly.

Overall Height

You should consider the type of plant you are growing to place in your planter. This can help you to decide the height you require.  You don't want a pedestal that is too high or you will miss the keen details of your décor combination. Alternately, if your planter is too low, it will lose some of its lusters.  If you are growing tall plants you should go with a low pedestal whereas, if you are growing vines or other hanging plants, you should go with a tall pedestal to showcase the plants.

Balance and Dimensions

Remember, the larger the planter, the wider the base of the pedestal will need to be to accommodate it.  You should never place a planter on top of a pedestal that is too small. This can cause your planter to tip and fall.  This can cause damage to your plants, planters, and possible bystanders such as small pets, in the area.  

Jensen Urn Garden Planter with Barnett Garden Pedestal

Jensen Urn Garden Planter with Barnett Garden Pedestal

It can be helpful to make notes of the ideal height and width of your desired pedestal. Always reference these sections prior to making an online purchase.  You should never just guess or hope that your planter fits.  Instead, take the time to ensure your investment is properly made into the correct items.

Rustic or Smooth Textures

Most planters and pedestals are made from cast stone.  Cast stone is the perfect material for outdoor use because it looks natural and it can handle harsh weather without showing signs of wear or tear longer than other materials.  Cast stone can be finished in a variety of ways such as rustic or smooth.  Rustic textures can add a certain level elegance to your garden and depending on your current décor, rustic may be the right choice.  Smooth finishes generally look better on modern designs because of their crisp lines and styling.

Rustic Martini Urn Garden Planter With Pedestal

Rustic Martini Urn Garden Planter With Pedestal

Round or Square Shapes

You must consider the shape of your pedestal as well.  In most cases, pedestals come in either square or round shapes.  If you already have some form of columns or pedestals in your garden you should try to match their design.  You can place a planter on a round or square pedestal as long as the pedestal is wide enough to prevent the planter’s base from overhanging.   Both of these options can look clean if done properly, just be sure that you pre-measured before placing your order.  

Wilton Urn Garden Planter on Barnett Garden Pedestal

Wilton Urn Garden Planter on Barnett Garden Pedestal

Themed Pedestals / Planters

Utilizing a themed pedestal, planter combo can be one of the best ways to ensure you the results you desire.  While themed combos can be a bit pricier, they do offer a unique décor opportunity.  Themed pedestals and planters can help you to narrow your décor down to a specific theme such as flowers, angels, fish, or ancients. You can even place a matching bird statue next to it to give it the ultimate compliment. 

The Beauty of Planters with Pedestals

Pedestal planters are a stylish and functional way to display plants and flowers in your garden or outdoor space. These planters are elevated off the ground on a pedestal, which not only adds height and visual interest but also helps to keep plants out of reach of pets and children. Outdoor pedestal planters come in a variety of materials, including stone, concrete, and metal, and can be found in a range of styles to suit any aesthetic. They are a great way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outdoor decor while showcasing your favorite plants and flowers.

Now that you know the professional secrets to perfectly pairing your pedestals and planters, your neighbors are going to swear you hired a professional designer. Transform your yard or garden into the ultimate relaxation zone and have fun expressing your new found yard décor skills.  Just remember, planters and pedestals are a small but critically important part of creating your outdoor masterpiece. Don't forget to read our section on how to give winter care for your cast stone planters in order to make sure they stay looking good year round.

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