How To Decorate Your Outdoor Space On A Budget

Making your outdoor space (whether it’s in the front or back) comfortable and beautiful can be difficult. Let’s face it- you walk into any home decor store and the prices are sky-high, even if you’re simply looking for a nice chair to sit in. In fact, nearly everything in retail stores made for outdoor patio areas is ridiculously expensive, and who has time for that? It doesn’t matter if you are wealthy or not, budgeting has become a way of life for millions of people and almost everyone looks for the lower price tag. And just because the price is lower, it doesn’t make the product any less gorgeous or your outdoor area less attractive. Check out these super cool ways to upgrade the outside of your home without spending hundreds of dollars.

1. A Swinging Hammock As Furniture

Ahh, seriously, what’s not to love about a hammock? Let’s focus on the exclusive benefits of hanging a hammock outdoors; low price, high quality, cheap seating, extremely comfortable, customizable, the best naps in the world, and highly trendy. More and more people are opting out of expensive patio furniture that is annoying to maintain and not weatherproof. People are looking more into a boho-chic way of designing outdoors (especially for company) by using hammocks, hammock chairs, hammock swings, etc. They are literally 90% cheaper than basic outdoor furniture and much more zen and attractive. Again, what’s not to love?
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2. A Cozy Ethanol Fireplace

Okay, I know what you’re thinking...electric fireplaces are super expensive and require a lot of maintenance and preparation. You’re wrong! If you have the extra cash and want a huge and luxurious fireplace then do it. But if you don’t, and you still want to create a cozy corner without the hassle of a firepit, you should opt for a free-standing ethanol fireplace. They are inexpensive, customizable, make a huge statement even if they are little, and require almost zero upkeep. All you need is to add fuel and a safe place to put it- click here for more safety instructions and placement options. Whether you are traditional or modern, there is a good-looking electric fireplace that would look perfect in your outdoor area.

3. A Small Water Feature/Fountain

Just like an electric fireplace, this might not be something on your list of outdoor decor items for fear of the price. However, there are way less expensive options (under $100) that you can place outside. The ambiance created by a small water fountain is greater than you think- the sound of trickling water and the sheer beauty of a water feature will have people talking. Also, they go great in any outdoor area, whether it stands on its own on a shelf or table or it’s placed into a serene garden area. Wherever you decide to put a water fountain, you are sure to make a statement.

4. Canvas Art

For a quick and easy way to spruce up your yard or garden, consider adding canvas art to your outdoor space. The opportunities are nearly limitless, and you'll be able to take advantage of a huge wealth of designs available. And, with printed artwork, you'll find you can add a personal touch. Give visitors an impression of your own style, and compliment the design and aesthetic of your home with a tasteful assortment of hung and mounted pictures.
Here’s a hint: check your local thrift stores! Any thrift store is a literal goldmine for canvas art ranging from small to extra large- many of them being original pieces. If you’re not a thrifter (you should be) you can find large and beautiful pieces of canvas art for a very good price online on websites such as Amazon. Again, it’s all based on your design- feminine, masculine, modern, contemporary, etc, and all you have to do is hang it up to add a pop of originality to your outdoor space.

5. A Little Birdbath

One of the most amazing options on this list is adding a birdbath to your patio or garden. Why? Because you can’t put a price on live nature living freely only 10 feet away from you. Imagine this: you wake up and pour a cup of coffee, hear birds chirping, and look outside to see a birdbath that you only spent a little bit of money on being used by birds- some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. You don’t need to be outside and utilizing your outdoor enhancements to reap the calming benefits of them, especially in this case. Birdbaths are relatively inexpensive and you are benefiting wildlife at the same time. How amazing is that?

Final Thoughts And Honorary Mentions

It’s surprisingly simple to decorate your outdoor area, whether you like things to look ritzy or vintage. Also, it’s very easy to make this area look valuable and chic without spending a lot of money. Even better, all the options listed above are customizable based on your own personal style preferences. Here are a few other inexpensive items (honorable mentions) to upgrade your backyard:

  1. A garden/large potted plants
  2. A regular fire pit
  3. An accent item such as a large vase
  4. A splash of color (wall, wooden chair, table)
  5. A serene statue

The list could go on forever, but the best thing to do is let your mind be inspired by what you like and what you dream of your outside areas to look like. Budgeting is easy to do when you look in the right (and thrifty) places, and goals can be easily accomplished with a little bit of elbow grease.

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10 Clever Ways To Design Around An Outdoor Fireplace

The real answer to this ‘how to’ guide is to use your imagination and become inspired by what you consider style. However, that wouldn’t be much help. After all...decorating outside is a whole different world than decorating inside, so what may have been simple for your inside decor ideas might be a bit confusing now. If you have a fireplace with a mantel in your house, you’ve probably realized how fun it is to decorate around it especially with the changing seasons and holiday themes. Outdoor fireplace decorating is just as fun, you just need to keep in mind a few factors such as weather and decor durability. Other than that, it’s just bonus space to make your creativity known! Check out these top 10 ways to make your outdoor fireplace area shine like a new penny.

