Fiore Stone Inc

Fiore Stone Water Features

Fiore Stone water features is a highly-respected family brand full of tradition and quality products. There's a refined elegance in all the water features that Fiore Stone Inc. produces that continues to keep its value and appeal with customers. The water fountains are produced by Alfaro Bracci who continues to carry the family legacy. This water fountains manufacture has kept up with the latest trends from around the globe. The family has European origins, but their water features are made right here in America.

The Bracci family arrived in the United States from Italy.  The newly established family continued their timeless tradition in America by establishing the Fiore Stone fountain company. This family enhanced the quality of their products of the years and now they produce some of the most quality water fountains the world has to offer. The company later evolved into Al's Garden Art brand being created in southern California. The legacy continues as the fountains keep provided luxury garden décor for Southern California residents. The mix of durability and luxury pieces continues to impress. This company is now Fiore Stone Inc after the founder Al handed the business down to his children who continued this lifelong legacy as Fiore Stone Inc.

The tradition of Fiore Stone Inc is truly a continuation of Al's legacy. Fiore Stone offers some of the finest Tuscan feel you'll get out of water feature. The company continues to innovate from their cultural background to produce stunning water features. The traditional Tuscan design has been around since ancient times and as a classic. These units continue to be a part of outdoor gardening in and out of Italy. The company decided to expand its inventory by adding stunning new water features periodically to their catalog.


Fiore Stone Classic Designs

Classical design continues to make noise as the style of these classics has spread around the world. The design still proves to be an example of excellence and elegance. By providing their new designs with a classic touch, these units continue to sell well. The Tuscan art of creating mesmerizing water features continues to be in high demand.  iThese units will impress any guest that come visit. This region of Italy is famous for garden design. This fame that makes products from the area more expensive but of high quality. These timeless designs can be a part of your décor thanks to Fiore Stone Inc.

Fiore Stone Handmade Features

Every handmade Fiore Stone water feature is made to the highest standards the industry has to offer. Fiore Stone as a company has committed to producing only quality fountain. This technique becomes a huge selling point when water features are handmade. The quality a handmade fountain brings to your garden décor is outstanding. This piece will impress any guests enough to get a response. They will know the piece was handmade and immediately acknowledge its value. The imagination required to produce a handmade fountain always shows that you're willing to step above the rest. This shows the level of artistic design Fiore utilizes when compared to the competition.

Fiore Stone Quality Units

Fiore Stone is the best company for producing fountains out of durable materials. These water features are timeless units that can be counted on to last. The elegance of all the materials combined is fantastic. The cut stone the company uses is the best quality to be had in the industry. The pieces are manufactured with all quality materials and only the finest construction methods are used. The units have been known for the durability and the company has made multiple designs that are proven to even outlast the homes the sit in. The resale of Fiore Stone Inc water features shows the durability and quality.

Fiore Stone Customer Service

Fiore Stone has been around for a long time and has built an impressive book of business. This company has an established business with years of history and continues to offer the best service available in the water feature industry. The company is always available to assist with any water feature needs. The quality team of professionals are out the entire fountain picking process and continue to extend this service to everyone who contacts the company. The complete catalog the company provides has all the Fiore Stone Inc products available.  The public continues to have access to this most prestigious catalog of fountains.

Fiore Stone Delivery Service

The delivery team is professional to the core and continues to make the most of every delivery. The packages get there without damage and this makes for a great product. The delivery process also included installation on large fountains. This full shipping and installation process ensures the product works upon arrival. This level of dedication shows the commitment the company must getting every unit properly placed and working. The mixture of customer service and delivery shipping makes this company better than the competition.