Square Outdoor Planters

When it comes to square planters, it's as much about their purpose as it is about their style. They can turn even the simplest, most rustic-looking yards into chic areas with a distinctly modern vibe. Because of how they're shaped and built, you can choose to place them at ground level or elevate them by putting them on a pedestal. No matter which option you go for, these square outdoor planters will effortlessly attract attention from your visitors by becoming focal points of your backyard or your garden.


Planters for Different Uses
There are numerous ways in which you can incorporate square planters into the exterior of your home. You can put them in your garden as outdoor accent pieces. Similarly, you can place one or more of them strategically around the edges of a green area in your backyard. If your yard is too small to grow a garden in it, but you have a porch, you could lay planters across the porch steps. There's plenty of room for them on your patio, too – position them around the seating area or on top of the fence.

Larger models are great for more spacious yards and gardens but are primarily designed for public spaces. Say you're running a coffee house or a restaurant in the urban area and want to open up the garden for your customers to sit in over the course of the summer. If there's no natural vegetation in the open-air portion of your café, these planters will find terrific use there. Not only will the greens you grow in them provide shelter from the sun, but these larger, boxy planters are great space dividers, too.

Colors and Styles of Your Choosing
The majority of square planters in our collection are either made of cast stone or reinforced fiberglass. Cast stone is heavier and therefore not as easily portable as fiberglass is. In both cases, however, you have the final say in terms of how your planter will look. The cast stone models come with the finish you choose out of the twelve options we offer, whereas the fiberglass planters are available in four different styles and colors. This ensures that the planter is in sync with the area you put it in.

In many cases, both cast stone and fiberglass can give out the look of a different, lighter material. Our collection includes some planters that look as if they were made of wood, as well as others that look like they were made of metal. Depending on your needs and ideas, you're likely to find several planters that will feel custom-made for you. Check out our collection and start looking for an ideal square planter.