Glass Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor glass water fountains have long been the running trend in modern fountain décor. The outdoor version is just as classy as indoor models and provides the durability needed to be a mainstay in your garden. The fountain is an elegant twist of a new and innovative form of transforming a garden. Gardens have been around and evolving over the ages, and garden fountains are a major focal point. Now, you can enjoy a mystic feeling while staring into your glass background waterfall. Enjoy spending endless amounts of soothing moments in your garden with an Outdoor Art Pro Glass Fountain.

If you’re looking to enjoy the beauty of nature in your living space, a glass outdoor fountain is the way to go. There is an endless variety of glass outdoor fountains that we offer in our extensive catalog. Our waterfall fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to match any outdoor décor to finish. Guests will be amazed by the stunning looks and effects of your outdoor glass waterfall.

Outdoor glass water wall fountain

10' Black Onyx Grande With Clear Glass Floor Fountain

Splash Resistant Outdoor Glass Water Fountains

This outdoor glass water wall fountain is designed for safety. Our company Outdoor Art Pros is dedicated to making sure we provide the safest equipment to the public. Glass outdoor fountains have a smooth stream of water that flows evenly in the basin to ensure no splash. This bonus allows you to enjoy the fountain whenever and at whatever proximity. There’s no need for a splash zone with our sophisticated units. With no splash, the area around your fountain is safe and without danger.

To ensure safety you should only buy units from a reliable source like Outdoor Art Pros. Our company is dedicated to only offering the best equipment with the highest safety standards. By eliminating splashes our units have ensured the safety of our customers for years. We thoroughly inspect all the equipment to guarantee quality and safety. This is what makes Outdoor Art Pros the #1 online fountain retailer.

Durable Design

Durability is key when considering an outdoor fountain and outdoor glass water wall fountains are not thought of as outside fountains to most people. The truth behind the glass outdoor fountain is that it's one of the most durable designs we offer. These fountains are the best when considering stability in design and weather resistance. They make an exceptional piece in any garden without compromising structural integrity. Our reputation for producing only the highest standards fountain can be backed by the quality material used in all fountains.

More Selection

Glass outdoor fountains have a wide selection of variety in which a combination of finishes and materials can be matched. These fountains are always popular for their design and personalized features. There are endless options when it comes to making the glass fountain your own. Our company understands not all gardens are the same. There is a personal touch in every garden that’s unique to its owner. Perhaps a Henri Studio fountain is more your style. Our fountains can complement any garden with a personal touch. 

Black Onyx Glass Outdoor Fountain

This wonderful 10' piece is perfect to go with any garden to its sleek but basic nature. Units like these have long been coveted indoor and with this outdoor piece, you can simulate the same look in your garden. This is a great piece for inspiring enthusiasts who want to increase their gardens wow factor.

Stainless Steel Glass Floor Fountain

This design is great to go along a wall and is tall enough to cover an empty space. The material is top of the line stainless steel to ensure the fountains never oxides and keeps its durability over a lifetime. The solid base of the fountain produces one of the most soothing sounds for an outdoor fountain thanks to its premium design. A unique feel compared to other floor fountains.

Copper Vein Glass Outdoor Fountain 

Another metal design that uses one of the most water-resistant metals of all copper. This fountain is one of the most amazing that you'll see in an outdoor situation. A piece for the experienced garden owner as not everyone can make the artistic beauty of copper resonate in their garden. This metal is one of those metals responsible for the evolution of mankind's industrial capability.

Silver Mirror Floor Fountains

This wonderful piece is not made of a metal base but has a shiny silver mirror instead that provides the most extravagant reflection of any outdoor fountain can offer. The popularity of this unit is warranted due to the amazing reflection that comes from the smooth flowing water and a silver mirror.

Lighted Designs

It best to ensure that you can enjoy the full wonder of your garden at any hour. In some cases that not possible due to lighting. That’s not the case with our advanced fountains. The LED lights our fountains come with a run of low electric consumption.

Outdoor Art Pros

Our company is dedicated to the excellence of product and service. We take extra steps to ensure that our customer satisfaction can’t be matched by any other company in the market place. We have the most professional staff available to answer any question and most importantly assist you with the fountain selection process. We are happy to help you find the right outdoor fountain for you. Contact us today.