Hammock Chairs

When the weather is nice, there's no reason to spend your free time inside your house. Our collection of hammock chairs has everything you need in order to turn your backyard or patio into a vacationing spot. They can become your little outdoor spaces for relaxation and some fulfilling "me" time.

Summer is the time to get out, soak up the sun, enjoy a refreshing drink, have your friends over for a chat, or curl up with your favorite book.The possibilities are truly endless: however you decide to spend quality time in the warm weather, our selection of hammock-style chairs has got you covered.


Take Your Hammock Chair Anywhere
Bliss is a manufacturer known for high-quality rope hammocks of all sizes. Several classic models of their rope hammock chairs are available in our store. These are designed to be used by one person at a time, so they're ideal for spending some alone time, relaxing, and chilling out. They require no assembly and are so compact that you can carry them with you on your field or hiking trips and have a comfortable seating wherever you are.

As their name suggests, rope hammocks are made of strong, reinforced ropes that help support the weight of the chair. Wood spreaders are used to spread the weight evenly and ensure stability of the hammock. Here you'll find models that are completely hand-woven, as well as those that utilize foam cushions. The cushions are made of high-quality polyester that helps preserve their original color when exposed direct sunlight. You can tie them to a tree, a post, or a stand of your choosing.

Share the Fun with a Double Swing
Our collection of hammock chairs also includes select models of double swings made by Hateras. Each of them features a unique design and color scheme, allowing you to choose the one you like the most. These comfortable pieces of outdoor furniture are cushioned and will look great wherever you decide to put them – in your backyard, on your patio, or on your balcony.

The Hateras double swing chairs look and feel like chic and stylish furnishings that just happen to be floating on air. They fit at least two people and are perfect for chilling out with a friend or spending a romantic evening with your other half. There are hooks on both sides of the swing, so you'll need two trees or sturdy posts to tie them to. Alternatively, you can buy a gorgeous looking wooden frame designed especially for them. Take a look at our collection and build a cozy hideaway in your own yard.