Campania International

Campania International is a premier company offering water features in the North America market. The company has been around for over 20 years and they continue to produce quality water features. Campania International opened its doors in 1983 and has been successful ever since. The water fountains offered by the company are unique and show a commitment to excellence. The company is a water feature manufacture that continues to innovate its product. This manufacturer has become a world-renowned brand because of its dedication. Today, they continues it to produce a quality product for both the U.S.A. and Canada.


Campania International Professionalism

Campania International offers quality product and service. The professionalism Campania displays won't be matched by competitors. This company rises above the rest to produce the most stunning water features available on the market. They have by far the most extensive catalog in the industry and their qualified team of professionals can assist you through the process of purchasing your dream water fountain. The company has a fantastic list of achievements and continues to add more lavish items to their extensive catalog. The innovation of water features continues to propel the company into the next generation of water fountains. 

Water features have been a part of a garden since ancient times. Campania as a company has carried over traditional water feature styling while working on newer designs. The company has done a fantastic job of capturing the artistic flow of gardening accessories. All the best features manage to make their way to the customer's hands and increase the appeal of gardens in the U.S.A and Canada. The companies unique and modern designs along with classic features keeps the company increasing in size. 

Campania International - Quality and Durability

Campania International produces top of the line and durable water feature that continue to perform. All products are inspected before being delivered to customers. This ensures that all water feature perform upon installation. The best materials are used in the manufacturing process, this increases the longevity of the water fountains. The best water fountains last the test of time and this manufacture only produced time tested pieces. The price of Campania’s water features are comparable to the competition but still offers a superior product. There is security in knowing that your water feature will work and last is a true piece of mind.

More Selection

The outstanding selection Campania International provides is a true testament to craftsmanship and artistic imagination. There are a variety of fountains to choose from whether you desire multitier or single tier fountains. They also offer a plethoria of handy accessories. The company provides potters, pedestals, and plant risers. The products come in multiple finishes which are needed. This will help you align your décor with your fountain in the right way.

More Options

The bonus of choosing this company is the outright volume of the additional pieces that can be added to the décor and the fountain itself. This improves the appeal of your garden décor drastically. The match of a pedestal or plant riser to the piece in combination showscases consistency in the theme of your garden. These added features increase the value of your garden and help your planning go to the next level.

Campania International - American Made

Campania International produces its product in the same market it sells the units in. The North American market makes the bulk of sale of water fountains for the company. The company is based in Pennsylvania and manufactures within the state. Campania International is global and can send its product across the world. Even though North America is the man sale sector, the company has contacts globally. They continue to produce at a high standard and make amazing products that are elegant and durable.

Campania International - Pacifica Collection

The Pacific collection by Campania International feeatures customs made piece that comes from there European office. The collection inclides rare pieces that can only be obtained by a European manufacturer. The units must be ordered as each piece is custom made. The mixture of designers, both at home and abroad, present a unique blend of diversity. This helps in quality. Notably, the collection is hard to access due to the waiting list.

Campania International

If you’re out trying to make the most of your garden by adding a top-notch water feature. Everything you need you will find available with Campania International. This company is the right fit for your garden and contacting this team of professionals will begin the process. If you’re looking to make the most of your garden space by added feature or accessories, be assured, you will find the piece to match your décor at Campania International.