Buddha Head Garden Statues

Your garden can be transformed into a peaceful place that is perfect for meditation and relaxation. Adding a Buddha statuary to your living space is an excellent choice because it will bring more serenity to the surroundings. The details on these statues are simply mesmerizing and it will fit right into your Zen garden.

These Buddha statues are usually replicas of more famous works that are located at various temples all around the world or some other buddha head sculptures that are displayed in museums. It is a very important piece for every Zen garden and it will bring calmness and tranquility to your life.


Brass Baron Buddha Garden Statue

The meaning behind Buddha Head Statues

The statues are a representation of Siddhartha Gautama. Each statue depicts a different pose that plays an important role and is connected with the life of this historical figure. They differ in poses as well as in hand gestures. Here are a couple of variations which are most popular:

Serenity Buddha: This is the statue that will bring more peace and calm into your life. It is perfect for people who love to meditate in their garden because it depicts a seated Buddha with his hands connected in his lap and legs in Lotu's position. Since his eyes are usually closed, this statue represents concentration and focus.

Earth Touching Buddha: The variations of this statue can be found in Thailand. Buddha's legs are crossed, with one hand touching his lap, and the other is resting on the ground. It is connected to one of the most famous Buddha stories in which he defeated a demon called Mara with the help of the Earth Goddess. Hence the right hand which is touching the earth.

Protection Buddha: This statue has a couple of variations and Buddha can either be standing or sitting cross-legged. The most important part is the right hand which is lifted up, depicting protection. The left hand usually rests on his lap, turned up towards the sky. This statue will be an excellent addition to your Zen garden, especially if you are trying to create a safe and calm space where you can clear your mind and relax.

Buddha Heads: The perfect placement

You don't have to be a Buddhist in order to have a Buddha statue in your garden. On the other hand, try to get at least a bit familiar with this religion. You have probably noticed that a Buddha statue is always lifted off the ground and placed on a small altar so avoid putting it directly on the ground. Instead, try to lift it up on a mound or a pile of rocks. You can also add flowers around it.

This is the best way to honor Buddha and make it more prominent in your Zen garden. You can use a single statue as a centerpiece but there is nothing wrong with placing a couple of Buddha statues in your garden. Buddhism temples often do have numerous statues in one place so you can decorate your meditation spot exactly how you want.