Top 18 Outdoor Fountain Ideas

Outdoor water fountains provide a lovely addition to your landscape. These outdoor water features also offer a calming vibe as you sit outdoors and listen to the soothing sounds of the flowing water.


When you’re ready to add an outdoor fountain to your property, there are many style options available. This can be adaunting task, especially when you see just how many options are out there. But, don’t worry! Here’s a list of the top 18 outdoor fountains so you can select the decor item that’s right for you.

Cast Stone Fountains

Cast stone fountains are water structures made of a sturdy material that’s built to last. You can buy cast stone fountains in different styles and finishes. No matter what your home’s exterior looks like, there is sure to be a cast stone fountain that suits the chosen location perfectly. 

Birdbath Fountains

Outdoor fountains are also available in birdbath styles. This multi-purpose fountain not only provides a lovely focal point in your yard but it also provides a convenient place for birds to splash, bathe, and drink. Figure out where you’d like your new birdbath fountain to go and then purchase the one that’s the right size and style for the space. 

Modern Fountains

Modern fountains come in many styles. From clean, straight lines to unique geometric shapes, modern outdoor water fountains add style and class to your garden or backyard patio. Whether you have a modern home you’re trying to find a fountain to match or want to update an older home with a modern water feature, you can easily do so by purchasing this style of fountain. 

Garden Fountains

If you want to add flair and eye-catching style to your yard, put a garden fountain in the spot of your choosing. Place this beautiful water fountain amongst the lilies, sunflowers, or roses, and give your garden an extra-added touch. The birds will also love to splash and play in this garden water fountain. 

Fire Fountains

Combine a soothing outdoor fountain with a fire feature with state-of-the-art fire fountains. Take your outdoor fountain one step further by adding this unique fire feature to it. Fire fountains are powered by natural gas or propane and are sure to be ideal conversation pieces. These outdoors fountains look great by the backyard pool or in a central location on the back patio. 

Asian Themed Fountains

When you add an Asian-themed fountain to your yard, you can transform your property into a relaxing location where friends can gather. From Buddha outdoor fountains to other Asian-inspired water features, you’ll love the finished product these fountains provide to your yard. Embrace your desire for a calm, soothing atmosphere and add an Asian themed fountain to your space. 

Animal Fountains

Animal fountains are the perfect outdoor water displays to add to your pool patio or backyard deck. These unique water fountains can be set up to honor your beloved pets or simply show your love for animals. Bird fountains, dolphin fountains, and lion fountains are just a few of the many animal fountain offerings available to you. No matter what type of animal fountain you like, you just might find what you’re looking for when shopping the animal fountain collection. 

Sphere Fountains

Eye-catching sphere fountains easily add a modern touch to your gardens or patio. Choose from a wide array of sphere fountains and select the size, finish, and style that draws you in the most. When you’re considering sphere fountain options, look at the space you’re going to add the fountain to in your yard. Doing so will help you select the ideal sphere fountain for your property. 

Fountains with Pools

Fountains with pools offer an exceptional outdoor decor item for your yard or the center of your circular driveway. Select a three-tiered fountain with attached pool or opt for a smaller fountain with pool to fit into a specific space. When you add a fountain with pool to your property, you get the beautiful vision of this water feature along with the soothing sounds it provides. 

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains provide a way to add an outdoor fountain to your space without taking up too much room. These outdoor water fountains are appealing to the eye and add a unique aspect to your home’s exterior. Wall fountains come in many styles and materials. You can add an ornate wall fountain to your property or select one that’s a bit more classic in style. Wall fountains are also a variety of sizes, so you don’t have to worry about the size wall you have since you can choose the proper size fountain to fit. 

Solar Fountains

With solar fountains, you can add a water feature to your property that’s environmentally friendly, too. Solar fountains come in many styles, shapes, and finishes. You can choose a solar fountain that features straight lines and a modern feel. Or you can opt for a solar fountain with a more elegant design, such as beautiful scroll features. Whichever solar fountain you choose, you’ll be saving money on electricity and enjoying the views of a beautiful water fountain. 

Statue Fountains

Combine the beauty of a statue with the soothing vibe of a fountain when you add this multi-purpose statue fountain to your property. Statue fountains come complete with lovely statue figures and water features combined. Choose your favorite statue fountain and add class and elegance to your landscape. You can select from a wide variety of statue fountains and pick the fountain that has the style, material, and size dimensions you like. 

Waterfall Fountains

Waterfall fountains provide the appearance of natural water features with curves and turns from top to bottom. Resembling a rock-lined creek or waterfall, these outdoor fountains are sure to attract the attention of all who see them. Some waterfall fountains even include LED lights to truly bring out the beauty in these outdoor structures. If you enjoy natural settings and the sound of flowing water, such as what you would hear alongside a river, you’re sure to love the waterfall fountain and all it offers. This fountain will fit perfectly in your side yard garden or on the poolside patio. 

Angel/Cherub Fountains

Bring an angelic vibe to your landscape with angel outdoor fountains and cherub outdoor fountains. Angel/cherub fountains are lovely focal pieces to add to your yard that bring joy to all who pass by. From little angels on pedestals to golden-tone multi-tier fountains with cherubs included, you’re going to find the perfect angel fountain or cherub fountain to set up outside. When you choose your ideal angel fountain or cherub fountain, think of where it will be seen the most on your property and set it up for all to see and appreciate.  

Corner Fountains

If you want to dress up wall space in an area that will only fit certain shape fountains, consider corner fountains. Corner fountains fit perfectly at the intersection of two walls and add style and flair to the wall space. You can buy single-tier fountains or multi-tier waterfall creations when you shop corner fountains to put outside your home. Just be sure to measure the wall space so you can buy the right size corner fountain that won’t be too big or too small for the area. 

Large Fountains

Sometimes a large open space calls out for an outdoor decor item to dress up the area and make it seem less expansive. This is where a large fountain will come in handy. Choose from a large selection of outdoor fountains and pick the one that suits your style and taste best. Large outdoor fountains are ideal for big courtyards, circular driveways, and lengthy lawns. You can choose an elaborate four-tier water feature or opt for a more subtle two-tier fountain creation. Whichever large fountain you choose, you better believe it’s going to be a popular outdoor structure with your family, friends, and visitors. 

Urn Fountains

Urn fountains offer a classic style for visitors to marvel over and a soothing sound for all to enjoy. Select a single urn fountain or opt for a multi-urn fountain where one urn spills over to the next in a mesmerizing fashion. This type of outdoor fountain comes in many sizes, materials, and styles. 

Tiered Fountains

Tiered fountains are water-filled structures that display elegance and class. These outdoor fountains truly are focal points of any landscape. Add one to your front door entryway or place one out on the corner of your pool patio. Wherever you place your new tiered fountain, it’s sure to draw the attention of all who see it.

After reviewing this top 18 list of outdoor fountains, you’re probably ready to add one to your home’s exterior. Explore the options further and see which outdoor fountain will look perfect on your patio, in your garden, or as a centerpiece to your circular driveway!