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Splash Resistant Waterfall Fountains

All the waterfall fountains we offer are splash resistant. Every fountain we manufacturer is thoroughly inspected. Other fountains need a splash zone this is not the case with Outdoor Art Pros waterfall fountains. This makes our units the safest available to the public. With this added feature maintenance becomes a minimal concern. The only maintenance is ensuring the water level is right, this happens naturally due to evaporation.

Safety is the major concern of our company and to guarantee you have a safe fountain the only option is to buy from a reliable source. To avoid danger, make sure to buy your fountain from a reliable source like Outdoor ArtPro we offer only the safest water features. You can enjoy your waterfall fountain at proximity thanks to splash resistance.

Durable Design

To complement our safety standard a durable product is the best component to go along with safety. To make sure our fountains remain a staple in the back yard. Outdoor Art Pros has mastered the craft of producing top of the line fountains by using only the best grade materials for our water features. We ensure that our fountains fit to finish and match your décor. Once installed its inspected to ensure durability after installation.

More Selection of Waterfall Fountains

We can tailor any outdoor garden with our extensive selection. We pride ourselves in offering a multitude of different fountains to make any garden project become a reality. You will always know that your garden is unique with your personal touch and the right waterfall fountain to go along with your personal taste. We will go over some of the waterfall designs we offer, such as our popular Campania International fountain designs.

Tabletop Fountains

Tabletop water fountains are one of the most portable options. This design is excellent for indoor space like offices. This smaller version of the garden classic is also used in apartments where they make great space saving décor for most people. The size of these units ensures that electricity consumption is at a minimum. Always a unit to consider when in more confined spaces.

Large Waterfall Fountain

Large outdoor fountains make a great showcase for your personal flair on your outdoor décor. There waterfall of large sizes that can consume a whole wall or integrate with your outdoor swimming pool. There no large waterfall fountain too big for your imagination. This is the best option for those unused walls in the outdoor space. Your guest will be amazed at the transformation of your garden when they feast their eyes on a larger sized waterfall.

Fountain Benches

Fountain benches are the best style of waterfall fountain out. This sleek benches like design offer some of the most soothing sounds. Outdoor Art Pros has some of the most elegant garden bench options available. These units' smooth water to spill over in the perfect fashion showcases one of the most consistent streams of all fountains. There a wide selection of bench fountains to choose from. A great choice for entrance to the homes giving it an advantage on other fountains.

Water Wall

Water wall fountains are popular designs in these modern times and make a great choice for both indoor and outdoor. This fountain offers a lot when it comes to personalization. The fountain's water flows freely over a background surface. The wall the water runs down can come in different materials or colors. The option varies from glass to stone. The illuminated option is a great choice that showcases the design of the fountains.

Lighted Designs

One of the most common concerns of the waterfall is the feature is lighted. The lighted option is one of the best choices for enjoying the fountain at all hours. The lighted units come equipped with LED fixed lights that run for hours at a time. The display of lights and flowing water is enough to hypnotize the onlooker. Make sure to purchase a water feature that has fixed lights to get maximum usage out of the waterfall.

Outdoor Art Pros

We a dedicated company focused on producing and delivering the best waterfall fountain available to the public. We have zero competition when it comes to the quality of the outdoor fountain. The extensive catalog offers everting a garden waterfall should offer. Make sure to contact Outdoor Art Pros to make the right selection of water features for your garden.