Top 15 Warm and Cozy Outdoor Fireplace Ideas For Your Home

On cool nights, nothing is better than gathering your friends and family around a roaring fire. The options for fire have grown far beyond a campfire in the mountains. The ability to have a fire in the convenient setting of your backyard or in a home patio, as well as in a beautiful firebox just makes the experience that much better. Plus, a fire pit can keep mosquitoes away, enhancing the comfort of your outdoor space.

These 15 outdoor fireplaces are stylish, functional and ideal for your outdoor space. make your outdoor fireplace ideas into reality!

1. The Blue Rooster Rose Chiminea

The Blue Rooster Rose Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace Specifications:

With rose-covered vines crawling up the neck, this unique outdoor fireplace has a distinctive floral theme that will blend in beautifully with your backyard’s greenery and will be sure to make your visitors take notice of this beautiful outdoor fireplace. The Blue Rooster Rose Chiminea’s non-rusting 52” x 22” aluminum body is extra durable for all-season use and the wide mouth opening, with its helpful hinged safety door, makes tending your fire easier than ever. If you need to move the whole thing somewhere else, the sturdy carrying handles are perfectly suited for simple one-person transportation. The versatile outdoor fireplace design lets you switch up your fuel source without any hitches, as the custom conversion kit lets you use gas instead of wood and then back again. And if you feel like having cooking out, the outdoor fire places neck can easily be removed and converted into a functional grill with solid cast iron insert the best way to stay warm at a home garden. So if you're looking for outdoor chimney ideas, consider a rustic design that adds warmth and style to your backyard.

2. Baltic Square Propane Fire Table

Baltic Square Propane Fire Table

This minimalist, Baltic Square Propane Fire Table will turn any normal backyard or patio into an elegant gathering place. At 36” x 36” x 14.75”, this cast fiber-concrete and heavy gauge steel piece will be a reliably focal point in your outdoor space, guaranteed to draw people around its glowing flames and solid structure for many years to come.

Especially suited for a variety of colder climates, the Baltic Square Propane Fire Table is able to emit and retain strong levels of heat, perfect for snowy winter nights, windy autumn afternoons and relaxed summer evenings at home.

With some lava rock filler and a matching lid, the fireplace looks as attractive when it’s being used as it does when it’s sitting idle in your yard. Set a few chairs up around the Baltic Square, invite some friends over and prepare to relax in style around this chic artistic feature, as ideas outdoor living. This Propane Fireplace is sure to add to a warm environment even when it isn't on. 

3. Sedona Outdoor Fireplace Round Propane/Natural Gas Fire Table

Sedona Outdoor Fireplace Round Propane/Natural Gas Fire Table

Both eye-catching and utilitarian, the Sedona Outdoor Fireplace Round Propane/Natural Gas Fire Table has a solid flagstone round top and provides up to 65,000 BTUs of heat, ideal for the chilly nights when you still want to spend time socializing outside living space. The cylindrical faux stacked stone base is convincingly natural, giving this 43” x 16.75” fireplace outdoors the look of a welcoming rustic campfire right in your backyard. (A matching faux stone tank cover is also available, if you’d like to keep the look unified in your outdoor space.)

Thankfully, it’s as easy to use as it is attractive, with push-button ignition for simple fire starting for this stone fireplace, leveling feet for stability and a handy kit for converting it all to use natural gas. Gather your friends and family into this outdoor fireplace patio, grab all of the s’more fixings and make like you’re hanging out at the campground, all within the comfort of your patio or yard. Transform your backyard into a cozy retreat with this outdoor stone fireplace idea, perfect for gathering on cool evenings.

