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 Outdoor art, including outdoor canvas art, isn’t something that many homeowners may first think of when considering renovating and designing their homes. However, outdoor art can make your patio space or deck look cozy and fun, where you can be happy to spend your afternoons.

Plenty of options are available, regardless of the type of art you want to use or the theme you’re going for. Consider what types of outdoor artwork would make you feel happier in your environment and how you can use your space to reap all the benefits of outdoor artwork on your property.

Benefits of Outdoor Art

Outdoor art can turn a drab or neutral patio into a perfect place to lie down, read a book, or soak up sunlight. Patio art can impact how happy you are in your environment, offer a contrast with living plants, and add style to your outdoor space. Additionally, your outdoor area will become a magnetic place where you can enjoy gatherings with friends.

Outdoor Artwork is Visually Appealing

Patio artwork can make your space visually appealing and help you craft a place where you and your family can gather while feeling comfortable. A visually appealing outdoor space can offer you peace of mind and help you maintain a sense of peace and calm.

Consider the type of artwork you like to look at the most when deciding which artwork to introduce to your environment. Evaluate how the art piece makes you feel before bringing it in, and allow yourself to get outdoor items that will satisfy you emotionally and visually.

Consider the theme of your space and the style of any other furniture in the area to prevent clashing.

Patio Artwork in Contrast With Living Plants

Using outdoor artwork on your patio or outdoor space can offer you contrast with living plants. A patio space is a perfect place to place a wide array of plants to provide serenity and peace. Outdoor art can help enhance this peace by allowing your brain something else to look at and absorb.

Patio artwork can consist of many different things, including outdoor canvas art, stone garden statues, outdoor fountains, or paintings. Any art styles and themes can help offset feeling overwhelmed by plants and allow your eyes something else to look at, giving you a break from the greenery.

black sphere statues


Consider choosing a neutral artwork to provide something that matches without making you feel visually fatigued. Sometimes simpler is better when it comes to decoration. 

Outdoor Artwork Adds Style

Outdoor artwork adds style to your outdoor space or patio. This style can enhance your space and make you feel happier and healthier. Consider the styles that interest you and which can go together to craft a cohesive look.

For example, an underwater theme may not go well with living plants associated with land or require a lot of sunlight. However, some contrasting themes can work together to add personality and flare to your outdoor space and garden. Underwater themes and sailboats famously go together well.

Evaluate your space to see which themes will work well and which you are interested in the most to create a style you enjoy looking at.

Outdoor Artwork Provides a Magnetic Presence to Your Space

Outdoor art will give your home a magnetic presence that will draw others in and make them feel at home and at ease. Outdoor artwork will give your guests something to look at and a point of conversation.

Additionally, the patio artwork is magnetic and will likely draw people from all over the home. Using outdoor artwork in your outdoor space can make that area a mutual gathering point and help you naturally gather your guests to that location.

Consider the type of outdoor artwork you choose to enhance how magnetic it is. Typically, light colors and easy designs will draw the eyes more than anything dark or macabre.

Different Types of Outdoor Artwork

Thankfully, you aren’t limited to certain types of outdoor art. Instead of sticking with wall decor or stone statues, dozens of outdoor art can enhance your space and help you craft a remarkable environment that will impress yourself and your friends.

Outdoor Patio Art

Outdoor patio art is an umbrella term for any artwork that typically goes on the patio. This general category is wide and can consist of many items that could also end up in other categories. 

Outdoor patio artwork may include statues that aren’t meant to stay in grass or can get damaged by weather. Additionally, outdoor patio artwork may involve chests or boxes designed with styles to make them appealing visually.

Some furniture options may also classify as patio art if they have been created with the intent to look and function as artwork instead of furniture. These items may include tables, chairs, and lounges.

birdhouse bench

Outdoor Canvas Art

Outdoor canvas art is less common than many homeowners may suspect. Canvas outdoor wall art is usually water-resistant, making them a perfect choice for outdoor patios that need decor options. You can expect your weatherproof outdoor wall art to remain undamaged through rain and thunderstorms in the area.

If your patio is full of greenery and plants that don’t have much variation in color, you can choose a canvas art option with extra colors, like the Blushing Beauty Outdoor Canvas Art. Alternatively, if you’re patio has plenty of colors, a neutral artwork like the Meet & Greet Outdoor Canvas Art can be a perfect choice.

Outdoor Canvas Art is water-resistant and will be kept safe from torrential rains or other weather harmful to other items. Because of this protection, outdoor wall art can be a perfect addition to your outdoor walls and allow your home to look radiant and stunning.

wall art for patio

However, you’ll want to place your outdoor wall art in a location hidden from the sun to prevent fading and under shade to ensure it won’t blow away during harsh storms.

