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Styles of Modern Garden Statues

The popularity of garden statues has lasted the test of time. Modern works have flourished in an established industry like outdoor and indoor statuary. The high demand in statues can be credited to a variety of factors. Whether it be religious or just show art, modern statues will synchronize well into your décor setup. Famous statues that are considered works of art, where at one time considered controversial. Today’s statues will stake their claim in the prestigious statuary industry.

More Styles of Modern Statues

In these modern times, the statuary industry has seen exposure from all over the world. The contribution from all these ancient cultures has led to a fusion of ideas and a bountiful variety of combinations to explore. Regardless of style or design the modern statues offered are fantastic. The abundance of new décor is constantly pouring in. Modern statues have a wide selection of genres to go over. Beneath will discuss some of the highly demanded styles and designs.

Modern Garden Animal Statues

Animals statues are one of the original styles of statues ever produced. In the ancient world, animal statues were frequent in every culture known. In modern times the animal genre continues to be a garden statuary favorite. The natural look of animals in the garden scenery is a perfect fit. The modern statues we offer have a fantastic appeal to go with any organic looking outdoor space. Often animal design is seen with spiritual purposes. The statues are often animals in human poses of relaxation.

In modern times, animal statues continue to prove an outstanding service. Besides looking amazing as outdoor décor. Some statues can be used as a deterrent against pest and other invasive critters. The best example is the owl statue. This statue is a classic and outdoor centerpiece. For centuries owl statues have served to scare off animals known to be hunted by owls. Even in modern times, the owl continues to be popular a useful.

Modern People Statues

Modern People statues are another original styles and design of statuary that's lasted the ages. Since before writing people statues have been present. Some of the most expensive and respected pieces of art in the world are people statues. Some of the finest gardens in the world are adorned with people statues. If class and elegance is your aim when choosing décor for the outdoor garden, a modern statue can offer flare.

Modern people statues have long been an evolved version of classics. Their masterpieces already declared in modern times. The art world is constantly scouting the design of these statues in the garden and interior of designers. There many poses that offer a different emotion to portray. If you’re looking to express a certain feeling, find a modern piece to make a statement.

Modern Mythical Statues

These can be categorized into more of holiday theme. It’s in these times of the year you begin to see more mythic or folkloric statues. Christmas adornment on the house is an example of the mythical statue genre. The story of Christmas is mythical, and many homes look to replicate the magical experience. There other holidays that express modern statues mythical designs. However, these statues are not exclusive to just holidays. There many mythical themed statues that become a permanent part of garden décor.

Modern Garden Statues

Modern statues have become an option in every style and design available. The modern art pushes the boundaries to where innovation can be expressed in the home. There are no modern statues alike, this allows for the diversity in garden experience everyone's trying to achieve. The uniqueness of your garden will show. These modern pieces offers this peace mind compared to classics pieces. You'll impress your guest with one of our well-placed and unique designs.

Modern Religious Statuary

Modern religious statues are a genre that’s constantly evolving to show off new designs and style. The material used in religious statues is usually of the expensive variety. The Catholic Church has long been a purchaser of these statues. The modern version may look like the traditional version but the difference shows. Expensive pieces like porcelain are an option with religious statues. The variety of saints alone allows for the imagination of reworks of classics designs.

Outdoor Art Pros Modern Statuary

The expression of art through statues will continue to grow into the future. The innovation allowed for expression in this industry and it continues to push the frontier of garden statuary. Outdoor Art Pros has a wide variety of modern statues pieces in our catalog. Our dedicated staff of professionals will assist you through the process of selecting your modern outdoor masterpiece.