Outdoor Planter Sets

Planters have been one of the main garden decors since ancient times. The most well-known ancient gardens where adorned with magnificent sets of planters. In the Greek culture planters where prominent and a central theme of the garden when placed on pillars. In the legendary gardens of Babylon, entire walls were dictated to planters. There's a difference between having a theme and to many planters. The right set of planters can bring out the full potential of a garden. Our company has one of the best selection of planters available on the market.

Garden planter sets can become a staple in your outdoor living space. These timeless pieces will always maintain their appeal because of garden popularity. Planters are common in almost every garden. Take your gardens décor to the next level by seamlessly matching planters with your fountain. A well picked set of planters can help bring a spark to your garden and show off your personal touch. Make use of space and explore with a set of your liking.

More Styles

Throughout the ages, culture has come to show different evolutionary paths when it comes to gardens and garden décor. When it comes to garden planters, there are endless amounts of styles influenced by different cultures. The wide selection present today is the accumulation of thousands of years of garden styling. Find the right size and style planters for your home when you shop with the Outdoor Art Pros.  

Steel Planter Cubes

This interesting design speaks for its self. The shape is a cube with the open space on the top no different from ordinary planters. The material is of top-quality stainless steel meant to survive the elements. This double set comes with the standard floor planter and the smaller version. The colors used by gardeners vary but it’s usually ordered with a wooden look.

Laguna Planters

These tropical planters live up to its name as its design is perfect for its environment. These planters have simple oval shape the screams elegances. The design helps with the extra moisture in the air and ensure the plant retain the right amount by not letting excess moisture get in. Laguna platers can be placed next to pools or outdoor settings with a water appeal. It’s common to see this style of planers in the tropical and in the actual Laguna setting. This style comes in 3 set of assorted sizes.

Vortex Planters

Vortex Planters have an interesting spiral style. This makes these types of units more satisfying than the average planter. The touch of art on the vortex style can touch of personality to the outdoor living space and garden. This 3-piece set has different sizes, but all are of reasonable size. These pieces are versatile and can be used in any garden setting.

Orion Planters

The Orion planter is named after one of the most famous star constellations. The space inspiration also led to a preference in color. The units have space like appeal with a base black and star-like a mix of white. These pieces have a taller and thinner design better for plants that need a deeper root base. This 2-piece set is having the ability to provide a wow factor for gust who come look upon your garden.

Bamboo Planters

A great material that has an outstanding multi-use purpose, bamboo is used in this wonderful piece. The color is not a traditional bamboo color instead it’s an off blue this cool piece is a big hit with the younger crowd. In the word of sustainability their options with a sustained bamboo planter. It’s a popular piece that will last for a while due to its hip style and sustained design.

Geo Bowl Planters

This geo bowl design is another sustainable planter set that helps worth preserving plants and the environment. The durability of these planters is excellent they a timeless piece that can last, he ages. The extra ability to have a sustainable feature with a shape that helps preserve the life span makes these units a no brainer. The beauty is without question these pieces will amaze guests.

Sandhurst Square Lite Planters

This striking box design is popular in many gardens and usually seen by the flower beds. The grey frame goes well to put the focus on the flowers instead of the planters itself. This planter is good for the enthusiast who has more knowledge of flowers to showcase the beauty of both. The Sandhurst square lite set is a 4-piece set which has enough planters to go along with your garden décor. Of course, these planters come in a variety of sizes.

Outdoor ArtPro

Planter sets have been around for too long and there still room to grow in the industry. To many designs have been made to ignore. We have the best selection out on the market. To begin the process of adding premier décor to your garden. All you must do is contact our dedicated team of professionals to help match you with the right piece. Our extensive catalog shouldn't be overwhelming and was always ready to assist if need be.