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Modern canvas art can add appeal to any area of your home, whether it’s intended for indoor or outdoor use. It provides your space with an amazing focal point. Focal points are great when it comes to home décor as they act as a center of interest in the space. They attract your eye and essentially draw you into the space.

These are the pieces that add appeal to the area and make it feel more welcoming overall. It is crazy to think about how much a simple canvas can add to a room, whether it’s a hallway or an outdoor patio. The right wall décor set or hallway wall décor can do a lot for a space in a short period.

We are going to cover some of the most popular modern canvas art ideas and go over how they add appeal. These canvasses can be printed or painted depending on the image and texture you desire. We are also going to mention a few décor items that complement canvas art well in case your space needs more than just canvas art.

Contemporary Canvas Art


Contemporary art is work that is created by current artists living right now during our time. It typically reflects issues going on in society today and society as a whole. These canvasses tend to be larger pieces as they showcase a scene or tell a story.

Whether it is a multi-piece wall art set or a series of canvasses, they tend to break up a bigger issue or picture into smaller parts. Not only can these cover more wall space they can also make for a great focal point. These pieces can work in indoor or outdoor areas with a decent amount of space available since they do tend to be larger pieces however, smaller ones are available as well.

Examples of contemporary canvas art can include elements such as oceans, caves, graphite-type designs, nature, flowers, and more. It expresses emotions and current attitudes, which can invoke several feelings in an individual. Making them an ideal option for adding appeal to your space.

If you are interested in adding more texture to your area, maybe a hand-painted piece is a better choice. It will be more expensive than a printed one, yet the different colors and depths of paint can make a space more appealing. There’s nothing worse than a flat wall with no color or texture.

Hallway Wall Décor

When it comes to smaller spaces, such as a hallway, they can be difficult to style. You have limited space and do not want anything to protrude too much or look too bulky. It can be a fine line to walk to find the perfect piece for the space when you have to deal with space requirements such as the width of a hallway.

Canvasses can tend to be bulky and large, as we mentioned, so in these situations, smaller pieces with less depth can be the best option. They add to the hallway’s appeal without taking away from the space when the right piece is added. A simple modern canvas that has an image or scene printed on it can be the way to go. It is important to ensure that the balance and depth are right for the space.

Examples of good hallway wall décor when it comes to canvasses are printed images of sayings or quotes, family photos, vacation images, and more to name a few. Any piece of art that displays who you are and what you enjoy while being slimmer in build is great for a hallway.

Modern Canvas Wall Art

Modern art incorporates neutral colors, earthy elements such as natural woods and grains, and limited colors. The key is to keep the number of colors down while representing a clean and minimalistic look in many cases.

This type of décor is typically accompanied by black accents and hardware such as doorknobs and handles. They allow you to incorporate different wooden elements among the current color palette to limit the number of colors used. Do not get us wrong, color is fine to have, but too many colors being present can overshadow a room and change the décor style altogether.

So, when looking for modern canvas art, consider pieces that are minimal yet represent the space well. If it’s for your kitchen, a set of herb canvasses works well. Or if it’s for an outdoor patio space, a scenic canvas would fit in. For a living room or family area, family portraits or vacation images could be a possibility. It just depends on the area you are planning to put the canvas.

Multi-Piece Wall Art

Canvas sets are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to adding appeal and spice to any space. As we pointed out earlier, they do take up more space, especially when they are spaced out more, allowing you to fill an empty wall easily. Limiting the amount of blank space present in an area allows you to feel more comfortable and at home in your space.

While they may seem intimidating at first, there are many ways you can incorporate outdoor wall art sets into a room. Whether this includes breaking a photo up into multiple canvasses or creating a series of canvasses.

You can customize canvasses to fit your needs and it is quite easy to do. Once you know the image you want to use, you can select the number of canvasses you want it to be on. This can naturally break up the image for you and allow you to see how it will be printed. While it may be a bit more expensive depending on the final size and number of canvasses you want, they will add a lot to your space and last you years.

Gallery walls of frames and canvasses are also popular due to how they fill a space. They add different dimensions and heights to the wall providing it with texture and more of a three-dimensional look. An easy way to fill a white wall or add a focal point to your space.

Or you can simply have different canvasses hung together that are different shapes and sizes. It provides you with a similar look but follows more of a cohesive and modern style due to having fewer textures and colors being used in the space. These are ideal for those who enjoy mixing shapes and dimensions.

Other Décor Ideas That Complement a Canvas

Custom signs can make a nice touch to any area. Especially if it is welcome to our home sign in your living room next to a canvas or two of family photos. This can attract a visitor’s eye across the wall and ensure that they look at all of the art rather than just what catches their eye.

Greenery is another great décor idea, whether it is represented on a canvas or hung next to one to complement it. It can make a space feel more natural and overall welcoming. Nature tends to provide a sense of peace to most people. So, adding pompous grass, a canvas of a field of flowers, or landscape images can accomplish this.

Similarly, adding flowers to any space can go a long way. This could mean adding a vase of fresh or fake flowers to a coffee table or dining table. Or include a modern and simple flower-painted canvas on your wall. It again brings in the natural elements without being overwhelming.

To go with these wall planters or propagation stations can be effective as well. They can add more dimension to a wall and create texture. We discuss dimension a lot because it allows a space to appear more attractive to viewers while retaining a feeling of comfort. They also allow different perspectives to take place as you walk through a room. These are small and subtle décor ideas that can go a long way.

These are just a few ideas to consider and go well with modern canvas wall art. However, there are more options out there. These are just a few of our favorite ways to incorporate more nature and modern appeal into a space.

Final Thoughts

Just remember that when it comes to canvasses, your options are endless. You can customize them to fit any space or even DIY your own at home if you prefer a more painted look. No matter what space (a kitchen, patio, garage, etc.) you are trying to add appeal to, a canvas can do the job.

It is important to note, though, that you should ensure that the dimensions and sizes will work in your space without being overpowering. If you only have four square feet to work with, you do not want to try to fit three separate canvasses into it. It’s all about keeping the space proportional and looking good.

Also, keep in mind that while canvasses are amazing décor items, many other items complement them well and make the space feel complete. So do not limit yourself to simply using a canvas or two unless that is all you feel your space needs. Your space is unique to you and yours to own and decorate.

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