buddha stone garden statue

Gardens have a mesmerizing impact with a collection of attractive colors and aromatic smells. They have now become a unique nature preserve ideal for relaxation, meditation, family gatherings, and parties.

You can even hold occasions and ceremonies if your garden has a considerable space. They create an enhanced visual inspiration with a touch of superiority and playfulness to make your outdoor exceptional. How about installing large statues in your garden to make it look more beautiful?

Placement of Statue in Garden 

You may not know, but the placement of the statue in the garden matters a lot. Finding the correct place for large statues may be challenging. However, you can consider the existing plants, trees, and shrubs to decide the most suitable place.

The perfect position of a garden statue makes the sculpture a focal point. It makes the garden the center of attention. It gets more valuable in the winter and fall seasons when flowers are not blooming.

Consider the following points to decide the placement for the statue:

  • Larger statues work as a focal point and draw attention. 
  • More miniature figures look far better with flowers to create a surprising and excellent encounter. 
  • A statue or figurine standing in water makes a striking focal point in the middle of an open area or frame of beautiful flowers. 

Why does your Garden need a Statue?

Let's know about the several reasons why your garden needs sculptures, statues, & figurines.

1. History and Statue

The first and foremost reason is their historical significance. The ancient people used statues that duplicated their gods' sculptures. They used to consider Venus, an ancient Italian goddess, as the deity of gardens. You can find an old statue in gardens from different cultures that turn parks into a museum. The concept behind the sculpture making is to conciliate the spirits and develop an environment of optimism, positive energy, and harmony. 

2. Attractive and Delightful Look 

The second reason you need a sculpture in your garden is that it may boost curb appeal. In some cultures, people purchase statues as a good reminder of any event or feeling. Bird garden statues are the most promising statues that people love to pick.

3. Aristocratic art

Statues are the representation of classical and modern art. The expensive add-ons are a source of admiration for the statue owners. It may relate to the statue owner being a member of an exclusive club. Moreover, sculptures are a sign of beauty and appreciation.

Tips for Placing a Statue in the Garden

There are many factors to consider while placing a statue in the garden. The helpful tips mentioned below will help you place the figurine in the garden correctly.

1) Select a Statue

Select the statue that either has monumental effects or your choice. A statue tends to enhance a landscape, but it is not innate. There are varieties of statues, and you may choose one that is modern, native, realistic, traditional, religious or has a personal touch. Besides, you can also look for the trendy ones depending on your choice. 

2) Matching with a Style 

The statue you pick has a close influence on your garden or home style. If you have a modern-style garden, an abstract statue design will match perfectly. If you own a traditional-style park, choose formal or conceptual art. If you have a meditation garden, accessorize it with a meditating Buddha statue.

You can enhance the beauty of your coastal-style garden by picking a mermaid statue or a seagull statue pouring out water. Moreover, you can place seaside statues like fish, octopuses, turtles, sharks, dolphins, and more. Likewise, you can match any statue with your garden style. 

3) Size Contemplations

The size of the statue matters as it makes your garden look larger or smaller. If you own a small garden, don't look for larger statues, as they will not compliment the overall feel.

4) Substantial Choices

Statues come in various materials that may include limestone, concrete, bronze, pottery, wood, bone, and others. They are maybe a cheaper option. But luxury works with precious materials like silver, gold, ivory, and Jade are expensive.

Hence, you can have many variations and choices in terms of colors, material, style, and other decisions. Outdoor sculptures come in a great number of varieties that you can select as per your preference.

The Final Part

A statue adds meaning to your garden and makes it look appealing. It makes your garden’s atmosphere pleasant and delightful and adds to your home’s curb appeal. It becomes the focal point of your garden and draws the viewers’ attention. So, choosing the most suitable statue will add meaning to your garden.

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