4. Gray Ledgestone Rectangular Fire Table

Gray Ledgestone Rectangular Fire Table by Outdoor Art Pros

Versatile enough for any outdoor living space, the Gray Ledgestone Rectangular Fire Table has an elegant yet understated design fireplace outdoor for your home that will fit beautifully within your yard or patio space. Made from tinted fiber-cast concrete and heavy gauge steel, and available in both cream and glacier grey, the sturdy 48” L x 15“ W x 15” H fireplace design has a broad rectangular top and a slightly flared base that will nicely complement and blend with your other pieces of outdoor furniture.

Fueled by liquid propane, it’s able to emit a heat up to 50,000 BTUs, which makes it particularly suited for cold winter nights and chilly autumn evenings, as well as more moderate temperatures. With an accompanying table top lid for adaptability, simple lava rock filler, helpful levelling feet and a protective vinyl cover for inclement weather, the Gray Ledgestone will work perfectly for your next backyard gathering or in your favorite outdoor living spaceCreate an inviting outdoor living space with this brilliant outdoor stone fireplace idea that will add warmth and ambiance to your backyard.

5. Sedona 66” Rectangle Propane Fire Table with NG Conversion Kit

Sedona 66” Rectangle Propane Fire Table with NG Conversion Kit

With its rustic faux stacked stone base and wide geometric top, this Sedona 66” Rectangle Propane Fire Table  is both simple and chic, eye-catching and understated. Measuring out to an impressive 66.25" x 29", this outdoor fireplace design has more than enough flat space for whatever beverages, food and accessories might accumulate during your barbecue or backyard picnic. Better yet: the BTUs on here can extend up to 65,000 BTUs, perfect for when the temperatures start to dip.

As great as it looks and heats up, it’s also extremely versatile and easy to use, with a push button ignition, nice lava rock filler, a protective cover for foul weather and leveling feet to keep it all at equilibrium. This Sedona also has great endurance—its tank will last up to 7 hours on the high setting and up to 20 hours on the lower setting on focal point. A matching faux stone tank cover will help make everything look unified together.

6. 88" Slim Indoor or Outdoor Built-in Electric Fireplace with Black Steel Surround

88" Slim Indoor or Outdoor Built-in Electric Fireplace with Black Steel Surround

Vibrant and somewhat futuristic looking, the 88" Slim Indoor or Outdoor Built-in Electric Fireplace with Black Steel Surround will look like a piece of art stretching wide across your indoor or outdoor wall. Regardless of where you decide to set it, this innovative recessed outdoor fireplace will instantly make your space feel cozier, brighter and warmer.

Measuring out to a sweeping 23 1/2" x 88 1/8" x 6 3/4“, the piece is suited only for large walls, but is still quite versatile, with a plug that can connect to any standard 120V outlet, a useful remote control and, unlike other interior fireplaces, with no extra ventilation needed.

The fireplace can easily be customized, with many different styles and colors of glass media available for your choosing. It has a unique multi-colored flame that will cast a lovely ambient light into your living room, lounge or patio space, sure to impress visitors.

7. The Blue Rooster Sun Chiminea

The Blue Rooster Sun Chiminea

A lovely artistic rendition of a glowing sun set on a charcoal or gold accented chimney body will make this Blue Rooster Sun Chiminea the centerpiece for your outdoor space. The wide mouth, covered with a stainless steel screen for maximum safety, ensures that it will be especially easy to maintain your fire throughout the course of a gathering.

A chimney spark insert and a non-rusting solid cast aluminum alloy body guarantee that this sturdy 52" x 22" fireplace will last for years to come with only minimal maintenance and no unexpected hassles. It’s especially versatile, too, as the handy removable neck quickly turns your outdoor fireplace into a fully functional grill.

For those wanting to enjoy the benefits of a stylish outdoor fireplace without using wood, a helpful gas conversion kit—complete with ceramic logs, granules, a manual control (up to 32,000 BTUs) and a 10’ hose with tank adapter— is also available.

