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Garden benches present a unique opportunity to add to the style of your garden or other outdoor space. Stone benches are both functional and versatile, allowing you to create more than just a visually pleasing area but one in which you, your friends, family, and others can enjoy time outside. Concrete and other outdoor benches come in a surprising assortment of shapes and styles, as well as a number of affordable, budget-friendly prices that should suit all your needs.

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Garden benches are a great choice if you’re looking for something to inspire people to spend a little bit more time outdoors. They offer you a place to relax and enjoy nature, to appreciate your yard or garden. With multiple benches, you could even arrange to have a fun picnic lunch or other entertaining gatherings after a garden wok. Or set them up around your yard to create a number of different places to sit and relax.

You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised once you start shopping around for the perfect stone-cast bench, especially when you discover all the different kinds you can choose from. Every aesthetic has a complimentary design, from time-worn, hand-carved stone benches to country-style, wrought-iron garden benches. Other favorites include modern designs with sharp, eye-catching angles made from marble or other types of stone. We even have Faux Bois benches so you can have the beautiful look of wood but the durability of the stone.

Outdoor benches typically come constructed from stone-cast cement, with a variety of patterns and facades, including versions that give the appearance of natural wooden finishes. For a more classical approach, you can find benches made from an assortment of woods, including exotic woods, done in a countless number of styles from log construction to modern, abstract designs. Not only that but you can match your bench to many of our other products, such as our collection of modern pots and planters.

Modern Garden Benches

Benches are always built to last and withstand the elements, no matter what they’re made from though. With a minimum of care and maintenance, like the occasional hosing off and wiping down, whichever garden bench you end up choosing will be sure to last for years and years, and provide countless hours of enjoyment for you and your family.

The price of benches often reflects how elaborate the design is, or isn’t, with more simplistic benches typically appearing on the less expensive end of the spectrum. The material also comes into consideration when discussing price, with more exotic materials fetching a higher asking price. Size and weight are also considerations, what with outdoor benches coming in such an amazing range of shapes from veritable stools to benches that you could comfortably seat your whole family on.