Alpine Corporation

Alpine Corporation is one of the largest garden manufacturers, distributors, and importers of garden décor in the US. The company is committed to offering only the highest value garden décor in the industry. The multifaced approach has allowed Alpine Corporation to have one of the biggest assortments of garden décor in the industry. The corporation offers world-class products with a guarantee. Offering both the highest standards in the industry with competitive prices makes Alpine Corporation a mainstay in the garden décor industry. As a true industry leader, the Alpine Corporation has all the garden décor needs to match any outdoor setting.


The Alpine Corporation was founded in 1999 and since that time has amassed a reputation. The corporation has an award-winning interior design team and full interior design service. These trained professionals are proven to liven any outdoor space. The Alpine Corporation has every innovative high-tech garden features available. They offer their very own hand-crafted solar garden stakes with advanced fiber optics technology. The Alpine Corporation also offers rare glow in the dark bird bath feeders. As a distributor, the corporation provides timely shipping and no request is too big. The Alpine Corperation can satisfy all your garden needs no matter what size project.