modern outdoor canvas art

After reading the title, you may be wondering what modern canvas wall art is.

Well, we are going to break it down for you and tell you five ways you can use it to brighten up your patio space.

Modern décor tends to be more minimalistic in style while using more natural materials such as wood. The style also tends to lean more towards an earthly and neutral color palette. So, combining those ideas with canvas art gives us the term modern canvas wall art.

Framing It

A popular technique in modern décor is to mix framed and canvas prints with one another to add more definition and dimension to a wall. A lot of the dimension comes from the frames added to the wall because they can come in many different shapes and sizes. Many canvasses tend to be square or rectangular and quite similar in dimension to one another. 

Just try to use frames that appear to be made of more natural wood. So, no blue or pink frames, no frames that have been stained four different colors, and things like that. This also opens the door to adding a wall décor set to your patio area as well. Since you will be mixing in different depths and heights, it can be nice to have pieces that you know go well together.

Canvas Sets 

Not only are these sets able to take up some much-needed space if you are trying to fill a large patio wall, but you can also customize them. If you want to showcase some of your favorite photos across three to ten different canvasses, this is the time to have them printed.

This idea allows you to tell a story in your space and show your individuality, especially if you decide to customize them. For a patio area specifically, you can have some of your favorite photos of maybe the view or a vacation printed and set up there. Not only will it liven the space up, but it will also make you happy when you see it. 

Or if you decide to buy a premade set, you can go for some abstract line artwork or even minimalistic landscapes, to name a few options. 

Location Prints

Do you simply adore the New York City skyline but live in Montana? You can bring the skyline to you. Or if you love to take photos when you travel, you can have those printed as well. These canvasses tend to be quite large unless they are broken into smaller pieces with each one displaying a different part of the photo.

These prints allow you to bring your favorite places into your home. Not only will they bring a smile to your face when you see them, but they can add a lot to a space. It can fill up a blank patio wall or add more color to your space in a matter of minutes.

Word Art and Quotes

Nothing can be more minimal and neutral-toned than a canvas with your favorite quote on it. Maybe people tend to believe that canvasses are only for images, but they can also be used for quotes and words of affirmation.

Anything can be put on a canvas, such as a saying that you tell yourself every morning or a favorite quote that you have from someone that you look up to. It will not only add a positive vibe to your patio but also make you happy to see. This can allow you to enjoy your space more while filling up wall space.

3D Canvas

A style that many have been leaning towards recently is 3D canvasses. The majority of them are painted on though, rather than being printed like many of the scenic or photo canvasses are. This means that 3D art choices may be a bit more expensive as someone is taking the time to hand paint the design in many cases.

These art canvasses can add depth and personality to your patio while remaining modern. A lot of them display a specific moment or item while using a limited number of colors to ensure that the paint can settle properly without mixing or flattening. Monochromatic pieces are a possibility as well to add dimension to your patio without taking away from the rest of the space.

Canvas wall art can easily and quickly add a lot to your patio space.

Whether it displays your favorite photo or location, family memories, is a part of an outdoor wall art set, etc. The options truly are endless when it comes to modern canvasses if you are looking to brighten up your patio area. They fill spaces well while displaying something that captures your eye.

Modern canvas art