8. Cavalier Propane Fire Table with NG Conversion Kit

Cavalier Propane Fire Table with NG Conversion Kit

This refined outdoor fireplace is quite stylish yet will blend in with the rest of your backyard or patio furniture. Measuring out to 43" x 43" x 24.5", the Cavalier Propane Fire Table with NG Conversion Kit has a wide top that can hold drinks, food or anything else with room to spare. It’s an especially great patio outdoor fireplace ideas for chillier weather, as the propane burner can heat up to 55,000 BTUs, which will definitely keep anyone nearby nice and toasty. Efficiency is another component that makes this one truly stand out from the competition—it can burn up to 8 hours on the high setting and a full 24 hours on the low setting. With rust- and UV-resistant finish on an aluminium body, a sturdy iron burner lid, and a 304 stainless steel burner and burn pan, this fireplace will hold up in all kinds of weather for many years to come.

9. Valetta Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

Valetta Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace


With its elegant, sleek and minimalist shape, the Valetta Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace will blend into your living room or outdoor space and instantly make everything around it look more chic than it already is. Measuring out to an impressive L 39" x H 23½" x D 8½", this broad and sturdy cast concrete piece can hold all manner of objects and keep everyone warm in the process. The versatile outdoor fireplace can use either natural gas or propane, depending on your needs, and can reach up to 45,000 BTUs with a maximum 12 hour burn time. An electronic ignition switch and auto safety shut-off guarantees that everyone can use it with no worries and minimal hassles. Set the Metropolis up in your patio and let everyone relax in the comfort of a museum-ready outdoor fireplace that will attract all of the attention. 

10. Riverside Propane Fire Bowl with Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Riverside Propane Fire Bowl with Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Bring a piece of the remote mountain wilderness into the comfort of your back yard with this impressively realistic outdoors fireplaces. The Riverside Propane Fire Bowl with Natural Gas Conversion Kit looks just how one might imagine: a massive stone bowl that create an elegant fire pit filled with colorful lava rocks. And at 43.3" x 35" x 16.1", though weighing only 125 lbs., it truly looks the part. Artistically made from extra durable cast concrete, the outdoor fireplace can reach up to 45,000 BTUs and can last up to 12 hours on a standard propane tank, which will create instant coziness at your next barbecue or patio hangout. With a natural gas conversion kit, it’s also rather versatile, and with an electronic ignition switch and auto safety shut-off, it’s exceedingly safe for the whole family to use with ease. Place the Boulder fire pit into your backyard and convince everyone of your mountaineering skills.

11. The Blue Rooster Venetian Chiminea

The Blue Rooster Venetian Chiminea

This elegant The Blue Rooster Venetian Chiminea fireplace, lined with lovely vines and floral borders, will perfectly complement the features in your backyard and be the focus of all of the attention at your next gathering.

The definite standout element of the Blue Rooster Venetian Chiminea is the especially wide mouth opening, which gives a nearly 180-degree view of the roaring fire and makes loading logs into the outdoor fireplace easier than ever before.

Better yet, keep the stainless steel screen open, slide in the cast iron insert and try your hand at deluxe cooking over an open fire without any hassles in outdoor space. This 52" x 22" solid hand-poured aluminum outdoor fireplace is designed to endure through all of the seasons and elements, so you can rest assured that the Blue Rooster will prove useful for many years to come with little to no extra maintenance.

12. Forest Ridge Outdoor Fireplace Propane/Natural Gas Fire Table

Forest Ridge Outdoor Fireplace Propane/Natural Gas Fire Table

This simple, elegant and rustic Forest Ridge Outdoor Fireplace Propane/Natural Gas Fire Table, with its cabin-like faux-wood exterior and understated tabletop, will fit in well with all kinds of patio furniture and backyard decor. Measuring out to 42" x 42" x 23.5", the Forest Ridge Outdoor Fireplace is compact enough to fit into tighter living quarters but is still strong enough to draw a small crowd around its warmth.