Outdoor wall art can work perfectly on a patio to offer your walls a way to draw attention and make them interesting instead of leaving them bare. Consider using concrete screws and canvas art to enhance your outdoor space.

Evaluate your outdoor area to decide how much color or variation you’d like in your space.

Utilizing Outdoor Planters

Outdoor Planters are an easy way to get an extra pop of color and style in your outdoor space and allow you additional avenues to express yourself. Planters are available in several options, including colors, styles, and themes.

box outdoor garden planter


Some contemporary planters will have faces or resemble animals. Some, like the Bunny Cast Stone Garden Planter, resemble animals. Additionally, you can choose planter options that sit under your window or on your tabletop for added ease.

Outdoor Planters are especially helpful for outdoor spaces that lack enough garden or yard space to allow the type of foliage and plants you would like to see. For example, window boxes can be a perfect solution for homes that don’t have enough space for a flower bed.

Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor water fountains can give your outdoor space an elegant air and allow you to enhance your space from drab to sophisticated. Outdoor water fountains come in a wide selection of styles, but the most popular choices are the typical varieties that resemble birdbaths and other fountains you’ve likely seen elsewhere.

Consider the style of outdoor water fountain you’d like before settling on one. Many fountains come with multiple tiers, adding to the sophisticated aura they lend, like the Longvue Garden Water Fountain. Additionally, some fountains may have a lip on the side, allowing you a place to sit and watch the water cascade into the pool below. Evaluate the space you have and the style you’d like before deciding on one.

planter outdoor fountain

Stone Garden Statues

Stone garden statues are another perfect addition to your outdoor space and can make your garden one of the coziest places for yourself and your loved ones. These statues come in many colors, themes, and styles. The most popular types of garden statues are those that resemble animals or mythical creatures, like the Abraxas Cast Stone Garden Statue.

These stone garden statues can enhance your outdoor space’s theme and make the area cozier to hang out in. Consider what theme you want for your outdoor space before investing in a statue. The statue should enhance the theme. For example, a coastal outdoor theme may not benefit from statues of unicorns but may benefit from statues of dogs, whales, or sea creatures.

Stone Garden Benches

Stone garden benches are both functional and offer a stunning visual. These benches sometimes come in miniature sizes, which won’t offer you any function but may offer any pets in the home function. Additionally, you may see some strays wander closer to investigate and use small garden benches.

Consider using stone garden benches in tandem with another outdoor art decor to enhance your space and offer you something to look at while resting on the bench. For example, one of the most popular choices for a stone garden bench is the Provencal Curved Garden Bench, which can be placed in your garden to showcase a specific piece of art or draw attention to plants in the area.

Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

Outdoor wall art is a fantastic way to help your patio and outdoor space feel more open and draw the eyes to centerpieces that make statements. Consider using some of the following patio wall art ideas to make your outdoor space pop without extra worry or fuss.

Incorporating Accent Pieces

Accent pieces can be small, but the impact couldn’t be more significant. These pieces are often made of a durable material and can hang on patio walls with minimal effort. Consider using concrete screws to secure accent pieces so they don’t get picked up by heavy winds or damaged by heavy rains.

Accent pieces are available in nearly any theme. Some popular picks for accent pieces include wire-style flowers, treble clef notes, and the silhouette of a woman made from black wire. You may also decide to combine themes. For example, birds and flowers work well together to craft an outdoorsy theme that is both welcoming and fun.

Functional Outdoor Art Pieces

Functional outdoor art pieces may not be very large, but they can offer you some use. Many homeowners prefer to fill their outdoor space and home with pieces that give them extra use. Some of the best functional pieces to place in your outdoor space include clocks, sundials, bird baths, hose pots, or floatation devices.

outdoor canvas art

For example, those with a pool in the backyard may not need a life preserver hanging up. However, this object can double as a functional piece and a home decor item. Consider the type of things you’re interested in to find a functional piece that will work well in your home.

One of the best themes for functional outdoor pieces is minimalism. Items that offer silhouettes without much detail can allow you to see much of the patio wall without making the space seem too bare.

Paint or Sticker Decor

Paint and sticker decor is less common in the outdoor area, but these items can work well to make your space pop. For example, some stickers may be tough enough to withstand humidity, wetness from rain, and other weather conditions without peeling off. These stickers can add style without requiring much care.

For example, flower and leaf stickers in large sizes can fill empty walls and make the area look cozier and larger when placed properly. Consider putting these stickers behind couches or in corners, where they can branch across the patio and enhance the way your space presents.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to add photos, accents, or functional outdoor art pieces to your outdoor space and garden, there is something that will appeal to you. For example, outdoor canvas art is a great choice to help your patio or outdoor space pop and add a flare to your theme and home.

Consider other options for outdoor space to help reap all the benefits of patio artwork. Using outdoor artwork can provide a cozier environment, draw in the eyes, and make your outdoor space a premier gathering location.

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