Canvas Art

This collection features outdoor wall art pictures that bring color and character to your outdoor living space. Just like you decorate the inner walls of your home with photographs and paintings, you can now decorate the outer walls and your patio, too. Our extensive collection of canvas wall art has hundreds of different of paintings, photos, and artworks that will look great on walls of different colors. If you love some of them so much that you want to incorporate them into your home's interior – and you most certainly will – you can do that, as well. What is a more perfect way to add that pop of color and creative feel to your outdoor living space than with a beautiful canvas print. All of our outdoor art are printed on waterproof canvas that will not run or fade due to rain or humidity. They are also UV protected so heat and sun will not weather or fade the image.


Made for Outdoor Use, Perfect for Indoor Use
These pieces of canvas art are intended for both outdoor and indoor use, but in order to preserve their original form in different weather conditions, special techniques have been utilized. All artworks are printed on a special water resistant canvas, ensuring that the colors don't run or fade due to exposure to rain and humidity. Furthermore, all paintings have a layer of UV-resistant coating that prevents the colors from fading as a consequence of direct contact with the sunrays and dry, warm air.

All works of art are reproduced using the so-called giclée technique. This means they're printed using high-quality inkjet devices that preserve the color fidelity and fine details in artworks. The canvas is wrapped around a strong stretcher bar that's about 1.5 inches thick. Every piece comes with all the hardware you need in order to immediately hang the artwork on the wall. They are easily dusted and cleaned with non-abrasive materials, a cloth, or a gentle brush for tinier specks of dust.

Something for Everyone
Based on the themes depicted in the artworks, our canvas art collection is divided into nine main categories: Beach, Building and Structures, Flower, Four Seasons, Landscape, Rivers and Streams, Tree, Wilderness, and Wildlife. This helps you navigate the category more conveniently as there hundreds of different artworks in it, including some gorgeous modern-looking works of pop art.

Our customers most frequently opt for vibrant designs that incorporate floral and architectural motifs. Different color schemes, techniques, and various scenes these pieces convey ensure that everyone will find something that best represents their personal style and aesthetic. There's so much choice here that you'll want to get at least a few of these artworks. You can go for artworks that are straightforward and serious or some of the more humorous and scintillating pieces.

All individual artworks are priced approximately the same, so the price shouldn't be a concern. Take a good look at our vast collection of outdoor art to find the pieces that will add just the right amount of style and coziness to your patio.

Canvas Art

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