1. Classic Tiki Theme

Forever in our hearts is a place for Tiki decor, especially outdoors. Is it the wild tribal feel to it? Maybe. Classic Tiki and the Tiki Man have been used in decor for hundreds of years and it won’t be traveling away from outdoor designs anytime soon. Embrace your inner warrior!

2. Southwestern Vibes

I might be a bit partial to this design because I grew up in the Southwest. But who doesn’t love it? It’s not over the top or loud, and all you really need is an animal skull, some faux-animal pelt to throw over outdoor furniture, and a cactus of any size to put on the mantel or sides. Southwestern Hughes include turquoise (which would make for a gorgeous wall around the fireplace) and stucco, which you’re entire fireplace can be made out of. Gorgeous and simple.

3. Bold Contrast Wall

Speaking of a contrast, you don’t need to go crazy with decor when you have a bold contrast wall surrounding your fireplace. Contrast walls are completely customizable - do you love pink glitter paint? Do it! Are you more modern and love that sleek matte black against the vibrant colors of the fire? Do it! Also, a contrast wall is not just limited to a paint color, you can have a cozy stone wall or wooden wall and much more. This is a great DIY project that won’t break the bank.

4. A Cozy Hammock

Instead of spending hundreds on outdoor furniture, go with the modern style of floating furniture and hang large cozy hammocks in front of your outdoor fireplace. Hammock chairs are also super hot right now and can easily replace large and bulky ottomans or lawn chairs. You’ll have more floor space, leg space, and you can swing. What more could possibly be desired? The only problem with this design is everyone fighting over who gets to lounge on which hammock.

5. Add A Jacuzzi

If you have the extra funds, a fireside jacuzzi is what dreams are made of. Whether you have a large hot tub installed underground or its an elevated freestanding tub, it’s the perfect additive to an outdoor fireplace scheme. Not really considered decor and more of a ‘luxury,’ a jacuzzi is still a crowd-pleaser in any situation.

6. An Island And Barstools

Easy to DIY, relatively inexpensive, and fun to customize, an island and barstools are a great way to decorate around your outdoor fireplace and create a hub for gathering family and friends. When I say relatively cheap, I mean it. Barstools are kind of expensive, but you can find them very cheap online or at a thrift store and you can repurpose them how you want. There are thousands of ways to DIY islands with simple scrap wood - all you need to do is sand and stain (or paint). It’s a great place to host your grilled taco Tuesdays and shake up those margaritas.

7. Wooden Furniture

Classy wooden furniture - enough said. Really though, the sleek look of wooden chairs, a table, and the surrounding of an outdoor fireplace screams classy and well-put-together. You might be thinking that wood on wood on wood is too much, but outdoors it’s very acceptable to have an ‘all-wooden’ theme. If you aren’t much into DIY this can be a more expensive option. But if you’re an avid DIY’er, this is a project that will take a while but look great in the long run.

8. Nature Themed

You’re already outside, there’s already one step down. But how does your backyard look? Some people are lucky enough to have a dense forest or tropical backyard packed with bushes and trees and shrubs. If you don’t have that luxury, a little landscaping goes a long way to decorate around an outdoor fireplace. Plants are inexpensive and gardening flowers around the area is rather cheap too. Also, plants benefit your well-being, helping with concentration, depression, and other mood disorders. They look great as decor around your outdoor fireplace and will make you feel better as well.

9. Side Water Fountains

The trickling water sound mixed with a crackling fire is indulgent to every sense. Adding medium-sized water fountains to either side of your outdoor fireplace is easy decor and completely customizable. There are water fountains for every personal style, whether you like ancient Greek statues, multi-tier Renaissance or modern geometric shapes stacked together. Whichever design you go with, know that water fountains are a great choice for a low-maintenance decoration that will never go out of style.

10. Install A Mantel

The great thing about mantels is that they are changeable throughout the seasons and completely customizable. Though you have to spend money on installing a mantel outside with the size you want and spend money on decorations, it’s nothing permanent like other options on this list. That means that the decor surrounding your outdoor fireplace can easily have a new theme twice a year, every month, or every day. The sky's the limit with this decor installation - make it yours and have fun!

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Modern Planters for Your Garden

If you have a garden area on your property, you might not want to have a traditional, rustic looking garden. You might not want to have the antique look to the fountains and the planters that are in the garden area. Instead, you might want to embrace the look and feel of a modern outdoor space. Of course, if you are looking to evoke the modern look in your garden, you need to have all of the right features. This includes the planters that you are using. Boring terracotta pots or antique style planters are not going to do it.

You need something more interesting that evokes a modern look for the planters, statues, water features, and any other items that you have out in the garden. When all of the items that you have evoke a modern style, it helps to bring it all together.

Benefits of a Modern Looking Garden

Why would you want to have a modern garden? It will look different from all of the other gardens out there, for starters. Many people go the simpler route of having rustic and traditional types of planters and features in their garden. While these can look nice, they do tend to blend together somewhat. You are looking for a design that is different, something that is unique and decidedly modern.

When you have a modern garden, it looks less like a backyard and more like an art installation, which certainly adds to the aesthetic appeal of your space. It also makes your garden unique amongst all of the others that are around the neighborhood.

