How to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

How to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

Learning how to create a dog-friendly garden is the perfect way for you and your four-legged friend to enjoy the outdoors together. Owning a garden, or a dog, takes planning in of itself, so combining the two definitely requires a little research on your end.  From using vertical garden planters to training your dog specific manners, there are many tricks to having the best of both worlds. So don't fret; by following the tips in this guide you are sure to give Fido the best gardening experience possible without sacrificing your gardens appeal.

Work With Their Instincts

Dogs are natural protectors who need to feel safe within their territory.  This means that your canine will probably be spending a lot of time patrolling the fence perimeter searching for anything that may pass by and get their attention.  You should work with this need to protect by incorporating trails close to your fence line for your dog to follow. 

It's easy to set up a pathway using grass, wood, or other gardening options to keep your canine patrolling with ease.  Your dog will want to traverse this area every time someone passes by so be sure to leave them enough room.  Three feet is enough for regular sized dogs.  You may need to make this aisle wider if you have a large dog.

Dogs Love to Dig

Most dogs love to dig around your fencing area in an attempt to get a better view of passing pedestrians.  If your dog is extremely athletic, they may even be able to jump your fencing.  When dealing with a dog that can leap fences with ease, you simply plant scrubs in front of the fence to prevent your pup from getting directly next to your fencing.  Dogs that dig may require you to extend your fence deeper into the ground to prevent your pet from escaping.

Designated Relief Spots

Your dog needs somewhere to go potty at that is not directly around your living spaces. You will need to take some time to train your pup to recognize this area as their designated bathroom space.  This isn’t too difficult to do and the internet is filled with dog potty training guides to assist you on your journey.  Training puppies can be easier because they can be trained from day one to utilize their designated bathroom areas.

Protect Your Plants and Your Dog

This really comes down to garden planning.  You should place your delicate flowers in raised pots, such as in these Ario Lite Planters shown below, or in the center of the garden where they are least likely to be trampled by your dog.  Hanging baskets are another awesome way to enjoy your plants without allowing your pet access to them.  

Ario Onyx Black Lite Planter Set of 3

Be sure to do your research before you add any plants to your garden to ensure they are not poisonous to your pets.  Pesticides, poisonous plants, and other harmful garden scenarios should be avoided at all costs.  Remember, your dog is very sensitive to chemicals and even the smallest amounts can cause your pet to needlessly suffer.

Avery Cast Stone Birdbath

Water and Shade

No matter what type of dog you have, you are going to want to give them adequate access to water and shade.  A water bowl should be left in a shaded area that allows your dog to lounge when the weather becomes too hot.  

You may need to add additional protection to your fountains to prevent your four-legged friend from drinking or bathing in them if they get the urge.  Dogs can act lethargic in the hot summer sun, so be sure to give them a comfy place to chill out and you are guaranteed to have a garden space both you and your dog can enjoy.

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  • Catherine Sibi