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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Hancock Planter Set of 4 in Metal Grey - Outdoor Art ProsHancock Planter Set of 4 in Metal Grey - Outdoor Art Pros
Farnley Cube Planter 2424 Lead Lite - Outdoor Art ProsFarnley Cube Planter 2424 Onyx Black  Lite - Outdoor Art Pros
Farnley Cube Planter 1818 Lead Lite - Outdoor Art ProsFarnley Cube Planter 1818 Onyx Black Lite - Outdoor Art Pros
Metropolis Cube 3636 - Outdoor Art ProsCampania International Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
 Metropolis Cube 3030 - Outdoor Art ProsCampania International Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Metropolis Rectangle 482424 - Outdoor Art ProsCampania International Color Chart - Outdoor Art Pros
Metropolis Cube 4848 PlanterMetropolis Cube 4848 Planter

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Modular Outdoor Planters

Garden planters are a timeless piece compared to other modern garden features. Because of the influence of culture, their many styles, sizes, and designs of planters globally. This flexibility allows one to showcase their gardening talents. Make sure to look at our modular units, they can be exactly what your garden is missing. This one unit can solve your plant diversity problem. Even in these modern times, planters are stapled in the garden industry.

More Styles

Like previously mentioned, all cultures around the world have influenced the gardening industry. This constant evolution of gardening décor has created a truly inspiring piece even when it comes to planters. The modular planters we have are more than just basic boxes with your choice in size and color. You'll find it tough to find the variety of modular box planters we offer anywhere else.

Big Box Planter in Onyx

This planter is a fantastic unit meant to hold a good amount of plants. The box has a rectangular shape and can easily be placed along a wall. These units are not wide compared to other planters that often have a square shape. The material of this planter is onyx a precious stone usually seen on jewelry. This elegant stone will impress the guest when they come over. This big box can handle all your favorite plants and more.

Square Planter Container

This container is one of the tallest we offer and one of the most amazing to set your eyes on. This piece has a solid base that doesn’t tip over easily. This sturdy unit has a solid concrete tile to hold the weight down. Once you add the soil from plants and the plants itself there more than enough weight to ensure an accident. This unit is elegant and safe compared to other units of comparable size.

When thinking about planters most have the basic planter in mind. It’s better for the more experienced enthusiast to take a chance in their garden with a unit like this. Most of these units have been known to be too flashy for the average garden. There always to make a beautiful piece like this work. If you’re looking to make a splash in the garden and showcase your personality. There no better unit than square planter container.

Danilo Planter Concrete

The Danilo planter concrete set is a subtle design that comes with 6 more planters. The other planters are of the same design but different sizes. This is unit good for the inspiring enthusiast to make a statement but to ensure its not a bold one. This planter comes in grey color and they make a great planter for the day time. These special pieces are subtle and the best choice for a pretty flower instead of using.

These units will give you the option of subtly expressing your personal touch. The best gardens ever put together use simple sets planters. Thee gardens have well-placed décor. Truly you can do wonders with a unit once you know how to properly place a garden. This a set that can satisfy the need to plant in the garden. The Danilo planter is the safest choice on the list.

Modular Rectangular Planter 

This modular set is a rectangular design that provides a natural feel at home. Each one of these pieces is a deep rectangular box, this helps plants have a solid root ball. These pieces come in a lead color and are made to be durable. The units are also weighted like the box mentioned earlier. They can hold their own against the elements without budging. The pieces that are taller need more support and the rectangular planter has that.

Modular Square Planter

The modular square planter is a magnificent piece that looks like garden décor in open space of a skyscraper building. The office comparison shows how much this piece can provide to an outdoor setting. These units can be aligned together to form some unique combinations that will impress any guest. Take advantage of this style and make it your own. There plenty of way to make an artistic impact with the modular square planter.

Square Planter Container in Rust Lite

Square planter container in rust lite is one of the many different materials. The rust lite option is the best choice for liver color. It a color that can bring life that sticks and will make sure the first thing you notice is the planter. This unit is also a set that comes with 3 different units of different sizes the same design. All these pieces are perfect to hold one plant comparable to the size of the planter.

Square Planter Container in Concrete Lite

This square planter is another tall unit that great to get the point across. This unit can hold the right plant and due to the size of this feature, a tree can be possible. The planter has concrete lite look so amazing with this unit. It better to place this piece as a complementary piece than a main attraction of the garden. Still, this unit will go well with any garden décor it the right piece for anyone.

Outdoor ArtPros

Here Outdoor ArtPros we take our customers seriously and offer them the best catalog available in any market place. There all kinds of features to add to the market. If you’re looking to make a change be sure to contact our team of professional. They can assist with the process of acquiring the right garden planter.