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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Bio-Blaze Valetta Bio Ethanol Tabletop FireplaceBio-Blaze Valetta Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace
Bio-Blaze Kaslik Freestanding Fireplace - LargeBio-Blaze Kaslik Freestanding Fireplace - Large
Bio-Blaze Kaslik Freestanding Fireplace - SmallBio-Blaze Kaslik Freestanding Fireplace - Small
Bio-Blaze Lisboa Bio Ethanol Fuel FireplaceBio-Blaze Lisboa Bio Ethanol Fuel Fireplace
Bio-Blaze Column Bio-Ethanol Fireplace - LargeBio-Blaze Column Bio-Ethanol Fireplace - Large
Bio-Blaze Column Bio Ethanol Fuel Fireplace - SmallBio-Blaze Column Bio Ethanol Fuel Fireplace - Small
Bio Blaze Veniz Bio-Ethanol FireplaceBio Blaze Veniz Bio-Ethanol Fireplace
Bio-Blaze Pipes Large Bio-Ethanol FireplaceBio-Blaze Pipes Large Bio-Ethanol Fireplace
Bio-Blaze Pipes Small Bio-Ethanol FireplaceBio-Blaze Pipes Small Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

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These units do not need chimneys, so they are convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. The flames produced are a warm yellow color for a warm and comfortable experience. Their interior fireplaces are versatile to use in apartments, condos, lofts, or homes. Their outdoor option is perfect for tighter spaces like the balcony and still performs well in the average garden setting. There are units that can attach to the wall and are small enough to place on a table. Bio-Blaze products are designed for durability and relaxation.

The designers founded the company in 2002. Bio-Blaze operates both in the U.S.A. and Belgium. This allows the company to offer its product in the premier markets of the world. The products are manufactured in both countries to better serve their client base. The firm is dedicated to producing only the safest and best quality products. All the burners offered by Bio-Blaze are tested, patented, approved products. The designer makes safety a top priority when manufacturing fireplaces and fireplace accessories. Bio-Blaze has a variety of products to offer clients to handle all their fireplace needs. If you’re looking for an innovative solution to your fireplace, Bio-Blaze is the best option.