Henri Studios

Henri Studios

Henri Studios knows how to provide quality fountains and the companies have 50 yrs. of experience to prove it. This experience has led Henri Studio water features to be world-renowned as one of the premier water fountain manufacturers in the world. This world-recognized company has the finest craftsmanship in the industry. All the water feature carry their artistic design and style. The commitment Henri Studio takes to make these wonderful works of art shows.

High standards have made Henry Studio a reliable company in the water feature industry. The company has done a fantastic job of spreading its brand around the globe. The fountains are a respective piece of art and can bring life to your home. Turn your outdoor living space into a Zen center for you and your guests. The idea is endless but you'll know for sure that a Henri Studio Fountain will enhance the experience in your garden.


Industry Leader

Henri Studios have taken the lead in a very completive industry and produce quality water features. In the entire history of the company, only superior units have made their catalog. The selection offered by Henri Studio is magnificent. The catalog has a history with the company and every addition is like a piece of art that has been added to the catalog. Over the years the company has tried to keep modern products along with their classic designs. The company’s savviness has made it an industry leader. They will continue to manufacture quality pieces and offer them to the public for many more decades to come.

Original Designs

Henri Studio’s catalog has evolved over the decades and this showcases in the company’s artistic styling. This manufacturer truly creates some of the most impressive water fountains available. The competition offers low-cost units that sacrifice quality. This has allowed Henri Studios to corner the luxury market. They take every design they’ve hand finished and put in their extensive catalog. The manufacturer constantly introduces new styles of water features to their already impressive supply.

The longevity of the company has helped them perfect their craft and since the beginning, they only produced top-notch the fountains. Now the company has one of the most extensive catalogs and continues to offer customer custom work. The manufacturer has made thousands of pieces that can match your outdoor décor. This makes the company unique it has separated itself from the competition. Henri Studio is another example of a well-run company that continues to produce results by providing fantastic water features.

Hand Poured

This company continues to make handcrafted water features that increase the durability and value of your home. The generations of handcrafted items produced by the company have become the staple of their ever-expanding portfolio. The ancient way of crafting water fountains continues to this very day and it still produces high-end units. This has separated the company from the rest of the pack. Henri Studio’s commitment to tradition has allowed it to maintain. A handcrafted water feature will always stick out and impress guests when they visit.


The products Henri Studio produces are durable and reliable. The fountains provide homeowners with a great blend of the durable product with class. The mixture of these things has helped Henri Studios to continue to scale up the company. Works of art like this are worth the wait. When purchasing a Henri Studio water fountain rest assured in knowing you getting a valued item. The unit with proper maintenance will last a lifetime.

Henri Studios has a reliable reputation when it comes to the water features and when searching for one to add to your home, its a great place to start. You have access to a catalog with some of the best stock available and for a fair price. The designs of these fountains is meant to outlast the owner and that’s good to know if durability is a priority. The huge selection of handmade finishes is a testament to lasting products and can quickly turn into the centerpiece of the garden for years to come.

Henri Studio

The longevity of Henri Studios shows how dedicated they are to producing quality for their customers. When looking for your very own water feature, make sure to contact the dedicated staff at Henri Studios to manage the search process. The extensive catalog has a design or style ready to make its way into your yard. Remember, the company also offers the customer features if you don't find the dream fountain in their catalog. You always have the option of making your own and get personal with your fountain to make the best option possible for your décor.