In fact, the heat can reach up to 50,000 BTUs and the flame can last up to 26 hours on the low setting. Made from ultra-durable fiber cast concrete, the piece is both light and sturdy, able to be easily moved around your space and sure to last through whatever the changing seasons might bring.

With matching lava rock filler, adjustable feet and a helpful protective cover, this outdoor fireplace has of the accessories you might need to keep the fire pit burning in your outdoor space.

13. Treviso Round Propane Fire Bowl with NG Conversion Kit

Treviso Round Propane Fire Bowl with NG Conversion Kit

With its clean form and minimalist features, the solid Treviso Round Propane Fire Bowl with NG Conversion Kit will blend in perfectly with your unique outdoor setting. One of the best aspects of the 32"D x 14"H fireplace is that it has an especially wide bowl, making it the ideal centrepiece for your next large outdoor gathering.

This Treviso piece is very adaptable and, with the appropriate conversion kit, lava rock, tank seat and a protective cover. Though it looks rather hefty, it only weighs 83.5 lbs. makes it quite easy to move around your space. Complete with a spark screen, a safety grate, and a protective storage cover, the Fire Bowl has more than enough accessories for proper fire pit upkeep. 

14. Lanesboro Fire Pit

Lanesboro Fire Pit

This long and narrow fireplace is as eye-catching as it is effective. The ideas behind this Lanesboro Fire Pit’s unique design measures out to 48" x 15" x 15”, a sleek bench shape with a broad central trench that holds your roaring flames, all of which will surely catch visitors’ eyes.

A handy starter push button makes it both safe and easy to get a fire going, while the high-performance cast material and protective cover keeps the fireplace safe from the varied elements during the changing seasons. The piece has a great deal of endurance, too: it will last up to 6 hours on the high setting and up to 20 hours on the low setting.

It comes with an assortment of accessories—lava rock leveling feet, protective vinyl cover, and an LP hose and regulator—that will help keep your fire roaring in style. For those wanting to switch over to natural gas, a helpful conversion kit is also available best ideas outdoor living.

15. Board Form Propane Fire Column

Board Form Propane Fire Column by outdoor art pros

Taking the shape of a tall ornate column, this modern fireplace outdoor design is about as unique as they come and it will surely draw lots of positive attention at your next backyard or patio gathering.

The ideas behind this Board Form Propane Fire Column sleek rectangular freestanding fire column inspired by the harsh aesthetic of the Brutalist form of architecture, measuring out to 14.75” L x 14.5” W x 36.375” H—emits plenty of heat to keep your visitors warm on the chilliest of nights at home, with a liquid propane heat output that reaches up to 10,000 BTUs and can last up to 5 hours, even in inclement weather.

Though the design is rather quiet and understated, the outdoor fireplace, cast from tinted fibre-concrete and heavy gauge steel, is durable enough to last through whatever elements might come its way. The stately Board Form Fire Column comes with a useful lid, lovely lava rock filler, helpful levelling feet, and a protective storage cover to keep everything running smoothly for years to come in living warm at home.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, an outdoor fireplace is a great investment for homeowners who want to create an inviting outdoor living space. With a variety of designs and styles to choose from, you can easily find an outdoor fireplace that fits your preferences and complements your patio's aesthetic.

Keep your fire pit burning for long hours to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for extended conversations, cozy gatherings, and memorable moments under the stars.

Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to relax with a book or a place to entertain guests, an outdoor fireplace is sure to enhance your patio's ambiance and functionality. So, start exploring patio outdoor fireplace ideas and get ready to transform your outdoor space into a cozy retreat.

We hope that this review of Outdoor Fireplaces helped you narrow down your search on the Best Outdoor Fireplaces Ideas for your home. If you are still looking for more options just check our collection of Fireplaces to add to your living space, we also offer StatuaryPlanters and Birdbath. Additionally, we have Fireplace Accessories that can help you accentuate your fireplace outdoor even more. Shop today and enjoy free shipping and no sales tax on all Fireplaces!

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