Designing Your Garden

It can be tempting to grab some modern planters and then create the rest of your garden a bit at a time. However, you will have a better and more cohesive result when you instead take the time to plan the garden from start to finish. This will help to give you a better mental picture of what the garden will look like, and it will make it easier for you to choose all of the right planters and other materials for your garden.

Make some notes of the look and feel that you want, along with notes on the space that you have available. Consider the types of plants that you will want to grow in the garden, as well. Even the color of the plants that you plan to grow could change the type and color of planter that you choose.

Put in some time and energy to create your modern garden plan, and then start to look for the planters and the other items that need to go into it. Just try to make sure that you have a malleable plan in place. This way, you can make changes to it as needed, and it can still work well and you can end up with a design that you love.

Tips for Choosing Modern Planters

You can find some truly impressive and artsy modern planters in our collection, and they are available in a range of sizes and materials. Some are made from steel and others from concrete, for example. There are planters that are short and squat, as well as those that are tall and slender. There are squares, rectangles, bowls, and a massive range of colors and styles. With all of the options, it allows you to find the ideal modern planters that help you to create the garden of your dreams.

Whether you want to have modular rectangular or square planters, urn planters, window box planters or anything in between, you can find some beautiful modern options available. You can find options that will fit in nicely with the rest of your garden.

However, it is not just about the looks when you are choosing your planters. You also have to think about the size of the planters you are considering and make sure that they will fit well with the space that you have available. You may find that having several smaller planters, or a set of different sized planters will work better for certain areas than just having large planters, for example.

Choose Other Items for Your Modern Garden

Modern planters are just the beginning if you want to have a modern looking garden. You also have to think about all of the other items that will go into the garden. This will include any statuary that you might want to add, the pavestones or walkways, lighting, and water features. The items that you choose should all work with one another to create a solid look for the garden. When you are choosing the planters, you will want to look at other items that will work well with them in the garden. Since there are so many options, this will not limit you, but it is important that you do it before you start buying. After all, you might not want to have a haphazard collection of items that will take your garden from modern to eclectic.

Take Proper Care of Your Garden

You want your garden to keep looking great, and that means that you need to take proper care of it. You have to water the plants to help keep them in good condition, and you need to clean up around the planters and the other items that you have out there. Fortunately, this will usually only require a bit of sweeping and some raking, along with removing dead leaves and petals from plants and flowers.

One of the most important steps that you do not want to skip when you are designing a modern garden is the planters. If they do not have a modern look, they are going to seem out of place with the rest of the garden. Take your time to find quality modern planters that are the right size and that have the right look to evoke the feeling that you want in your garden. With a little time and research, you will be able to find just what you need.

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The Perfect Garden Statues for year-round Gifting

The Perfect Garden Statues for year-round Gifting

Choosing the perfect gift is always a fun challenge. You are trying to pick a physical item or service that reflects your care for someone and also a respect for their personal tastes. The perfect gift, in essence, says, “I care about you, and I also know you well enough to know you’re going to like this.” To make those statements effectively is your objective. One of the best ways to do this is by gifting someone a garden statue. Not only can you totally nail the perfect garden statue gift, but once you do, the statue will likely be posed in the garden for a long time, so each time the recipient sees it, they will be reminded of your generosity and caring. Here are some options to help you pick out just the right garden statue gift.

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Glazed and Terra Cotta Pottery

Terra cotta and earthenware are naturally slightly porous to allow plants inside of them to breathe.  So, even though our glazed and terra cotta pottery is subjected to stringent testing in freeze and thaw conditions, damage can still occur in freezing temperatures. If there is any water left in the pots, it can expand and cause the pot to crack. The glazed and terra cotta pots are frost-resistant but there is still the concern that the freeze and thaw cycle will occur.  It is important to either bring them indoors during the winter or to follow the winter care instructions for the fountains and planters above.

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Planters and Statuary

Bringing your planters and statuary indoors for the winter is ideal. This protects them from the freeze/thaw cycle.  If you are planning to leave your planter or garden statuary outside during the freezing cold weather, please follow these steps-

  1. Raise planters up off the ground making sure the drainage hole is not blocked. Pressure treated wood should be used. This allows the soil to drain and will keep the planter from freezing to the ground. If the planter freezes to the ground, soil may expand inside thus causing cracks or crumbling.
  2. Put small stones, gravel or terra cotta chips at the bottom of the planter before adding the soil to help with drainage.
  3. If the planter is not planted, turn the planter upside down. Place the planter on wood strips and cover or wrap it with burlap or another absorbent material such as old blankets and towels. Then wrap the planter with dark plastic to prevent moisture from accumulating. Periodically check it to make sure moisture is not getting in.
  4. Make sure that water and snow does not pool around the planter or statuary.
  5. Statuary must be cleaned and covered just like planters.

The reason you need to winterize your cast stone decor is because cast stone concrete, is slightly porous. This allows moisture to absorb into the cast stone and it can then freeze. Since there is very little room to expand, the moisture can cause small cracks or chips. It can also lead to the paint peeling.

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