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Showing 1 - 24 of 519 products
Doppia Fountain - Outdoor Art ProsDoppia Fountain
Giannini Garden Doppia Fountain
Sale price$1,822.00
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Montefalco Three Tier Pond Fountain - Outdoor Art ProsMontefalco Three Tier Pond Fountain
Giannini Garden Montefalco Three Tier Pond Fountain
Sale price$4,770.00 Regular price$4,814.00
Deco Wall Fountain - Outdoor Art ProsDeco Wall Fountain
Giannini Garden Deco Wall Fountain
Sale price$2,857.00
Save 21%
Tiberina Pond Outdoor Water FountainTiberina Pond Outdoor Water Fountain
Giannini Garden Tiberina Pond Outdoor Water Fountain
Sale price$2,547.00 Regular price$3,209.00
Brentwood Fountain - Outdoor Art ProsBrentwood Fountain
Giannini Garden Brentwood Fountain
Sale price$3,686.00
Penta Wall Fountain - Outdoor Art ProsPenta Wall Fountain
Grand Venasque Wall Fountain - Outdoor Art ProsGrand Venasque Wall Fountain
Save 13%
Tribus Wall Outdoor Water Fountain - Outdoor Art ProsTribus Wall Outdoor Water Fountain
Giannini Garden Tribus Wall Outdoor Water Fountain
Sale price$2,088.00 Regular price$2,408.00
Save 14%
Regina Three Tier FountainRegina Three Tier Fountain
Giannini Garden Regina Three Tier Fountain
Sale price$2,021.00 Regular price$2,354.00
Diesse Fountain with Side Spillways - Outdoor Art ProsDiesse Fountain with Side Spillways - Outdoor Art ProsDiesse Fountain with Side Spillways - Outdoor Art Pros
Save 5%
Catalina Pond Fountain - Outdoor Art ProsCatalina Pond Fountain
Giannini Garden Catalina Pond Fountain
Sale price$3,553.00 Regular price$3,744.00
Tapered Zen Fountain - Outdoor Art ProsTapered Zen Fountain with Bowl on Pedestal
Save 1%
Tre Rame Fountain - Outdoor Art ProsTre Rame Fountain
Giannini Garden Tre Rame Fountain
Sale price$2,268.00 Regular price$2,288.00
Anduze Carre Fountain with Square Pond - Outdoor Art ProsAnduze Carre Fountain with Square Pond
Montefalco Three Tier Fountain - Outdoor Art ProsMontefalco Three Tier Fountain
Acquarossa Three Tier FountainGiannini Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Chelsea Garden Outdoor Water FountainChelsea Garden Outdoor Water Fountain
Garda Three Tier Pond FountainGarda Three Tier Pond Fountain
Gardenia Two Tier Pond FountainGiannini Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Versailles Garden Two Tier Pond FountainGiannini Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Two Tier Fountain With BallTwo Tier Fountain With Ball
Three Tier Fountain With BallThree Tier Fountain With Ball
Etruria Urn FountainEtruria Urn Fountain
Etruria Urn Short FountainEtruria Urn Short Fountain

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Garden Water Fountains - Giannini Garden Professionalism

The company specializes in luxury fountains and services to accommodate its fountains. The trained team of professionals will guide the client through the entire process of acquiring the water fountain. The creativity behind these water feature comes from the artistic minds behind the design. The staff works hard to produce a good amount of luxury water fountains. The warehouse holds up to 900 fully assembled fountains. The company continues to expand its selection by consistently manufacturing new models. This extensive catalog will impress any gardening enthusiast.

Gianni Garden Ornaments was founded by Mario and Piera Giannini. The company produces multiple water feature product beside fountains. They offer pedestal and planters. The firm produces garden ornaments needed to increase your garden appeal. The company’s professionalism is dedicated to ensuring the customer receives an elegant water feature. The manufacturer has gained national recognition and spread throughout the U.S. This has made the company one of the most recognized brands in the luxury fountain industry.

Quality Water Fountain Features

The internet is full of low brand fountains but this not the case with Giannini fountains. The manufacturer is dedicated to the luxury side of the industry. They also provide the hand finished designs that are a rarity to come across in todays market. Designing your own fountain is within reach with Giannini Garden Ornaments. Additionally, all units have a quality inspection to ensure their lengthy life spans. These fountains are high quality and still within reach of the average shopper. These give every outdoor space the opportunity to maximize its potential.

More Selections of Giannini Garden Fountains

Over the last decade, the company amazed its clients with an impressive water feature collection to showcase. The manufacturer uses the best materials to make their fountains and other products. This dedication to excellence separates their collection. There are a lot of art pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Their endless selection makes a lasting impression. The custom designs are true garden inspiration.. The market for garden ornaments is competitive but it’s good to know a reliable company such a Giannini is available and affordable.

More Giannini Garden Ornament Options

Gianni Garden Ornaments offers a variety of another garden ornaments in addition to their world-renowned fountains. The abundance in choice shows in their catalog. Here you find pedestals and platers alongside fountains. Gianni Garden Ornaments is committed to excellence. Notably, their potters are a popular piece with customers. Garden ornaments of all types can be found in their catalog. This selection showcases the company’s commitment to the industry. The more option you have the better you can make the right decision for your garden.

America Made Water Fountains

Giannini Garden Ornament is headquartered in San Francisco’s southside and continues to produce a high volume using local workers. Most units are manufactured onsite and continue to be sold in volume in the local vicinity of this company. Giannini Garden Ornaments offers American made luxury fountains to the public. The company is growing its reputation. Today, the brand has grown to international status. The impressive portfolio the company established lets clients know that they have found a trusted water feature manufacture.

European Inspired Water Fountains

The Italian gardening scene has been active since ancient times and continues to impress with both new and classic designs. The manufacturer has brought this inspiration to California and now produces an evolved form of the family tradition. They still offer traditional Tuscan water fountains alongside other Italian garden classics. These themes are well established and has always inspired relaxation in the outdoor space. These European styles spread globally and help for fantastic fusions in the gardening industry.

Giannini Garden Ornaments

Gianni Garden Ornaments has established a brand that continues to accommodate their customer with the exact piece they need. The brand is affordable for everybody and garden enthusiast will find the catalog and services reasonable for the rate. Giannini Garden Ornaments is the premier manufacturer and distributer in the San Francisco area. This manufacturer offers the best quality outdoor fountains and they have the catalog that s sure to hold your fountain desires. Make the best choice for your outdoor living space and contact Giannini Garden Ornaments today.